Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 67


I was really excited about today, but then the servant who usually brings me my meals quietly came over and stuffed a cloth into my mouth so I couldn’t say anything.

(Well I was expecting something like this……but I guess this means that what the knight had told us yesterday was true. What am I going to do if I can’t scream……these shackles are weighted down, so I can’t really move……seriously…….)

[Damiel]: “Fufufu, my cute princess. How are you liking your life here?”

It wasn’t the usual knight who came with the servant this time, but Count Damiel himself who walked down the stairs.

[Damiel]: “Oh that’s right~ You can’t saying anything with your mouth blocked up like that. It’s unfortunate that I can’t hear your cute little voice, but I’m afraid this mansion is going to go through a small investigation. You’re important to a lot of people. But you belong to me. I’d be in trouble if they found you.”

Having his hand reach out and brush against my cheek felt disgusting.

[Rose]: “……”

[Damiel]: “I heard you haven’t tried selling out your maid. Fufufu, even though I’d be more than willing to buy her from you. Well it’s almost around time for you to come to me anyway. Tell me, did you hear about today’s investigation from somebody already? But, it’s unfortunate. This dungeon is actually located below my mansion’s prison. Someone who doesn’t already know the layout of this mansion will never be able to find this room.”

Hearing those words, even the small ray of hope I carried in my chest was extinguished.

[Damiel]: “Fufufu, that face! It’s the best. What did you think was going to happen? All your friends bursting in here to save you? Like I already said, you belong to me.”

The Lecherous Count buried his face in my neck.

Gah! Suddenly a sharp pain ran through my neck, and as I was wondering if he had just bit me, the Lecherous Count grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked on it while pulling his face away.

[Damiel]: “You belong to me. Never forget that. You don’t want to make your important maid sad? Then quit thinking so much and just give yourself to me.”

Finally with a disgusting smile floating across his face, the Lecherous Count made his way out of the dungeon.



[Anna]: “Mmm! Mmm!”

That noise is probably coming from Anna. They must have blocked her mouth from saying anything as well. I think she’s worried because she wasn’t able to hear what the count was saying from where she is.

I wanted to give her some peace of mind, but it’s difficult with my mouth gagged up as well. I tried telling her I was all right, but I’m not sure if it got through. However, I was pretty certain I could hear her crying from her cell.

(…….what am I going to do? This pervert is being careful. Nobody is going to find us if he really hid us in a dungeon underneath a dungeon. ……maybe if they bring El or Alto with them they’ll be able to find my scent attached to the count……)

It’s starting to look like there’s really no option here other than to become his mistress.

(If I can at least save Anna…..)

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