Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 63


After a long time had passed, Allen and Grandpa finally returned after finishing their training called playtime.

[El]: “That guy……he’s gotten strong.”

[Rose]: “I think it happened after that dark auction incident? Since then Allen completely changed his mindset. He couldn’t match up at first of course, but Allen’s been working his hardest until finally reaching the point where he can even keep pace with Grandpa.”

[El]: “……I won’t lose. Will Germa-jiisama be staying here for a while?”

[Rose]: “Yes, I think both Grandpa and Grandma will probably stay here until they get bored.”

[El]: “I see. …..I’m going to go talk to him for a bit.”

Saying so, El stood up from his seat and walked over to where Grandpa was resting.

[Grandma]: “Rose-chan, so here you are. Supper’s ready. Oh my, has Grandpa roped another youngster into playing with him?”

Having come to get us for supper, Grandma looked fed up. She glanced over towards Grandpa and gave out a long sigh.

[Rose]: “Fufu, Grandpa’s as energetic as ever.”

[Grandma]: “Even back in the territory he’s always inviting young soldiers over to train with him. Being too energetic is its own problem.”

[Rose]: “I’m very happy to know that Grandpa is so energetic. Although, I’ve never trained with him.”

[Grandma]: “They always hobble home exhausted. They look so pitiable.”

[Rose]: “Poor guys. Heheh, but it is a relief to hear that the people guarding our territory are all being strengthened by Grandpa.”

El seemed to have finished his talk with Grandpa, so after the both of them walked over, we all made our way back inside to have supper together.



[Grandma]: “Are you having fun at school Rose-chan?”

[Rose]: “Yes, it’s fun being able to learn all sorts of things, and I’ve made tons of friends.”

[Grandma]: “I see, that’s good to hear.”

[Grandpa]: “Oh! You should come play with us next time Rickert!”

[Rickert]: “……okay.”

[Grandma]: “Jeez, Grandpa. Rickert is very busy at the moment. Don’t overdo it.”

[Grandpa]: “Is that the case? Well Routh-dono and Allen have already asked me to train them up, so enjoy your free time Rickert.”

[Rose]: “Eh? El did!?”

[El]: “Yes, when I was watching Allen today, it got me thinking about how much harder I needed to work…….so I’ll be joining their training starting tomorrow.”

[Rose]: “So that’s why. Just, don’t overwork yourself okay?”

[El]: “Right!”

I pinned down my growing desire to pet El’s happily wagging tail and instead offered him a smile.

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