Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 50


El had to return to Ashtel, but I’ll see him again once spring rolls around.

After that incident, everyone at school started acting awfully nice to me. Even that Prince Eric seemed to be worried for me. However, Erina-sama’s glare is sharper than it ever was before, so I can’t afford to be careless.



The time of year for new students to enroll came around without any major incidents.
My class moved up a level in a similar way with not much changing.
I’m in the same class as Lou, Julius-sama, and Rudolph once again……along with Prince Eric, Erina-sama, and Alex-sama. It’s all the same.

Even now Prince Eric is bugging me to become his fiancee. But he’s always so condescending whenever he says it, and Erina-sama wants me to hurry up and get it done. I’m liable to get a stomach ulcer from the stress.

Well, it’s not all bad news. I’m feeling pretty excited since El is finally starting school here and will be living with me for the next year.

And my big-bellied mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl a short while ago. I have a cute little sister that the whole family is crazy about and loves to dote on.
So I really must apologize, but I just don’t have the time to care about Prince Eric.

[Rose]: “What should I do Allen?”

[Allen]: “About what?”

[Rose]: “El is going to be staying with us, Alto is adorable, and my sister Ribel might be an actual angel…..I’m happy to the point it’s scary. I don’t want to go to school.”

[Allen]: “Well I understand what you’re trying to say, but let’s go to school anyway.”

[Rose]: “But I don’t want to be separated from Alto or Ribel. And I’m getting tired of having to deal with foolishly stupid people. I really think they’re going to give me a stomach ulcer one of these day.”

[Allen]: “……you mean, Prince Eric……?”

[Rose]: “Could it be anyone else?”

[Allen]: “…..they’ve been keeping Anna and me away from Rose-sama, so it has been a little difficult lately. Those people…….”

A little difficult. Allen was smiling as he said it, but there was nothing jovial about those eyes of his.

[Rose]: “I know you two do all sorts of things for my sake. Thank you.”

[Allen]: “No, if that were true, all of your problems would have been erased at this point. My humblest apologies.”

Allen can be a bit weird when it comes to my well-being, so I decided to forcefully end the conversation there. I don’t want Allen to become a criminal.

[Mother]: “Rose-chan”

[Rose]: “Hm? Mother, what are you doing?”

[Mother]: “Ribel won’t stop crying……so I thought maybe a walk to the garden might get her to stop.”

Ribel is still a very young child prone to crying at the drop of a pin. The bags under Mother’s eyes is obvious proof of that.
Mother’s been complimenting me quite frequently lately for how little I cried as a baby and how easily I would fall asleep.

[Rose]: “Mother, I might be out of my depth, but how about I take care of her for a moment while you rest?”

[Mother]: “Is it okay…….? All right, I wouldn’t mind a small rest. Thank you Rose-chan.”

Ribel continued to bawl as I took her into my arms, but after a moment passed, she began to quiet down until we reached the point where she fell asleep entirely.

[Mother]: “Oh my, she fell asleep.”

[Allen]: “You appear to have some talent as a nursemaid Rose-sama.”

[El]: “Rose”

Having finished his homework, El came running up to me with his tail happily wagging behind him, but after seeing the sleeping Ribel in my arms, he kept his voice down to a whisper.

[Rose]: “Fufu, look El. A cute angel’s sleeping face.”

[El]: “Mm, she’s really cute. She looks a lot like Rose.”

[Rose]: “I’m not that cute…… Ribel is the cutest.”

[El]: “Rose is more like a goddess than an angel anyway.”

[Rose]: “You’re not getting anything even if you try to praise me.”

Since she’d already fallen asleep, I thought about passing Ribel over to a maid, but that was easier said than done with how tightly she was hanging on to the end of my sleeve. So I decided to keep holding Ribel until she finally woke up.

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