Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 90


[???]: “I like Routh. That makes you and me rivals!”

(Huh? What what what? Where is this sudden rival declaration coming from!?)





Father informed us when the daughter of the Ashtel duke arrived in the country.
El has been helping with preparations at the castle since yesterday ever since.

El also asked Will-sama and Sophia-sama to be there with him to greet her when she arrived. Well, I’m an animal lover, so I’m sure I’ll get along with her no matter what however what El said before does bother me a little.

Apparently, cat beastmen share their namesake’s selfishness……

(Cats are cute because of that willfulness! But, when it’s coming from a person…..hmm, but since she’s a beastman it might…… Well, it’s something you won’t be able to know for sure until you actually meet them!)



A couple days have already passed, but I still haven’t heard anything about the visiting duke’s daughter. It’s to the point where there aren’t even any rumors circulating, and it’s putting me a little on edge.

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan, are you curious about the girl from the neighboring country?”

[Rose]: “Huh? … did you know?”

Is it really so obvious? If I’m this easy to read, I’m a failure as a duke’s daughter.

[Sophia]: “Fufu, because I’m always watching Rose-chan, I’m able to notice things other people don’t see. And it’s only natural that someone who loves animals as much as you would be thinking about her. …..or is it because Prince Routh has been constantly attending to her since her arrival? Are you actually worried?”

I couldn’t hide my discomposure after Sophia-sama threw a meaningful look my way.

[Rose]: “Concerned, isn’t, well……El said she was a cat beastman, so I’m just curious…..and, El, um…..worried, I guess I’m…….maybe?”

It’s only natural that somebody would be curious about what a cat beastman would be like. However, that’s not what’s thrown me off. Sophia-sama’s insistence on bringing El into this is.

El’s been staying with me ever since he returned to this country. We see each other all the time in the mansion, and we go to school together every morning. So since we’re pretty much always together except for during classtime, it feels a little weird not having him next to me.

I haven’t seen him for a couple days because he’s spending all his time at the castle helping to take care of that duke’s daughter from Ashtel. It doesn’t seem like he’s even coming to school right now.

So yes, Sophia-sama is right. I’m worried.

But El and I have gone years without seeing each other before, so it’s not like a couple days should bother me this much.

(It’s not like this hasn’t ever happened before, so it’s strange that I’m having so much trouble with it now……but for some reason my chest won’t settle down……however, this is definitely)

[Rose]: “It’s definitely because I’m curious about the cat beastman I haven’t gotten to meet yet!”

It wasn’t until I heard Sophia-sama’s laughter that I realized I had blurted all of that out loud and became instantly embarrassed.

[Sophia]: “Fu, fufufu….R-Rose-chan…..fufu. You really are adorable.”

I stuffed my cheeks with some of the cakes Anna had prepared for us without looking at Sophia-sama as she continued laughing to herself.

[Sophia]: “Ah! Oh yes, I do have some good news then for the worry-wart Rose-chan. I should be able to meet Ashtel’s young noble girl, and Prince Routh as well of course, before the end of this week. Or so Will-sama has told me.”

[Rose]: “…..end of the week…..”

[Sophia]: “Thank goodness right? I do so wonder what a duke’s daughter from Ashtel is like. Will-sama has seemed fatigued as of late, so I wonder if that has something to do with it? But I did hear that Prince Eric is in charge of taking care of her for the duration of her stay……so perhaps he is the cause?”

[Rose]: “Will-sama is? …..Will-sama is the next king, so I’m sure the duties stacked on his plate are never ending.”

[Sophia]: “Hmm, that is true, but…..I feel like he never showed this kind of exhaustion until our visiting duke’s daughter came….”

[Rose]: “If so, what do you think the reason is?”

El had said she was willful, but a cat’s willfulness is just one of the things that makes them so cute. She’s in a different country now, and one country’s willfulness is another country’s selfishness however she’s still a duke’s daughter. She wouldn’t do anything that would cause Ashtel’s reputation to go down. …….probably.

[Sophia]: “Well, I cannot know for sure until I’ve met her in person.”

I later happily agreed to meet the visiting duke’s daughter together with Sophia-sama who extended the offer to give me some peace of mind with a gentle smile as radiant as the sun.

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  1. Yup, called that one. But it’s ok, Rose is starting to show feelings for El, even if she doesn’t understand them. So they can still get married.

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