Grimoire Master Ch. 104

So as you can see from the image, I’ve gotten a couple names wrong. Solretta Litta should be Soletta Ritta and Osnell is supposed to be Oshunel. I was really confident about the Litta too since I figured they were using the Madonna Litta as a reference. They’re close enough that I doubt too many people would notice, but I’ll switch over to the correct spellings if only as a way of due diligence.


Map Addition 1

“Hm? What are you doing Iris?”

It’s still early in the morning, at a time when the breeze still feels chilly.

After happening to wake up this early, I decided to add on to my diary map, using the light radiating off of Lapris’s sleeping body to brighten my work area.

Grimoire Master 11.5.1

“Oh, right, I was thinking of adding on to my map.”

So what was Toslin doing up this early? According to her, she had also woken up early and decided to use the free time to get in some extra exercise since her body has been feeling dull. While she’s out there forging her body, I’m over here forging my body into a ball on the ground and drawing out a picture. I’m a little surprised that the difference in our personalities can lead to such hugely different results even though we got up at the same time.

“A map, the one you were drawing in the Swansea Forest?”

“Yes, that one. I could make a diary, but that is kind of dull. Besides, you can tell what’s going on at a glance if I make it as a picture right?”

“I see……. So when the time comes that you’re a successful adventurer, you can include it in your autobiography which depicts your journey in detail.”

“Eh, no no, I wasn’t thinking that far…….”

“Hm, why aren’t I on there?”


Toslin glanced over the parchment I spread out on the ground and started complaining.

“You have Carol there in the corner. What about me?”

“Um, that’s…….”

There isn’t any special reason. I was just drawing what I wanted to, and things just kind of…….

“Make me cute.”

In the end she pushed me to keep drawing.

“Eh, cute?”

“What, can’t you make me cute in your drawing?”

“Um, it’s not that, but……”

If I’m thinking about Toslin, I’d sooner use words like cool or beautiful before cute……

“About your autobiography, I hope it sells well. Remember to pay me my performer’s fee for appearing in it when it’s done.”

“But I’m not going to write one.”

It was just about time for the sun to start rising.

We scrunched together shoulder to shoulder, comparing what the both of us remembered from our journey so far…….

“Hey, my ears are nowhere near that short. Draw them longer and cuter too.”

(I never knew drawing was this hard……seriously……)

……..things may have ended up exaggerated in some places as we worked to completely fill up the map.

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  1. I thought Osnell is better. Well, we should respect author idea anyway.

    Btw, don’t you guy think this chapter is a little bit surprisingly short?


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