Grimoire Master Ch. 131


Chapter 13
Section 9: Awareness as a Lady

The next day I was back at Eleonora Academy.

Grimm-sama and the others could once again only follow me up to the gate, but this time unlike yesterday, Rose-san and the others didn’t follow me inside.

Litzreich followed through with her offer, and I’m now officially a student here in this academy. There was a teacher near the front entrance already waiting for me when I arrived who would guide me to my classroom.

[Lapris]: “Even the hallways in this place are excessive. And what’s with that? Everyone’s walking all nice and proper.”

Lapris kept shooting off questions from her spot on my shoulder.

[Odette]: “Since the academy’s inception, we have focused on nurturing the fine young ladies responsible for the future of this country. As such, we encourage all of our students to maintain a proper and modest demeanor at all times.”

The teacher in charge of guiding me to my classroom and answering Lapris’s questions is Odette-sama. I’m not sure if it is her given name or family name, but considering this is our first time meeting, I’ll just assume it’s her family name.

She is an intelligent looking woman with glasses and is probably just over thirty I think?

She wore a black robe with gold trim, and her cut black hair fell down to her shoulders.

[Odette]: “Calvafon-sama will also be considered a student during your time here. There will be no special treatment. As such, I will be referring to you as Calvafon-san from this point forward.”

[Iris]: “Yes, I really don’t mind…….”

Rather, I’d feel much more comfortable having people refer to me more casually like that.

[Odette]: “You are not to cause a disturbance, remain modest, and always act with the awareness of a lady.”

[Iris]: “Y-Yes!”

[Odette]: “A short, graceful yes is enough as a response.”

G-Graceful…….. Never in my whole life have I ever been called that before…….

It’s just that a sama honorific suits someone like Rose-san, but when they’re talking about me, I don’t know how I’m supposed to react.

[Iris]: “Yes”

But since an answer like that is probably best left unsaid, I decided to just agree with her instead.

[Odette]: “…….fufu, I wondered what kind of person you’d be when I heard you described as a hero…….I’m relieved to see what an incredibly serious person you are.”

[Lapris]: “Oi oi, you’re going to be in trouble if you underestimate Iris too much. As soon as this girl gets back to the castle, she’ll sink down into a couch and…….”

[Iris]: “Lapris, some things are better left unsaid.”

[Odette]: “Be quiet in the halls.”

[Iris]: “Y-Yes!”

[Odette]: “A short, graceful yes is enough as a response.”

U-Uuu……of course. Sorry teacher……..

[Iris]: “Yes

What was that? I was going for something short and graceful, but what I got instead was a response that made me feel like a ridiculous idiot.

But, I don’t know what the correct answer would be here.

[Odette]: “Fufu, we have arrived Calvafon-sama.”

My only salvation is that Odette-sensei doesn’t seem like the strict type.

Actually, she seems like a very kind person considering all she did was giggle at my response.

[Iris]: “Then this…….is magic class……..”

[Odette]: “Yes. At Rinrin-sama’s request, we have altered circumstances to allow Calvafon-san the opportunity to attend the most advanced magic classes this country has to offer.”

[Lapris]: “Who’s this Rinrin person?”

I had to think about it for a moment as well, but eventually I remembered that Rinrin was Litzreich’s last name. 

[Iris]: “It’s Litzreich.”

[Odette]: “!?”

And since I remembered, I reminded Lapris about it.

But at the same time, the refreshing, warm smile Odette-sensei had until now suddenly disappeared as her complexion morphed into a pale, sickly white.

[Odette]: “……something I never asked…….”

[Iris]: “Yes?”

[Odette]: “What kind of relationship does Calvafon-sama have with Rinrin-sama……..?”

What kind? And I might be imagining it, but is Odette-sensei’s voice trembling?

And besides, why did she switch back to using sama?

[Lapris]: “She’s an enemy. A criminal who attacked Iris a few seconds after meeting her.”

[Iris]: “Enemy is…… Hah, she’s just joking. Litzreich is……well there certainly were a few things going on at first, but now I’d say……..we’re friends? Something like it at least.”

[Odette]: “F-Friends…….did you say?”

Ah, there it is again. Her voice really is trembling. Odette-sensei, are you perhaps scared of Litzreich?

Maybe there’s a chance that Litzreich suddenly attacked her for some reason…… wait, that’s actually totally possible? 

Litzreich already declared quite loudly how excited she gets around women. And besides, Odette-sensei is quite beautiful.

[Iris]: “Um, I’m just guessing, but…….did Litzreich do something to you?”

[Odette]: “O-Of course not! Nothing of the sort, but……..”


[Odette]: “Ahem. My apologies. Despite being a teacher I raised my voice. I have served as a terrible example and ask that you do not imitate me.”

[Iris]: “Y-Yes.”

But, Odette-sensei wouldn’t say any more on the subject.

[Odette]: “”A short, graceful yes is enough as a response.”

Then without skipping a beat, she repeated the same correction for the third time now with the same smile she wore the first time she said it.

[Iris]: “Y-Yes

Half scared, I gave her the answer she wanted.

[Odette]: “Splendid. Now then, let’s head inside. Everyone, eyes to the front. The transfer student I informed you of yesterday has arrived.”

Pulling open the classroom door, Odette-sensei grabbed the class’s attention as she walked in.

[Odette]: “Come now, come in.”

Litzreich gave me the chance, but it’s by my own decision that I find myself here.

[Iris]: “Y-Yosh. Here I go.”

So despite the butterflies tumbling around in my stomach, I took a step forward into my new classroom.

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  1. Ah, nobles, sometime I pity them. All those rigid rules that you have to follow 24/7, how have they not suffocated to death yet? Well, most of the time I just wanna strangle them myself though.

    Whatever, let’s see how Iris’s school arc will play out.

    Thanks for the update!


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