Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 75


Every morning since that day Anna has been participating in Grandpa’s training. She was out of breath the first day, but as time went on, she was soon completing the same courses as Allen and El. Although she is still clearly not on their level, she is at least able to keep up with them to a certain extent.

[Rose]: “Anna, you are amazing.”

[Anna]: “I am honored by your praise. I, will get even stronger.”

(No, you don’t have to be that happy about it. And Anna, just what is your goal here!? You’re still a girl. Please keep it to just learning enough for self-defense!)

With Anna giving it her all like this, there’s no way I could say what I was really thinking, so I replied back with a bitter smile.

[El]: “Rose, I’m doing my best, so praise me too.”

El squatted down next me, looking up with upturned eyes as he waited for me to start patting his head.

(W-What is this cute creature!!)

I lost myself in the cuteness and patted his head over and over again.

[Rose]: “El is doing great first thing in the morning too. Fufufu”

(My face won’t stop grinning. What do I do!?)

[Allen]: “…..Rose-sama”

In the middle of preparing the tea, Allen spoke up looking for praise as well.

[Rose]: “Then Allen too. Fufu, good job.”

Allen has gotten taller than me and has started acting more mature, so I’m happy to have him start asking for praise from me. It suits his age and reminds me of how he used to be when we were kids.
I reached over and stroked Allen’s head the same way I did El’s.

[Anna]: “You never stroked my head Mistress”

Me too, me too. Anna came over and knelt down in front of me wanting her head to be pat as well.

[Rose]: “Everyone is acting so spoiled today. What happened?”

[El]: “Because, something like that happened. I don’t want to be away from you for an instant. I want everyone to know that I’m by your side.”

Right. I caused everyone a lot of worry after that incident a few days ago and now my family, El, Allen, Anna, and all the other servants feel a need to stay close to me.
Even Mother, who is usually always with Ribel has been handing her off to Grandma and coming to see me during Ribel’s naptime.
Father meanwhile has sped up Rickert-oniisama’s lessons on territory management so that he can pass on his work all the sooner.

[Rose]: “……that’s right. Well I’m more than happy to have El, Allen, and Anna act spoiled around me.”

Also, El and I have started sleeping in the same bed again ever since that incident.
Of course Father, Rickert-oniisama, and Allen were incredibly opposed to it at first, but Mother and Grandma calmly pushed away any opposition and let us continue sleeping together.
Grandpa just kept laughing about it for some reason.

[El]: “Hey Rose. How is that list coming along? Allen and I are finished with our portions, so I can help you with yours if you still have some left.”

[Rose]: “No, I am already finished with my portion too, so it’s fine. Thanks. Was there anything that caused you to think?”

[El]: “I didn’t find any names that bought the doll and the stationary in my portions. But, there is always the possibility that the culprit used an alias.”

[Rose]: “My portion had a few names match up, but I didn’t find anyone who would have any interest in me. What about you Allen?”

[Allen]: “There were a couple names that matched up in my portion as well, but only one name that caught my interest.”

[Rose]: “A name that caught your interest? So a name that might be involved with me in some way.”

(…..could it be? No, but… couldn’t be right?)

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10 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 75

  1. Rose? Who is the one who has a grudge against you? You else could it be?
    I mean if she acts like it was so unexpected if it was Erica, then I’ll be quite pissed at the character. Like who else would target a duke’s daughter who is liked by royalty of two different countries besides someone who doesn’t have common sense or doesn’t care about common sense or both.
    And well, we have a fellow reincarnator that asked her to proceed onto her own death route and also doesn’t have common sense.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think her response is “I can’t believe it because she is the lead” type mentality. even if Erika is pushing her to play along with the game script, you wouldn’t think that the lead will stoop so low because she still need to uphold herself as the kind, good FL for the script to work.


  2. Oh Man, It was good until she started thinking (No, you don’t have to be that happy about it. And Anna, just what is your goal here!? You’re still a girl. Please keep it to just learning enough for self-defense!) And what is the fucking problem with her learning how to Fight serious??!! Are you saying that girls with a strong body are ugly or just because she is a woman she doesn’t need to learn these things and can always depend on a man?? I hate these kind os MC the most, if you don’t have the resolve to get stronger to protect yourself you don’t have the right to look down on those who have. So infuriating 😠


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