Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 51


It was the next prime minister Alex-sama who had enough and decided to put an end to the long streak of peaceful days.

[Alex]: “Roselia-sama, don’t you think that’s enough?”

A loud *BAM!* echoed through the classroom after he slammed his fist on my desk.

[Rose]: “……so why are you suddenly kicking up a fuss?”

[Alex]: “Do you think it’s fun bullying my princess Erina-sama day after day like this? I’ve endured so far because you are the daughter to a duke. But I cannot stand idly by any longer. Never willing to get your own hands dirty, always getting someone else to do your dirty work and bully my princess!”

[Rudolph]: “Oi, what happened Alex!?”

Rudolph immediately jumped in-between me and Alex-sama to try and calm him down.
Lou and Julius-sama took up similar positions behind me to try and protect me.

[Alex]: “Out of my way. Roselia-sama and I are having a talk here!”

[Rudolph]: “With the way you are right now, I don’t think you should be talking to Roselia-sama.”

[Alex]: “Why is nobody else outraged!? Even though my princess is being bullied. Roselia-sama is a wicked woman!”

[Julius]: “I’ve been meaning to ask you about that Alex-dono. Why is it that the lower ranked Erina-sama gets along so well with you, your men, and so many other nobles who all have fiancees?”

Julius-sama confronted Alex-sama.

[Alex]: “Hmph, as if you’re one to talk.”

[Julius]: “Yeeeah, but no. I make it a habit of making sure cute girls know just how cute they are, but I would never lay a hand on someone who is already engaged. I’m not trying to judge here. I’m just asking the question that naturally comes up when I see your princess rubbing her plentiful chest up against the arm of a different man every single day.”

[Alex]: “My princess doesn’t do that!”

[Lou]: “She does.”

[Julius]: “These days she seems especially devoted to Prince Routh. Alex-dono, this is just a guess, but is the reason why you’re jumping on Roselia-sama now because your princess hasn’t been to see you recently?”

[Alex]: “That kind of thing……”

Whether what Julius-sama was saying was true or not, Alex-sama was losing his momentum and shrinking back.

[Rose]: “…..Alex-sama, you might not believe me, but I would never do anything as stupid as bullying others. However, for the other girls, seeing their fiancee flirt with another girl is the same as someone reaching in and ripping out their hearts. Alex-sama, are you here saying these words knowing full well that you are doing the same thing to your own fiancee?”

The girls scattered around the classroom were all staring at Alex-sama, but with the miserable expression each of them was carrying, I’m sure they were all seeing the memories of their own fiancees cozying up to Erina-sama.

[Rose]: “This is a school. As such, I think it ideal that all students no matter their peerage be treated equally. However, the same cannot be said once we graduate from here. In addition, somebody who is already engaged shouldn’t go snuggling up to someone else no matter what.”

[Alex]: “B-Be that as it is, it’s still no excuse for you to be bullying Erina-sama!”

[Rose]: “Haa, as I’ve said before, I haven’t bullied anyone. Even those of a higher peerage would find difficulty in speaking on informal terms with His Highness, so don’t you think it’s natural that someone of a lower peerage getting over-familiar with him would be met with some push-back and aversion? As the wise future prime minister that you are, I’m sure you understand that.”

[Alex]: “B-But. Bullying is…..”

[Rose]: “I believe every girl here tried to be patient at first. But, neither Erina-sama nor their fiancees would pay any attention to their light warnings. Many of them who couldn’t handle this on their own came to us for a consultation. But no matter how many came to talk to me, there was never anything I could do. I’m sorry for my lack of power.”

I turned and bowed to the other girls in class and was met by several of them asking me to please not apologize.

[???]: “…..then surely I am not the only one who has run out of affection for their fiancee?”

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    1. This might be the greatest comment on any Otome style story i have ever read. Please have a box of cookies and pat yourself on the back from me.


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