Grimoire Master Ch. 128


Chapter 13
Section 6: Request

The main school building sits at the center of campus with two other lab buildings standing to its left and right.

If I were to peer down on the campus from above, would it look like a bird stretching out its wings? I can’t tell for sure looking right at it because of how huge the buildings are.

[Lapris]: “But is it really fine for someone as morally bankrupt as that to be a professor for a school like this?”

Lapris was mumbling that to herself while eating sweets inside my hair.

[Iris]: “I’m sure even someone like Litzreich wouldn’t want to hear that from Lapris.”

[Lapris]: “Ah? What’s that supposed to mean?”

[Iris]: “I’m just saying someone like Lapris who can leisurely eat a bunch of sugary sweets while resting in someone else’s hair could be considered rather peculiar as well.”

Under Noelia-san’s guidance, we traveled through a beautiful garden on a road laid with polished white marble.

The garden that spread out from both sides of the road were so vast you couldn’t really even call them gardens anymore. They might as well have both been their own estates at this point.

According to Noelia-san, the academy has ten gardeners under exclusive contract to maintain the landscape.

[Toslin]: “I heard there are about three hundred students here, but I don’t see any of them around.”

[Noelia]: “They would all be in class at the moment. Once classes break for a recess, you will find ladies here and there throughout the garden enjoying a pleasant chat.”

[Carol]: “Eh~, what is it Toslin? Are you interested in some schoolgirls?”

Toslin raised an eyebrow and sighed after Carol’s small joke.

[Toslin]: “That’s not what I’m saying. Just wondering why you need a school as big as this for only three hundred students.”

…….right. Three hundred sounds like quite a lot to a country bumpkin like me, but it’s still disproportionate to the vast size of the school.

The central school building would be more than enough to meet the needs of that many people.

It was right when I was thinking that, glancing around at the school around me, when it happened.


An explosion rang out from the right building which Noelia-san had told us was one of the school’s labs.

[Iris]: “Waaaaah! W-What’s!?”

[Rose]: “Get behind me Iris-san.”

[Iris]: “Y-Yes!”

I immediately shuffled to the right and hid behind Rose-san’s back for protection.

[Iris]: “It’s another, flashy crater.”

It’s probably about 200 meters between here and the lab building.

With the huge estate-like garden between me and the building…….I can’t see the whole building because the plants are in the way, but just from where I was standing I could tell that the roof had been blown clean off.

Fragments of debris tumbled out of the sky, crushing the marble around our feet.

I was close enough to Rose-san for her to be able to protect me, but I realized a second later how far off Noelia-san was from the rest of us.

I looked down at me feet, about to ask Plushie Unicorn to throw up a defensive barrier to protect her, but Saluena was a breath faster than me.

She closed the distance between us and Noelia-san in the blink of an eye, and with a single swipe of her sword, she smacked away the rubble hurtling towards them.

[Saluena]: “Are you unhurt?”

[Noelia]: “Y-Yes……. I apologize, for the inconvenience………”

Ah, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Noelia-san change her expression. It was just a flicker, but she definitely looked shy there for a moment.

[Saluena]: “After all you have done for us until now? This much can barely be considered a hassle.”

Just as you’d expect, Saluena’s prince-like smile is capable of moving even the taciturn Noelia-san’s heart.

But it can’t be helped. I was the same way at first. My heart always felt like it would burst each time she brushed her hand through my hair or even just when our eyes would meet.

[Lapris]: “Oi oi, did something just explode out here? It’s noisy.”

Lapris peeked her head out from my hair and started to yell. A few crumbs came out along with her as a bonus which I had to silently clean up after they collected on my shoulder.

[Toslin]: “But it’s strange.”

Toslin murmured something aloud while she watched as the building slowly began crumbling after having been just blown apart.

[Carol]: “Strange how?”

But when Carol asked, she simply shrugged.

[Toslin]: “It’s been a couple minutes since that explosion hit, yet nobody else seems to be making a fuss about it.”

Ah……now that she mentions it, she’s right.

[Noelia]: “I am sure that is because everyone else has already become accustomed to it.”

[Saluena]: “They’re used to it? What is that supposed to mean?”

Noelia-san averted her eyes as she answered Saluena’s question.

[Noelia]: “That explosion was almost certainly Litzreich-sama’s doing.”



[Litzreich]: “Oh jeez, that was quite the shock.”

The second floor of the main school building was constructed entirely of white marble, same as the road.

And at the end of a long corridor on this floor, we found Litzreich’s room.

[Iris]: “What were you trying to do?”

Her room was filled with books, appropriate considering she’s meant to be a professor.

It’s probably a fairly spacious room, but other than a bed, a desk, and a table, the entire room is almost entirely filled with bookshelves.

What’s not taken up by furniture is a mess with notes scattered all around our feet filled on both sides with formulas I can’t make heads or tails of.

[Litzreich]: “It was a magic experiment. I wanted to develop a magic formula to counter the phoenix you summoned before, but it’s not going well.”

[Iris]: “Hmm, I was wondering what you were doing out in town yesterday, but it looks like you’re acting like a proper professor.”

[Litzreich]: “And then once it’s finished, I can finally make Iris mine…….”

[Iris]: “But your motives are extremely impure.”

Speaking of which, we had cleared away some of the scattered papers and were now having some tea prepared by Noelia-san in a few chairs we prepared.

[Litzreich]: “So the audience is finished then? You met the king of this country?”

[Iris]: “Mm, he seemed like a very kind person.”

[Litzreich]: “To be sure. I hear most of the kings of this country have been mild-mannered, and while Olivar is no different, he’s also quite down to earth. He can be quite stubborn when it comes to bowing though.”

[Iris]: “It sounds like Litzreich is pretty close to His Majesty.”

[Litzreich]: “Olivar is the reason I settled down in this country. We had our ups and downs in the beginning, but I guess you could consider me as a counselor to him.”

Then perhaps you know then……..that Olivar-sama is a woman?

[Iris]: “……..”

While I was watching Litzreich and thinking that to myself, she shifted in her seat and quietly looked back at me.

[Litzreich]: “……then you’ve already met Ashel as well yes?”

But it was for so short a time, I almost missed it before she was back to her usual smile.

[Carol]: “We met the prince the night we got here. Or rather, he came straight to us.”

Toslin cut in after Carol’s remark.

[Toslin]: “That was nerve-wracking. This country’s prince is quick to move.”

[Litzreich]: “Don’t you think that’s part of what makes him such a fine man? After traveling all over the continent, he rushed back here immediately when somebody told him Iris would be having an audience with the king.”

[Saluena]: “Hmm, did he now? In that case he’ll probably want to be heading out again sometime in the near future. I should pack in as much training as I can in the meantime.”

Saluena mulled over the thought to herself, but Litzreich turned to her disappointedly.

[Litzreich]: “Mm~ I wouldn’t mind it. Chances are he’ll be made to retire as an adventurer here soon.”

[Saluena]: “Why is that?”

[Litzreich]: “Talks about him getting engaged have been circulating around. He’s already seventeen you know. It’s inevitable that people would start talking.”

[Iris]: “The same age as Toslin then.”

[Toslin]: “Except I don’t have any plans on getting married anytime soon.”

[Litzreich]: “Come now Toslin, aren’t you a noble too? The daughter of a viscount even. It wouldn’t be strange for you to hear about something like that as well soon.”

[Carol]: “……..”

Carol’s tail which had been leisurely swaying back and forth until now froze in place after what Litzreich had just said.

[Toslin]: “No chance. I’d squash anyone who’d try. But let’s talk about why we’re here.”

[Rose]: “……yes, indeed. Could you explain more on that? Why did you call us here?”

Rose-san was the one sitting in the seat next to me.

Maybe it’s because of yesterday, but her voice and facial expressions seem a bit stiff.

[Iris]: “……..”

My mind naturally wanders to yesterday whenever I look at her.

I remember how she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close, how we ate together, went shopping, and took a break on a bench, sticking close together until it turned dark.

Ah, I need to stop. I’m suddenly really embarrassed and can feel my face heating up. It’s probably definitely bright red right now. Rose-san is going to think I’m strange if she sees me acting like this in a place like this.

I patted my face a couple times to try and mitigate the problem I caused myself.

[Litzreich]: “I actually called you all here because I had a request.”

[Rose]: “A…….request?”

Fortunately Rose-san was focused on Litzreich and completely oblivious to my eccentricities.

[Litzreich]: “Umu. Are you aware that before it was the capital, this city was the stronghold for the Evil Dragon Oshunel?”

[Iris]: “Y-Yeah……that’s common knowledge.”

Litzreich smiled as I nodded.

[Litzreich]: “Then this should be quick. Could you dive underground for me?”

And then she naturally added that on.

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  1. I don’t get the vanity of nobles. Such a massive complex just to teach 300 students, such a waste.

    Diving? Underground? I smell a new poke… sorry, I mean new summon to add to Iris’s collection. Looking forward to see if I got it right.

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