Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 36


[Rose]: “Oh, Wi-…….”

[Erina]: “William-sama~”



[Rose]: “Hey Luc-……..”

[Erina]: “Lucas-sama~ So this is where you were!”



[Rose]: “Juli-…….”

[Erina]: “Come on Julius-sama!”



[Rose]: “Oh, it’s Prince……..”

[Erina]: “Eric-sama~ Let’s go over here~”



[Rose]: “Haa, what’s with her? That……”

[Sophia]: “Oh my, what’s happened? You look exhausted Rose-chan”

[Rose]: “Well……”

Every time I have an errand to run and need to talk to a guy, Erina-sama jumps in and drags them away before their names can pass my lips. It’s getting really bothersome because I’m always on important business, yet I can never talk to them or pass over the documents I need to give them.

[Sophia]: “So that’s what’s going on? That would explain why the calls from other noble girls have been increasing lately.”

[Rose]: “Eh? Calls?”

[Sophia]: “Yes, that girl is being called out by the other noble girls for constantly ogling other people’s fiancees. After that, my followers and yours have started taking the initiative against her.”

[Rose]: “I don’t remember having any followers…….”

[Sophia]: “It seems there are a number of girls who admire you and have started calling themselves your followers on their own accord.”

[Rose]: “Haa, I don’t want to get involved with her, but things keep becoming troublesome…….”

[Sophia]: “Indeed. However since she’s started sticking to my fiancee Will-sama as well, I can’t keep turning a blind eye for much longer.”

[Rose]: “Why is she so intent on causing trouble…….”

[Lou]: “Oh, there you are.”

Just as a black aura had begun to appear around Sophia and I was holding my head as a migraine came on, Lou’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind me.

[Rose]: “What’s going on Lou? You never come to this cafe.”

[Lou]: “I was looking for you Lia.”

[Rose]: “Me? Did you need something?”

[Lou]: “No, but you calm me.”

Saying that much, Lou took a seat next to me and asked a servant for some tea.

[Rose]: “I take it Erina-sama caught you then?”

[Lou]: “Yes, but I sacrificed Julius and escaped.”

[Sophia]: “Fufu, even Julius-sama cannot stay composed around that girl. The poor lad.”

(Sophia-sama might be saying one thing, but she looks like she’s greatly enjoying herself here.)

[Lou]: “I haven’t been able to talk to Lia. I’m bored.”

[Rose]: “Right, Erina-sama keeps popping up out of nowhere, so we haven’t been able to talk much lately. Do you want to come see Alto again then?”

[Lou]: “Yes! I’ll go.”

With the annoying woman nowhere to be seen, the three of us casually enjoyed ourselves, passing the time with silly conversation.

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5 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 36

  1. In most of these kinds of novels, whenever someone is reincarnated as a villain, they basically always turn out good and whenever someone reincarnates as a protag, they either try and dodge it or become a villain.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Yes, but I sacrificed Julius and escaped.” AHhahahahaha. Also “…It’s getting really bothersome because I’m always on important business…” I can imagine her taking a calm composed breath and then turning anime pointed white eyed angry and slamming folders down. Actually doing it or thinking it with a composed expression outwards. Can’t wait to see Routh!


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