Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 81


“We have proof.” Will-sama formed a smile as he said the words, but that smile never reached his eyes, making a chilly glare that made even me, the victim, shiver.

(I never want him as an enemy…..let’s never go against Will-sama. Yeah, that sounds good.)

However Erina-sama showed no sign of fear, standing firmly against Will-sama.

(I wonder if she’s an honest to goodness idiot. How does she have the strength to strike back when he’s looking at her like that?)

[Erina]: “Strange strange strange strange strange…….”

(Has her brain finally shorted out?)

[Erina]: “Why are all of you protecting her!? I am the heroine! That woman…….Roselia is the villainous noble woman! And yet why!? Why is everyone rushing to help Roselia instead of supporting me! This is the game world isn’t it!? Why don’t I ever get what I want!?”

[Will]: “Heroine? Villainous, noble woman? Game? What are you talking about? Well if you’re going to force the matter, then you’re the villain here. I have no idea why you would think Rose is the one in the wrong.”

[Sophia]: “It’s just as Will-sama says. Besides, the idea of you as the heroine is much too strange. If anyone would be a heroine, it would be Rose-chan.”

(Ah, why is she bringing up the game’s story at a place like this?)

Ridiculed by Will-sama and the others, Erina-sama’s face morphed into something resembling an ogre from my previous world while biting on to one of her nails.

(That’s really improper for a noble girl to be doing~. But, there’s something about that habit……)

That figure she strikes biting her nail like that looked strikingly similar to my friend Erika from my previous life. Maybe that’s why her name unconsciously slipped out.

[Rose]: “…..E, rika…..?”

[Erina]: “Huh!? How do you know that name!?”

Erina-sama’s whole buddy spun around, turning away from Will-sama and the others and focusing all her attention towards the bottom of the steps.

[Rose]: “……you’re, Erika!?”

From her reaction alone I was able to come to the conclusion that she was definitely the Erika I once knew.



She had always been rather reluctant to talk about herself. Well, the word ‘otaku’ suited her quite well, and she was always a little disconnected from the rest of the class.

But, somewhere along the way, I was charmed by her. I wanted to become her friend and started to talk to her every day. She always used a bunch of otaku terms, so it was hard for me to understand everything she was talking about. It was always so much fun seeing how happily Erika was when she talked though, so I would always listen intently.

I don’t have any memories of ever being loved by my family. Any conversation I had with them always had something to do with studying. “Get good grades,” “Stay on top,” so on and so forth. That’s why the stories Erika would tell me about always seemed so fresh and interesting. I never played the game itself, but hearing the otome game’s main points from Erika and reading some books was always fun enough.

(Why is she here? Did she die and get reincarnated after me?)

[Erina]: “Maybe…….Nozomi?”

[Rose]: “Yes, it’s me. So you really are Erika after all. But then, why did you do this!?”

Will-sama and the others are watching on in confusion since they have no idea what Erina-sama and I are talking about. But this isn’t the time for me to be care about that. My friend Erika who I knew in my previous life is standing right before me. There’s no way I wouldn’t be excited.

[Erina]: How, WHY!? Even in our past lives, I always hated you for how popular you were! And now, here we are. You’re a villainous noblewoman, and people still like you!!”

But the words I got back made me doubt my ears.

[Rose]: “Eh…, hate……me? Erika?”

[Erina]: “That’s right! I always loathed the ‘good girl’ who always got excellent results, had a good face, was always loved, and was always cheered on by everyone around her!”

[Rose]: “No, way…….I never…….”

[Erina]: “Hmph, you never realized? I was bullied every time you talked to me! I thought I’d finally be rid of you when we entered college, but you’d call me whenever we had a day off, and I’d had to keep dealing with you……I couldn’t take it anymore. So I was happy when I heard you died! I was relieved because I was finally free of you!”

I never knew. That’s how she thought of me……
The person I always thought of as my best friend hated me all this time……

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9 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 81

  1. didnt rose say a while back that she didnt think erika would have cried for her. i mean im not blaming her for how shes reacted, anyone would be hurt by that, but still

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  2. Hmmm….. Roselia’s (Nozomi) previous life is a lot like mine. “Do well”, “Try to be the top”, “Get 100% wherever possible”, there’s no real love from such a family. All they care about is how well you do and how well you maintain their reputation.


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