Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 55


[Erina]: “Routh-sama~”

Whenever I’m together with El these days, Erina-sama will immediately show up, forcing her way between us and entangling her arms around El’s.

[Rose]: “Erina-sama”

[Erina]: “Ah, Roselia-sama~ I didn’t see you~”

[Rose]: “Oh dear! I never knew you’re eyesight was this terrible.”

[Erina]: “……N-No, my eyes are working just fine.”

[Rose]: “Do you really think so? If you didn’t notice me standing right next to Prince Routh, then I think a check-up at the hospital is overdue. It’s something I would be very worried about if I were in your shoes!”

[Erina]: “W-Why are you saying such cruel things~!?”

[Rose]: “Huh? But I was just worrying for you.”

El was making an incredibly displeased face, so he forcefully separated himself from Erina-sama and took some distance.

[Erina]: “R-Routh-sama~ Why are you running away~? …..Ah, you!! Have you been telling Routh-sama strange things about me!? That’s terrible~ Don’t you think so~ Routh-sama~?”

She then covered her face and burst into tears.

(They’re crocodile tears though)

[Eric]: “Erina? And Miss Roselia?”

Prince Eric rushed over with the absolute worst timing.

[Erina]: “Eric-sama~ I, was just trying to tell Routh-sama where his classroom is since I didn’t think he knew, and Roselia-sama called me a hindrance~”

She ran over and hugged Prince Eric, asking for his help while continuing to cry.

[Eric]: “Miss Roselia, how could you say something like that? You’ve made Erina cry.”

[Rose]: “Say what? Erina-sama jumped in while I was talking with Prince Routh and said she didn’t see me, so I recommended she get her eyes checked out at a hospital? I never said she was being a hindrance. Right Prince Routh?”

[El]: “Indeed, and on that note, Roselia-sama is currently guiding me around, so I do not need any directions to my classroom, Prince Eric.”

[Eric]: “Hmm, so Erina misunderstood something then? Also, I heard it’s not good for a lady to cry in public.”

[Erina]: “A-Aren’t you on my side Eric-sama~!?”

(This Prince, for once his thick skull is actually helpful. Erina wanted to paint me in a bad light, but she’s doing it right in front of El, the person she’s trying to convince, and Prince Eric is no help as a guy who can’t read the room.)

[Eric]: “I’m always on my brother’s side!”

[Rose]: “…….Prince Eric, pardon us, but we have some errands to run.”

[Erina]: “H-Hold on! Wait, please~!! ……Routh-sama should like me since he’s a secret character, so why isn’t any of this working! …..Roselia, it’s not working because you’re always around.”

Erina-sama shuffled over to me, seizing my arm and glaring up into my eyes.

(O-Ouch!! … El really is a target. I never would have thought he’d end up being a secret character.)

[Rose]: “…..I never played the game, so I had no idea he was capture target. And whether I was aware of it or not, it really doesn’t look like he likes you as it is.”

[El]: “Hey, what are you doing!? Get away from Rose!”

El forcefully separated Erina-sama from me before positioning himself as if to protect me.

[Rose]: “……El, let’s just go already.”

I didn’t feel like talking anymore, so I grabbed El’s hand and left.

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4 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 55

  1. I find myself liking Eric. He’s gullible but he isn’t outright stupid and I get the feeling that he’s fooling himself because it’s something he WANTS to believe. He isn’t into Erina but does like Roselia, so he doesn’t care how Erina behaves and actually gets hopeful when it seems like Roselia is harassing her because that would mean she’s interested in him.

    I’m hoping he gets a good ending in the story. He’s pretty clearly not the ML but he isn’t nearly enough of an asshole to deserve ruin.


    1. Well, since Eric has being shown to be a full on Tsun character, I think he’s just trying to use Erina to make Roselia jealous, but he doesn’t really believe in Erina or even cares about her, he’s just trying to use her.

      It’s well within his character to be like that, and what better excuse to throw tsun words at Roselia would there be? I think the only interactions Eric has had with Roselia for the last couple of chapters were when he conveniently comes to see what “Erina” is doing, actually believing her is out of the question.


      1. I feel like it’s even more amusing because Erina thinks that Eric likes her and believes that he is on her side when he is on Rose’s side. It makes the interactions more interesting.


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