Villainous Wants to Live Freely Ch. 103


(Rinoa-sama……you’re really going to do it. You’re really going to tell El how you feel.)

I had no other choice but to sit there and watch Rinoa-sama’s back as she headed for El.

Thanks to Rinoa-sama, I know how I feel, but there’s still a part of me that is hesitating to convey those feelings to El.

(How will El answer…… If, perhaps, Rinoa-sama’s feelings were to reach El and the two of them were to come together……. I, would have to properly give them my blessing with a smile on my face……)

I began to wonder if I should just leave this place if I were to see them start holding hands or acting close to one another.

[Rose]: “I’m the worst…….”

(I actually wished Rinoa-sama would fail there. I shouldn’t be thinking things like that…….)

Ever since I realized how I felt, every unpleasant and disgusting emotion I have has been swirling around inside me whenever I see Rinoa-sama and El together.

[Rose]: “I’ve never felt this kind of emotion before…….thinking it would be great if things don’t go well…….”

I don’t think I could be any more disgusted with myself than I am right now.

But, Rinoa-sama already knows how I feel, so it’s not like I can just lie and say I’m not in love with El.

[Rose]: “…..yosh! I can’t keep hesitating like this! I need to prepare myself for an honorable defeat!”

Even if Rinoa-sama and El do start dating here, I’ll kill those negative feelings, and even though I know it’ll cause Rinoa-sama some problems, I will tell El how I feel. 

[Rose]: “And when he turns me down, I can have Sophia-sama and the others comfort me.”

Sophia-sama especially would be super nice to me.

But since everyone is so kind, I’m sure they’ll all have something nice to say to make me feel better.

(Ah, but. I can already tell how awkward it’s going to be for a while afterwards. ……but, it’s not like not telling El how I feel is an option…….)

[Rose]: “I wonder if this is how El felt when he confessed to me back then?”

(There’s always the chance…….he might have had a change of heart. He may have said he liked me back then…….but Rinoa-sama is cute and his childhood friend.)

He liked me back then, but people’s feelings can always change.
It wouldn’t be strange if El were to change his mind and accept Rinoa-sama’s confession.

[Rose]: “……I’m hesitating again, and my brain is running around in circles. Stop it. ……I’ve already decided, I’ll accept my defeat with honor!”


[El]: “An honorable defeat in what?”

Rinoa POV 2  ⊥ Chapter 104

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    1. A character from the other story I’m translating. Both stories have a major character named Rose, so I sometimes screw up without thinking. Usually I catch the mistake, but I missed it this time. Thanks for pointing it out

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