Grimoire Master Ch. 85

Starting this chapter, the author started using ‘adventurer’ instead of ‘warrior’ in most places.


Chapter 10
Section 2: Noisy Patient

The hospital is one of the biggest buildings in the city comparable to the church and adventurer guild.

If you’ve hurt yourself or sustained a wound, people go to the church to have someone heal them. If you’re suffering from an illness or some kind of special condition however, you will be taken care of inside the hospital.

In this past incident, Rose-san and Carol slept for almost four days because of the carbuncle, and their bodies fell to an extremely weakened state. Summoning Phoenix resulted in their vitality being restored, saving them from any kind of critical condition for the most part, but the two of them were still ordered to spend three days in the hospital to ensure their safety.

“Fua…..this place….. Have we been taken somewhere amazing?”

This is the only hospital in town, but when I walked over to the receptionist the first time I came over for a visit, I was directed towards the top floor.

The floor reserved for noble guests… other words each of these rooms were set up for nobles and other important people, and the corridor itself was lined with red carpet sending me into culture shock.

“I don’t think this kind of treatment is unnatural given what we’ve done.”

Standing next to me, Saluena served as a sharp contrast to myself by looking completely calm. I wonder if she’s used to this kind of luxury since she is a knight.

It’s hard to match this person up with the woman who was just wearing an apron while setting the table at home.

“Y-You think so?”

“Yes, I do. If this situation was handled poorly, this city would have been set back 300 years, no……in all likelihood the sacrifices would have been even larger than that. We stopped that before it could happen. It’s okay for you to stick out your chest and act self-important.”

“Um, self-important…..that is…..”

I can’t do it. I am a commoner, born and raised after all.

But whether I want them to or not, people have been treating us like we’re special. In addition to being the head priestess, Aronda-san is the chief executive of the city, and she practically forced Rose-san and Carol to stay in the hospital until now because they’re seen as two of the heroes who saved the city.


While the two of us were talking about our newfound fame, we rounded one of the hallway’s corners, and there was Rose-san.

“Ah Iris-san, Sally-oneesama. Thank you kindly for expressly coming to get us.”

Today Rose-san was wearing ordinary clothes instead of a hospital gown.

And not ordinary clothes as in the robes or armor that she’s usually wearing, but an ordinary dress. It unexpectedly gives her a real precious feeling. Her soft pink curls went very well with her white dress. It’ll be cold when she goes outside though which is probably why she has what looks like a poncho in hand.

“Hoh? You look more beautiful than usual today.”

“Yeah yeah, you look really amazing. Almost like a genuine noblewoman.”

No, even if she has abandoned her house, Rose-san was still a noble at one point, so it’s not that much of an exaggeration to say that she truly is a genuine noblewoman no matter what she looks like.

“Ah, even Iris-san. Please quit it with the teasing.”

No, I can’t speak for Saluena, but I am most certainly not kidding in the slightest.

Walking up to Rose-san who was bashfully squirming in place as her face turned a bright red, Saluena immediately started her sexual harassment by combing her hand through Rose-san’s hair while I excitedly asked the obvious question.

“So, why are you standing around in the hallway?”

“Ah, that is because……”

Giggling softly to herself while letting Saluena’s fingers tickle her, Rose-san suddenly raised her head. She then put one of her fingers in front of her mouth.

“Eh……is there somebody inside?”

Keeping my voice down to a whisper, Rose-san softly nodded her head.

“……I see. Is it Toslin and Carol?”


My guess was right. Time to be considerate.



“Oi you, you’re in pretty high spirits for somebody who is supposed to still be in recovery.”

“How can you say that when I’ve been stuck here for three days already? Just the thought that I can finally leave this room makes me so happy I want to cry.”

Somehow, the two of them look normal.

I quietly waited to hear the first words that would come from that hospital room.

Ah, obviously I’m not waiting for the room to say anything right? I wanted to hear what Toslin and Carol were saying inside the room.

After waiting for several moments without hearing anything, Carol opened up the door and stuck her head into the hallway. She looked a little surprised to see us all there, but after saying, “Wait a moment,” she turned around and went back into the room.

That was when that opening exchange began.

I was expecting some kind of change in their relationship after all that, but so far nothing looks any different between them.

“Well I am glad to see you healthy.”

Because it’s been nothing but safe comments like this.

I came here for a visit yesterday, and Carol had wanted to be discharged from the hospital then and there. The reason was because the flavor of the hospital food was too light.

I can’t really blame her. If I were in Carol’s position, I’d want to get out of here as quick as possible too. Although in my case, it wouldn’t be because of the food so much as the room itself.

What is with this place? The room alone is about as big as my house. Between the gold decorated lamp and window shades along with the beautiful flowers kept in an expensive looking vase, there’s nothing in here that would be able to calm a patient down.

And the ceiling, why is it so high? I suppose they’re prepared if a giant ever needs to be hospitalized.

“That’s all thanks to Iris. I should thank you again. Thanks.”

“Truly, thank you. Aiyah, I seriously thought I was going to die this time.”

“Indeed. I never would have imagined a carbuncle would appear before us. If Iris-san had not arrived when she did, we would not be standing here alive like this. Thank you for saving us.”

Ough. Hit by their words and gazes, I couldn’t help but shrink back. Being thanked face to face like this is something I’m never going to get used to, and it always puts me on guard.

“Ah, sure. But Toslin and Rose-san helped to save me as well, so I would say we’re even.”

Ever since defeating the carbuncle, I’ve been getting thanked left and right. But, naturally I could have never done it by my power alone.

All the lumberjacks and soldiers lent their aid in order to repel the ent invasion, Toslin swooped in and rescued me when I was caught by a shadow spirit, and we never would have been able to slay the carbuncle itself without Rose-san’s help.

“So, thank you both so much too.”

That’s why I have to thank them as well. It’s all thanks to you that I can live like this now.

“Huh!? That means I’m the only one who was rescued!”

“True. Then you’ll have to pay Iris back.”

“Uuu, unfortunately I don’t have anything on hand right now……. So is it okay if I pay you back with my body?”


Carol jumped out of her bed, walked over to where I was sitting, and set her butt right on top of my lap.

“Now, go ahead!! Go ahead and pet¹ me as much as you want!!”

Ah… that’s what she means when she says her body. In that case……I suppose I should pet her until I’m satisfied.

“Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten any time with Carol’s tail. Isn’t your fur incredibly glossy? It’s so fluffy too.”

“Yeah, I had Toslin comb it some a little while ago.”

“Hoh, is that what you two were doing when we were waiting in the hallway?”

Carol narrowed her eyes as I started petting her tail, either not realizing or not caring that her remarks were driving Toslin into a corner.

On the other hand, Toslin’s beautiful white face was turning a bright shade of red as words failed her.


But after a short bit, she grumbled out a response.

“No, there’s no need for you to apologize. It’s good to get along. Especially when you’re in a relationship where you’re leaving your life in each other’s hands.”

Oh? I took a look next to me at Rose-san who was sitting there with one hand over her mouth and wondered if she was thinking the same thing I was. Her eyes were brimming with curiosity, and looked to be barely hanging on from blurting out, “Did something happen?”

I tried answering her back with my own eyes, “Looks like it,” and with our telepathic messaging complete, we both turned towards Toslin.

“Wai-, what’s with you two!? If you have something you want to say then just say it!”

“No not really? There’s nothing at all? I was just thinking about how normal it is for hearts to change.”

“Me as well. Please be at ease as I have no hidden intentions.”

“You two…….”

Toslin sullenly turned away in some feeble attempt to hide her embarrassment.

As she did though, I noticed a small flash of light at the base of her neck.


Taking another closer look, I noticed that Carol is wearing a necklace. It’s strange since I distinctly remember her telling me she doesn’t have any interest in jewelry like this as it would only get in the way of how she moves.

“……hm, what is it Iris? Are you already done?”

Carol raised her head and looked up at me.

(I see, so it’s that kind of thing.)

“Yeah. I’m already feeling fulfilled. But let me feel you up again some time.”

“Okay! It it’s Iris then you can touch me whenever you want!!”

Carol climbed off of my lap, and jumping to the other side of the room, she forcefully planted her butt on Toslin’s lap instead.

“That’s why I told you not to make so much noise in a hospital!!”

“Where is this patient you’re talking about!?”

Toslin picked Carol up and hurled her back onto the bed. The both of them have a point here. But while they are being noisy, it’s a nostalgic din. I’m so glad I was able to protect them.

“Hey, just for a bit……I want you to listen to me.”

I cut into their fight, a fire smoldering in my chest.

1. The actual word used here is mofumofu which is some intensive petting. It’s like when you hug your dog, roll around with him, and bury your face in his fur. It’s like the word fondle, but fondle tends to have a more sexual innuendo to it.

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    1. Btw, is anyone curious about Carol x Toslin? I am itch to know. What the heck actually happened after that marvelous incident? Can the writer make an exception for one Carol pov in one chapter? I bet it will be hella fun.

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      1. > “That’s why I told you not to make so much noise in a hospital!!”

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      2. considering the necklace around carol’s neck i would say they have a romantic relationship Carol could probably care less about people knowing she is in a relationship with Toslin but she most likely keeps it on the low in consideration for Toslin who is much more…sensitive about it being in the open. at least that is the vibe i have been getting for a while and the necklace basically confirmed it for me

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