Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 56


After school I was summoned by Erina-sama who met me in an empty classroom.

[Rose]: “…….just what are you going to do calling me to a place like this Erina-sama?”

[Erina]: “Hey, you reincarnated here too right? You also told me you hadn’t played the game. But you know I’m the heroine of this world right? And then you are the villainous noble girl. You understand that right!?”

[Rose]: “…..yes, my friend was really addicted to this game, so I managed to pick up pieces of information and understand it well enough. During graduation, I will have my engagement broken off, and if I don’t get executed, I will be banished from the country right? Well I have no idea what’s going to happen to me now since I’m not engaged to Prince Eric.”

[Erina]: “That’s it! So why didn’t you get engaged!? The scenario is a complete mess now. And why is the hidden character Routh with you!? This isn’t funny. Routh holds darkness within his heart after being sold off in the slave trade when he was small until I, the heroine, healed him! And then we both live happily ever after.”

(Hm? Then perhaps that means I already healed him when we were kids? …..I probably shouldn’t mention that right now. Yeah, let’s just not.)

[Rose]: “Hey, weren’t you aiming for the reverse harem ending? Did you change your mind?”

[Erina]: “Isn’t that obvious!? The hidden character Routh has come out. My favorite Routh! I don’t need any of the other capture targets. I can do whatever I want with Routh in my pocket.”

[Rose]: “…..hey, you’re sounding like a villainess right now.”

[Erina]: “There’s the heroine correction, so it’s fine no matter what I do! So long as we follow through with the scenario then the hated you will be condemned, but nothing is going as it should. I really hate you.”

[Rose]: “Why though?”

[Erina]: “Because you aren’t following along with my scenario. Because you’re getting along well with my Routh! You’re the villainess! You’re as irritating as my friend from my previous life!”

[Rose]: “Isn’t it weird to be irritated by a friend?”

[Erina]: “……I was frustrated. She was a girl who was good at anything she tried. She died without me being able to beat her even once, and then I died a few months later in an accident. …..but then I was transported into the otome game I was infatuated with as its heroine, and I couldn’t have been happier!! And yet all the good looking capture targets are getting along with you, and it’s really irritating!!!”

[Rose]: “Haa, even if you keep saying that, I never played the game, so I have no idea what’s supposed to happen and what I’m supposed to be doing. And I don’t think heroine correction is going to cover up your behavior.”

[Erina]: “Don’t be ridiculous! I’m the heroine; I can do whatever I want!”

(No~ I really don’t think that’s a thing. After all it’s because of your behavior that the capture targets are running away from you. This girl is pretty stupid as well. I think she’d make for a good match with Prince Eric. Although if the two of them were to become royalty, this country is going to tilt no matter what Will-sama and Sophia-sama do.)

[Rose]: “Haa, well it’s fine. Suit yourself. Just don’t do anything as heartless as last time!”

[Erina]: “What do you mean~? I don’t know~ Just be sure to get engaged like in the scenario~”

And just like that she left, but not before once again trying to push her own circumstances onto me.

[Rose]: “Haa…..I’m worn out. We’re going to keep bumping heads after this too. It’s really annoying, but I’m going to need to stay vigilant if I don’t want things to end like last time.”

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8 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 56

  1. Why can’t she just tell her this simple phrase:

    “This is real life, NOT the game world. Don’t expect everything you know from the game to happen the same here. Once you die, you die. That’s it. You have no re-do’s here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. do you really think this dense girl would either care to let her finish or even if she does finish, believe her??

    She’s using a trope of Light Novels (heroine correction) to justify her behaviour, implying that she doesn’t believe this is different from a game from the start, and even if she did listen, she’s in far too deep to admit it… it would hurt her immensely

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What’s wrong with Rose? Why does she keep letting Erina lead her around like that?
    What idiot follows the nasty a— schemer girl to secluded locations all the time!?


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