Grimoire Master Ch. 115


Chapter 12
Section 7: Transmitting Love

[Grimm]: “Then, Calvafon-sama is of the red rank, which means you are a red corundum adventurer?”

After that, we were guided to the church’s rear where the dining room for the sisters is located. It’s a room where over a hundred sisters might be eating together all at once, so it’s extremely large to make room for them.

I’m currently seated at one of the dozens of rectangular polished wooden tables all neatly lined up throughout the room. Tea and various confections are set at each table, giving the room a sweet yet refreshing aroma.

[Iris]: “Y-Yes. In Soletta Ritta, oh, that’s my hometown. It’s west of here, about a two week ride by carriage. So when I received my baptismal rites there, I was given the red rank.”

I’ve been answering people’s questions for thirty minutes now. In order to keep my mouth from drying out, I grabbed a sweet shaped like pink flower petals and washed it down with a cup of tea.

Woah, this candy……it’s really sweet. But there’s more to it than just that; it smells like a real flower. The tea is causing the candy to melt in my mouth, filling me with a flowery aroma. Meanwhile as I was left astonished by the gentle aroma that had made its way up to my nose, somebody immediately refilled my cup of tea as soon as I had set it back down on its saucer.

[Grimm]: “Pardon my rudeness, but you don’t look the type. As far as my eyes can tell, you seem like a perfectly ordinary girl.”

One of the warrior priestess with blonde hair tied back into a ponytail was sitting in the seat across from me at the table, er, I suppose she’s no longer a warrior priestess now that she’s a member of the Goddess Knights¹. Her name was definitely…….

[Iris]: “Grimm Lanselva”

[Grimm]: “Oh!? For you to remember my name, how fortuitous.”

She rose to her feet, giving me a dramatic bow while speaking in a playful tone.

[Iris]: “Oh, um……well, whenever you’re talking with me Lanselva-sama, you don’t really have to use a sama honorific…….”

[Milius]: “We can’t do that Calvafon-sama.”

[Grimm]: “Hey, Milius. I’m in the middle of a conversation here with Calvafon-sama. Don’t butt in.”

A beautiful woman with long black hair called Milius spoke up. I remember her last name was, Luotung.

[Milius]: “We know you were born and raised as a commoner. However, that was then. You are now the one whom the Goddess Knights serve. The one whom the Goddess Illya has entrusted her wish to.”

[Ruruka]: “So lightly speaking with you-sama² is something we absolutely must not do!”

It was a woman with short green hair who picked up where Luotung-sama dropped off. She had a unique name, so I remember it quite clearly. Ruruka Ruruka-sama. I’m pretty sure she’s the youngest member of the Goddess’s Knights. Maybe around Toslin’s age?

[Grimm]: “Oi, Ruruka. You’re being too over-familiar with your words.”

[Ruruka]: “Eh!? What part did I screw up?”

[Milius]: “My apologies Calvafon-sama. Ruruka was born on a continent far from this one, so she still has some difficulties with our language. I shall punish her severely for this later, so please, forgive her rudeness.”

[Ruruka]: “Aww, I messed up my words again…….”

Ruruka-sama sunk on top of the table and began to mope.

Between all the adventure novels I’ve read and the half a year I’ve spent together with Rose-san, I imagined that all warrior priestesses would be intense, rigid people.

But Ruruka-sama is a little outside of that warrior priestess image.

[Iris]: “U-Um, I really don’t mind at all……”

[Ruruka]: “Calvafon-sama is so kind. However, you-sama are my lord, and I cannot take advantage of your kindness.”

At that moment, after making the same mistake a second time when Luotung-sama had already warned her, Ruruka’s punishment was set in stone.

The talks bounced around after that, and I got a chance to have some of my questions answered as well.

Apparently all fifty knights are of the yellow rank and are level ten or higher.

Peachseed-san and I talked a couple times when we were traveling down the highway together, and during one of those conversations, she explained to me that level ten is a huge milestone for adventurers.

Rank and file soldiers are around level three, and you can be considered a veteran once you reach level five. Captains would be level seven. And then once you’ve reached level ten, a yellow rank, you become qualified to be hired by the country as a knight.

Fifty of these amazing people joined our knight order, all to protect me…….and I can’t fully express my gratitude.

For the next several hours the knights continued switching places, taking turns talking with me and giving me a chance to thank all of them.

We continued talking until the sun turned down and the sunset became visible out the window.



[Iris]: “Aah, my tummy is all flabby!”

[Lapris]: “Because you kept on eating like an idiot.”

[Iris]: “But those sweets were so good.”

Mmm, they really were so tasty. Marie-sama gave us a bunch extra to take back as snacks for later, but I’m positive we’ll have them all finished within a couple of days.

We are currently riding in our carriage, running down a road that had gone completely dark. We’ve already passed through the sixth wall and are making our way to the seventh.

Carol and Lapris might’ve partied a little too hard because the both of them fell asleep almost immediately after we boarded the carriage on my and Toslin’s laps respectively.

A bout of drowsiness started creeping on me as well amidst the quiet cabin. But then Rose-san started speaking from her seat next to me.

[Rose]: “Thank you for today Iris-san.”

[Saluena]: “We wanted to give you a warm welcome at the church prior to your audience with the king is what she’s saying.”

Saluena interjected in order to explain Rose-san’s words.

[Iris]: “Is that how it is? I’m happy for the gesture, but why didn’t you say anything about it? I was really surprised.”

[Saluena]: “Good, then our two week plan was a rousing success. Right Rosa?”

[Rose]: “O-Oneesama!?”

Toslin and Carol are right across from me. And then Rose-san and Saluena are sitting on either side of me. Rose-san’s outburst caused Lapris to stir and drowsily raise her head with a grunt. But almost immediately afterwards she set her head back down again before going right back to sleep.

[Saluena]: “I told Rosa we’d get to see you surprised if we kept quiet about it. Honestly though, you’re reaction was even better than what I expected. I’m feeling very satisfied with how things turned out. I wanted to laugh every time talk of the capital was brought up, so I’m really glad all my struggling was worth the effort.”

[Iris]: “……..hoh? So that means Rose-san was having a grand time watching me struggle out there as well?”

[Rose]: “N-No Iris-san. Y-You’re wrong. I was, Onee-sama said you would have fun, so I…….”

Rose-san looked like she was about to cry after I showed just a little resentment.

[Iris]: “Aha, kidding, I’m kidding. You really did surprise me, but I had a lot of fun too.”

Rose-san’s long eyelashes fluttered a few times after I hugged her arm.

[Rose]: “I-Is that so?”

[Iris]: “Yep. I was really excited when we got to the church because it was just like the world in the books I’ve read. Thank you for the wonderful present Rose-san.”

Sitting next to each other, I turned my gaze downwards. When I finally looked back up, I tried looking a bit like a child with my naturally upturned eyes.

[Iris]: “Rose-san, I love you”

If you’re a child, it’s okay to act spoiled every now and then. I’m still only sixteen, so this is me trying to take advantage of the fact that I haven’t reached full adulthood just quite yet.

[Rose]: “S-So long as you’re happy, that is all that matters.”

But when our eyes met, Rose-san turned away from me. Maybe I was being too direct?

But, thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever told Rose-san how I feel about her. We’ve always been together, and I’ve always loved being with her, so there’s never been a need before.

I’m sure she knows……is what I’d assume, but that might not be the case. So even if this is all from me going with the flow and taking advantage of the moment, I’m still glad I was able to voice my feelings aloud.

[Iris]: “Rose-san? Um…..”

[Saluena]: “Rosa’s just embarrassed. She probably never expected to hear something that pleasing come out of your mouth.”

[Rose]: “O-Oneesama…….”

Hwah, Rose-san looks like she really is going to cry now.

[Saluena]: “I was just explaining things on your behalf. You should be thanking me instead of holding a grudge.

Joy and embarrassed, and just a little bit of resent for her sister who went spilling all her secrets like that.

Rose-san’s face was filled with a mixture of emotions when she finally turned back to look at me.

[Rose]: “I-I……love you too, Iris-san.”

Rose-san has already told me that numerous times before now. As for me, I’ve been too negligent in conveying my feelings.

I’ll have to be sure to tell her properly from now on. And if my prize is getting to see her wonderful smiling face, then all the more reason.

[Saluena]: “Iris. So then, where’s my thank you?”

While I was preoccupied with Rose-san, Saluena cut in from my other side.

[Iris]: “Obviously I’m grateful to you too Saluena.”

Leaving one of my arms wrapped around Rose-san’s arm, I leaned over and clung to Saluena’s arm as well.

[Iris]: “Thanks. I love you too Saluena.”

While gazing up at her moonlit face, I voiced aloud the words I’m always thinking but never say.

[Rose]: “Oh my, Oneesama. Is your face turning red?”

[Saluena]: “……is this you trying to get your revenge?”

[Rose]: “Oh no, I am merely expressing what I see, Sally-oneesama

I’m sandwiched between two people I truly care for, able to feel not just the warmth of their bodies, but the beating of their hearts as well.

Saluena is Rose-san’s sister.

And then Rose-san is my…….


……..I tried imagining it for just a bit.

A scene of the three of us, gathered around a table and sharing a cup of tea.

(…….hold on, it’s really nice?)

The scene I drew in my head was even more dazzling than I had expected.

But, as I am right now………I still don’t have the courage to voice those kinds of thoughts.

1. I didn’t originally translate it too well in English, but whenever someone says the ‘Goddess’s Knights’ that’s referring to Iris’s knight company. ‘Riviera Von Iliana’ and ‘Goddess’s Knights’ are used interchangeably. They represented that with furigana, and coding that is a lot of work, so I left it alone.

2. So when speaking in Japanese, you’re supposed to drop the subject whenever you can. So you don’t use the word ‘you’ very often. Even if you are going to use the word ‘you’, it’s more proper to use the person’s name instead. So she’s not wrong in saying you, but it’s generally considered rude. She also attaches sama to the you which is just wrong although it does show she’s not being rude on purpose.

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