Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 68


Since I couldn’t hear anything from this cell, it’s difficult to determine if anyone has arrived for that investigation yet. At the very least, nobody has come back to pull off these clothes covering my mouth, so the investigation must still be going on unless they haven’t arrived yet.

[Rose]: “……..”

I want to get out of here.



[???]: “…..N, …..o. …..this is…..”

I could hear a voice somewhere off in the distance and felt like it was slowly getting closer.

(Is that Count Damiel’s voice? Is he fighting with someone?)

I thought I could hear the patter of several people’s footsteps, but I couldn’t quite tell where they were coming from.

(Maybe they actually do know where this place is? I hope someone can hear me…..)

[Rose]: “Mm—Mm—Mm—!!”

With the cloth covering up my mouth, all I could manage were a few muffled screams.
But Anna seemed to understand my intentions and added her own muffled screams alongside my own.

(Somebody, please. Notice us…..)



[???]: “……did you hear something?”



I didn’t know who it was, but he heard us all the same.

[Rose]: “Mm—!!! Mm——!!!”


[???]: “There it is again.”


(They noticed!)





And yet no matter how long I waited, nobody walked down those stairs to get us.

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