Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 82

Forgot to mention, this is the beginning of part 4. Kind of starts at a weird place in the story, but it at least marks the fact that we’re on the home stretch.


[Erina]: “I was happy you died……”

I always thought there would be at least one person who would cry when they heard I passed. I knew there was no way my family would ever shed a tear over me, and I never had a relationship close enough to any of my former classmates or co-workers that would warrant them mourning me when I was gone.

That’s why I had always hoped that at least she, my best friend, would be sad enough to cry for me.

But apparently I was wrong.

[Rose]: “……so I was the only one who thought of us as best friends…….”

[Erina]: “Nozomi was always surrounded by other people! Meanwhile I was on my own. I thought that was why I was reincarnated into this world as its heroine, as a reward from God for the hard life I lived! That’s how it was supposed to be! Everything would’ve worked out just fine if you hadn’t gotten in the way!”

[Rose]: “……so the harassment……”

[Erina]: “Prince Routh, the game’s only beastman from the neighboring Ashtel Kingdom was my favorite character, so I was supposed to be the one who would heal his heart and get married in the future! Since he’s a hidden character, I would aim for the reverse harem instead if he never showed up, marrying the second prince Eric in the end. Then it all went wrong…..because of a pest in the woodwork! It’s all because of you! Everything would’ve worked out if only you had never come to this world! A pest like you isn’t needed!”

(I never would’ve thought I was hated this much. But, you can say whatever you like as long as nobody says anything back! Because I, because I…….)

[Rose]: “… am I being a pest? Who did I ever bother? You’re wrong. You’re the one who never let anyone get close. You’re the one who never answered even when someone came to you first. So of course you eventually became isolated. And then we came to this world, and despite being the heroine, you never once acted as a noble lady. Somebody would’ve admonished you even if I wasn’t here, and there’s no way any gentleman would come to like you with how you behave.”

[Erina]: “Wha-!”

[Rose]: “This isn’t a game. Maybe the worlds started out the same, but the people who live here are alive and able to make their own decisions.”

I had sat back and silently listened until now, but as I began to argue back, I could feel my face grow hot and realized I was glaring back at her.

[Rose]: “Who is going to help you when they don’t know anything!? The whole world doesn’t revolve around you! It’s your fault for never getting close to anyone in this world or our last one.”

(Well I never had any luck connecting with people in my previous life either. But I feel like I was able to make friends in this life all because I was willing to put myself out there.)

[Erina]: “Y-You, self-important bug!!!”

Rudolph immediately grabbed and restrained Erina-sama when it looked like she was about to charge down the steps at me.

[Will]: “Rose, I want to hear more about this later. But for now, take her away Rudolph.”

[Rudolph]: “Understood.”

With that, Will-sama and Rudolph dragged Erina-sama away to be detained.

[Rose]: “Haa~”

(Everything’s happening at once, and my brain feels drained.)

[El]: “Rose, I want to hear more about what all of that was.”

(But of course it’d come to this. Not like there’s anything I can do about it at this point right? ……I need to properly tell everyone about my past before they all start thinking I’m crazy.)

Sophia-sama, Allen, and Anna also all gathered around looking to hear the rest of the story.

Chapter 81William POV

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