Grimoire Master Ch. 130


Chapter 13
Section 8: The New Feature……Is X-Ray Vision?

[Litzreich]: “Ah, just a second Iris”

Now that the issue of our request and me attending school had gotten worked out, we were just about to head back to the castle.

But as Rose-san and I were about to leave the room, Litzreich called out to me once again.

[Iris]: “What?”

[Litzreich]: “They really suit you well.”

She poked her temple while giving me a bewitching smile. I wondered what she was talking about at first, but after a little thought, I realized she was talking about my glasses.

[Iris]: “Y-Yeah. Thank you. Rose-san bought them for me yesterday.”

I pushed up the frame with both my hands as I answered.

[Litzreich]: “Did she now?”

And so Litzreich’s gaze turned towards Rose-san, this time though with a slightly more mischievous look on her face.

[Rose]: “What? Is there something you find interesting about one person giving another a gift?”

[Litzreich]: “Hihihi, I never said anything of the sort. And I have no plans of doing anything to Iris here and now, so there’s no need to glare.”

After saying that much, Litzreich turned her attention back to my glasses, inspecting them from various different angels.

[Litzreich]: “Hmm, just as I thought.”

[Iris]: “And what thought would that be?”

[Litzreich]: “These glasses are something I made five years ago. One of the young noble girls who had been a student here back then asked me to make her a magic tool that would correct her eyesight. These were one of the prototypes I made.”

[Iris]: “Wow, really? That’s pretty amazing.”

Litzreich is able to make her Magic Shell, something almost like a golem, using just her magic power. I never really thought about it before, but that’s actually very impressive. If she’s able to do that, then it’s not surprising that she can manufacture other magic accessories like my glasses.

[Litzreich]: “No, what’s truly amazing is the amount of magic power you must have in order to use those things regularly. When I think about what your body structure must look like, hihihi, I simply must take a look sometime.”

[Rose]: “……have you forgotten what you just promised me?”

Rose-san slowly pulled my hand as Litzreich’s curiosity bubbled up.

[Iris]: “Ah…….um”

I staggered a bit from the movement, but Rose-san was standing there to catch me. I could feel her warmth both from my hand which she held and my shoulders which now leaned back into her.

[Rose]: “Was that all you wished to confirm? If so, I am sorry to say that our comrades are waiting for us outside at the moment.”

[Litzreich]: “Ah, wait wait. I just meant I was looking forward to doing it in the future.”

[Rose]: “It will not happen in the future either. Iris-san does not belong to you.”

[Litzreich]: “Muu, you’re being so stingy. You can lend her to me for just a little bit.”

[Rose]: “L-Lend her……Iris-san doesn’t belong to me either!!”

Rose-san’s head sat right above mine as she sputtered out an answer while holding me close.

I’ll admit I did feel a bit fuzzy when I heard her words though.

I might just be acting excessively self-conscious here, but I was hoping she would affirm it here…….

“Iris-san is mine!” or something of the sort. 

 I know I’m the one who wants to monopolize her, and the feeling isn’t mutual, but it does make me feel lonely.

[Litzreich]: “Hoh, is that so? Then I still have a chance. Iris, let me borrow those glasses.”

[Iris]: “Huh, what for?”

[Litzreich]: “Repairs of course. The frame has become distorted during the long time it’s been away from my workshop. It also requires a bit of maintenance. I’m sure I already told you I built those glasses five years ago yes? If you wish to keep using them regularly, I will have to swap out the stone I used for its core.”

[Iris]: “O-Oh……that makes sense.”

I moved to take off my glasses, but as my fingers touched the frame, I stopped.

I turned my face up and looked towards Rose-san. Wow, her eyelashes are so long.

[Iris]: “Um, Rose-san. That’s what she says, so is it okay for me to have her repair them?”

Personally, I’m fine leaving them as is. Even if they do break and become unusable, the fact that Rose-san gave them to me as a gift won’t change.

So if I’m going to send them out to get repaired, I have to get her permission before anything else. 

It would be incredibly rude to leave a gift I received with somebody else.

[Rose]: “Y-Yes, of course it is. Litzreich-san. I will pay for it, so thank you for your help.”

[Litzreich]: “I don’t need any money.”

When Litzreich said that, I figured Rose-san would tell her, “No, I’ll pay you,” the same way she did yesterday.

[Rose]: “Really? Thank you very much then.”


But that was all she had to say. Rose-san gave me a short, “Pardon,” as she took off my glasses before passing them over to Litzreich.

I was more than a little surprised and ended up just staring at Rose-san’s face.

[Rose]: “?”

But while I stared up at her like a chick waiting to be fed, Rose-san just tilted her head slightly and gave me a wry smile.

[Litzreich]: “Oh, before I forget. How about trying out some new features for these glasses?”

Then suddenly the tension in Litzreich’s voice jumped up several degrees.

[Iris]: “Eh, new features?”

I gave Litzreich a suspicious look, but she ignored my distrust, sticking out her chest and putting on an air of importance.

[Litzreich]: “You know, something like……. How about being able to shoot laser beams out of your eyes?”

[Iris]: “Don’t want it.”

I felt a little bad turning her down when she was clearly this excited about it, but that’s just the way it is.

[Litzreich]: “Why?”

[Iris]: “It’s not cute.”

After I mercilessly cut her suggestion down, Litzreich fell back into thought.

[Litzreich]: “Hmm…….then how about x-ray vision? You’ll be going down to the dungeon in a couple days after all. It would be convenient to be able to see what’s on the other side of a door or some wall. It’s a function I abandoned because of how much magic power it cost, but it should be possible if you’re the one wearing them. The glasses themselves will be a bit heavier though.”

[Iris]: “It certainly sounds convenient, but I’d prefer not to make them any heavier. Lighter is better since I’ll be wearing them regularly, so you don’t have to do that.”

[Litzreich]: “Hmm, are you sure? With an x-ray function, you could see what a person looks like when they’re not wearing any clothes whenever you want.”

[Iris]: “Huh……”

What did she just say? 

I did an immediate about-face with my thoughts plain to see on my face as soon as I heard Litzreich’s suggestion. My gaze landed squarely on Rose-san. Instinctually moving…… a very certain spot.

[Rose]: “Ah, Iris-san!? W-Why are you looking at me!?”

Rose-san lifted her arms up to cover her chest.

[Iris]: “Ah, sorry. I didn’t really mean anything special about it, but…….it just, kind of happened on its own.”

Honestly though? I really don’t have any special kind of interest on seeing Rose-san naked. I mean, we’ve already taken a bath together more times than I can count, and I will probably see it again any number of times going forward even without a function like that……

I’m not sure how, but I feel like my thoughts were turning in a weird direction there at the end, so I forcibly shut them down before they could go too far.

[Iris]: “A-Anyways. I don’t need that kind of function either.”

[Litzreich]: “Darn. I was really hoping to try out a couple of new things, but I suppose there’s no use in trying to force it. For now, I’ll just fix the frame, reduce the amount of magic power it takes to activate, and replace the core. We can add the x-ray function another time.”

[Iris]: “I don’t need it~!!”

It would take a few days for Litzreich to finish the maintenance, so for now we left the glasses with her before leaving the room.



Before we met back up with Saluena and the others in the courtyard, I decided to ask Rose-san a question that had been stirring in the back of my mind.

[Iris]: “Um, how come you didn’t insist on paying this time?”

And Rose-san answered, 

[Rose]: “When I thought about how much it would hurt to be forced to accept money from somebody who they knew had just been out with the girl they like, I couldn’t press it any further.”


When I heard her say that, I wondered what it must feel like to be someone like Rose-san.

It makes me the happiest person in the world to know that I received a gift from a person like her.

With a warmth in my chest, I hugged Rose-san’s arm close to my heart and gave her a shy smile.

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  1. Hm, Rose is getting closer and closet to the Iris cup. Actually, it’s the other way around, that’s unfair!… Joking, I love how Iris is expressing more of her feelings.

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