Grimoire Master Ch. 81

Chapter 9
Section 9: Princess Order

“Goddess, lend your ear to my voice. Goddess, please save my friends.”


I suddenly found myself sleeping on the ground. Unicorn was laying down right next to me, her inherent glow lost. Picking myself up off the grass, I found Rose-san standing right before my eyes.

“By your pure name, by your beautiful efforts, by your merciful will!!”

Goldmund was standing next to her. Rose-san’s body would sometimes stagger and sway, so he was offering up his own body as a crutch for his master.

“Protect my friends, my loved ones, from tainted evil!!”

Rose-san raised her shield as her hoarse voice filled the cave room.

“I your servant petition for your miracle. {Serene Seal}!”

A bright, luminant shield materialized around us, repainting the vivid red room in white.

Immediately afterwards, the thick haze cleared away from my head. And then with the ability to fully understand my surroundings returned to me, I jumped to my feet.


“Thank you for coming to save us. Iris-san……”

Rose-san’s quiet voice reached my ears with her back still turned towards me. I can’t see the face she’s making from here, but judging by her voice, it sounds like she’s in a lot of pain.

“Oi Iris!! Rose can’t hold out for long!!”

“Eh, w-what do you mean!?”

Can’t hold on for long, depending on how you take those words, that can sound really ominous!!

“It will be all right….. T-Thanks to the feather you gave me……I was able to make my way back.”

I got my own small taste of the dream world…… It really was the kind of place you’d want to stay in to keep your mind at ease.

“I am, already, okay. So……will you stand against that spirit, the carbuncle, together with me…….”

Rose-san must have been immersed in her own warm world like my own dream. It sounded like I was there, and if I was there…….

“Yes. Always.”

No, it’s just my imagination.

Dreams are dreams. Reality is reality. The me inside the dream, isn’t the me I am now.

And on that same note, the Rose-san in my dream is a bit different from the Rose-san standing in front of me. So what did Rose-san see in her dream, and what was I like in that dream world? Finding the answer isn’t important.

The only thing I need to know is that I care for Rose-san. That’s enough.


Toslin screamed.

Carol had collapsed like a broken puppet whose strings had been cut on the spot, most likely because Rose-san’s miracle had cut off the carbuncle’s possession of her.

Injured and bleeding, Toslin rushed forward and lifted up Carol’s small, limp body.

“I cannot comprehend it. I really, truly cannot understand. Why do you turn away from peace? Do you not want to be released from the curse of this world?”

“Because everyone is surely thinking about their own happiness.”

If you got everything you ever wanted, I’m sure it would be fun for a bit. You would be happy. But if you’re always happy, it’s only a matter of time before you lose sight of that happiness.

Things can be hard and painful, but it’s overcoming those difficulties that allow us to truly appreciate our happiness.

“I don’t need a world that’s only meant to be fun!! Saluena!!”

“……Hmm, my eyes are clear. And my body is moving perfectly.”

Saluena stepped forward as if to protect both me and Rose-san, her sword and shield in hand.

“Unicorn……thank you. It’s almost over, so you can rest.”

Unicorn is trying to rise to her feet, but my fainting cut off her supply of magic power and severely weakened her. So I stroked her head to let her know that everything is going to be all right. She turned her beautiful eyes towards me in response and gave a small, calm neigh.

“It does not matter. No matter how fervently you deny me, my words are the truth. I shall continue as I have, rescuing those who continue to struggle through life across this world.”

“Try it if you think you can!! But we’re definitely not going to let things go the way you think they are!!”

Lapris responding with her own provocations is the picture of bravery. It paints a much better picture than the one she’s painting for herself by hiding away inside Unicorn’s mane, only sticking out her head.

“Pfft, that’s right. From now on and into the future……we’re going to live by our wills.”

I raised my left hand in front of me. And then I began pouring magic into the violet stone fitted in a dark silver ring.

“And if you’re going to get in the way of that, I will never forgive you!!”

The dark violet ring fitted on my ring finger. Proof of my oath with the strongest knight.

——and that ring, was now shining bright.

“Well then master, to honor the contract, the dark violet ring demands a kiss from a beautiful maiden.”

Without Rose-san’s miracle, our lives would be slowly drained from us. Like a thin shell crafted from a pearl, it is completely blocking out the carbuncle’s death-enthralling light.

But even so, we can’t know how long it will last.

So I have to beat it. We have to beat it. Remove the negative dregs that existed a thousand years ago that still haunt the world today like some gruesome ghost.

“I, Iris Calvafon, offer my kiss to thou as per the contract.”

The dark violet ring on my left ring finger shined. I touched my lips to the violet gem that was the source of that radiance. Immediately after, the gem gave off a torrent of light as the ring gradually changed its shape.

“…….a grimoire master? No… this era, in a place like this……? By chance……? No, is someone pulling these threads?”

Seeing what was happening, for the first time ever the carbuncle’s voice cracked.

“Ah……is there anyone else in the world capable of this? The Goddess Illya. That wandering god who sealed away my master, Osnell and transformed this world. Absolutely annoying. If you are her apostle, then…….”

The red gem embedded in the carbuncle’s forehead glowed even brighter. Shadows grew from all around the carbuncle from the light, and from those shadows, spirits came forth.

“In accordance with Osnell’s will, I will bestow upon you a painful death!!”

“Ah, Iris!! Shadow spirits are gathering from all around!!”

Just as Lapris said, they were all shadow spirits. Possessing the corpses of snow wolves and snow bears scattered around the room, they surrounded us on all sides under the command of the carbuncle.

But with the support of the miracle Rose-san continued to hold, not a single one of them could break through.

“I now, release the bonds on this world”

So I continued my chant without paying them any mind.

Taking my grimoire with a violet glow in hand, I pulled open the cover.

“From my left hand library, a sword that cuts twice, a shield that never crumbles. By the powerful contract carved into the absolute sanctuary of all life, the Goddess Illya overwrites reason as commanded by Iris Calvafon!”

Letters and words began to appear across a once blank page.

Using my magic power as fuel, the grimoire is twisting this world’s reason. Breaking through the dark prison, reaching into Endura where Hadion’s soul is held captive.

“Absolute law established in the name of the Almighty. Annihilation of the coming holy night. Once more the indomitable bell rings and an anthem of agony roars!!”

A magic circle unfolded at Saluena’s feet. The connection to Endura. A pillar of light shot high into the air, encapsulating Saluena’s body.

“Primordial sword captured by heavenly chains. Deeply wounded Dark Violet Knight!”

“W-What!? Primordial, sword? Dark Violet Knight? No, that grimoire is……”

I could feel my magic power rapidly leaving my body. Summoning Unicorn couldn’t even compare to this rate of consumption.

“Hurry up and kill that woman!!”

The carbuncle completely abandoned its calm demeanor and began to shout. But it was too late.

“My life, my name as a step, come forward! Hadion!”

My chant was finished. The grimoire shone with a powerful light after absorbing so much of my magic and completely connecting with the dark prison.

“…….The Dark Violet Knight, Saluena Hadion.”

The violet light eventually converged, morphing into a cloak that wrapped around Saluena’s body.

“Iris Calvafon’s first knight. Stalwart protector and slayer of her master’s enemies.”

I could see the same black armor she wore back then underneath her fluttering cloak. In her left hand was a massive shield, and in her right, the sword she used to make a dragon’s head fly with a single swing.

Finally Saluena dropped the visor of her dark silver helmet, completely covering her face.

Unlike the light clothing I had grown used to seeing her wear, Saluena was now adorned in thick, heavy armor. I could feel nothing but awe the first time I saw her taking on that dragon.

But now, it’s absolute trust, relief, and overwhelming violence.

“Iris Calvafon commands you my knight.”

Following along with text, I turned the page.

Only three words rose to the surface.

“Destroy my enemy.”

It took less than a second for me to say it.

“As you command”

And even less time for me to get back a response.

After regaining her sealed power, Hadion, I mean Saluena, sprinted forward.

“Stop her!! Don’t let her get any closer!!”

As Saluena stepped outside of the Serene Seal, she was met with the incredible violence capable of an army of shadow spirits that came to meet her.

But that incredible violence crumbled in the face of some even more overwhelming violence.

Saluena’s shield was able to repel a dragon’s breath from close range, so naturally the shadows’ countless claws bounced right off.


It was like I was watching a recreation of that night. Saluena’s black bladed sword was sucked right into the carbuncle’s neck.



And then, Saluena followed through with my request, and cut through.

The carbuncle’s rigid body which had managed to effortlessly shake off all of our attacks until now was nothing before the Dark Violet Knight’s sword. The carbuncle’s neck was separated from its torso.

It’s body began to dissipate, and instead of blood, a thick mist began to spray from the magic crystal. Perhaps the body itself is just a physical representation of the magic?

“……..uwa……she actually beat it……”

Lapris’s husky voice echoed across the hall.

But with this, the primordial spirit that has lived for a thousand years——the carbuncle’s resurrection after three hundred years was successfully halted by Saluena’s blade.


“Carol!! Get up Carol!! Get up!!”

The scars it left were more than we could take.

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