Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 4


Episode 4: Committee Decision

“Then Suzushiro will join the library committee, and Hino will be our health committee representative~”

Saki moved forward with the meeting while I wrote everything down on the board. This is our first collaborative work together as a married couple! ……….What kind of thoughts are running through my head? But since I’m paired up with such a beautiful girl, it can’t be helped. I’m on cloud nine.

“With this our list of staff and committee members is almost full.”

“The only position still left open is the secretary…….. Is there anyone who hasn’t signed up for anything yet~?”

Saki, our class president who fulfills her duties without fear, is splendid. It worked out wonderfully in that there were just enough students to perfectly fill out each committee position. Thus with the secretary being the only opening left, we don’t have to make the remaining people decide with rock, paper, scissors……..

And that’s why a heavy pressure had descended upon the room. There was just one name not written on the blackboard. 

That person is probably wishing they had jumped at the chance of being a general affairs handyman earlier on……. I can understand how they must feel, timid and unaware that it would end up that committee work would be compulsory for every student.

“Umm…….looks we haven’t written down Otori’s name yet.”

Reading over the class registry, I called out the only name there we hadn’t written on the board yet. In response, there was a meek “Eep” from one of the desks close to the front. Judging by the seating chart, that would be her.

……..and any feelings of sympathy I felt are cancelled. Cancelled I say! I want to pour all of my love onto this child…….! A pair of droopy eyes peeking out of her long bangs……what a lovely thing! Her unconfident and bashful appearance makes her look just like a small animal that deserves nothing but love and pets! I want to hug her close and stroke her head~

Plus her family name is Otori. During the entrance ceremony, the school director had mentioned that his daughter was also currently enrolling in this school…….wouldn’t that have been incredibly embarrassing for her?

………Well putting that aside, that makes her the daughter of the most powerful person in this school. It would most definitely be interesting if I pulled her in……

“You are Otori…….right? Could you help us out and become our secretary?”

It should go without saying that I fully aim to win her over. Above all else, she’s a beautiful girl. Being a beautiful girl has already been established as being adequate enough for me.


Her round and cute eyes widened in surprise, and a soft, ephemeral voice passed through her slightly parted lips. It was just loud enough for me to hear her before fading away. Her little cheeks that looked as if they were crafted from snow warmed to a light cherry blossom pink. Ah, so she’s embarrassed……. Let me hear more of your cute, unconfident voice…….

Anyway, for the sake of the class (and myself as well), it would be best for her to become our class secretary…….that is to say, I really really want to make her mine. Beautiful women, come on down. Welcome beautiful women.

“Is your writing legible? You would just have to write down what we say during class meetings. And I could support you in various ways too if you need it.”

“It is not compulsory, but if you are not opposed, let’s work together~!”

Saki’s eyes were sparkling, and she clasped her hands together in front of her chest…….is there any difference between us forcing her at this point? Every other student in class had begun giving her the same earnest, glittering look……Hm~m, I’d like to think our class is filled with honest children, but this level of unconscious peer pressure is frightening.

“…….o-okay. I will……give it a chance.”

“Yay~! Thank you~!”

Saki shook Otori’s hand up and down as she thanked her. It was ki~nd of overbearing……well I think her bright demeanor did more than enough to cover it up.

With me being one of the class representatives and Otori being our secretary, I’m sure opportunities will come up where I can get in touch with her. Even if I have to be a little forceful, I will maintain my connection with this beautiful girl.

Thus with Otori’s name registered into the class notebook, I could hand it over to our teacher, and LHR came to an end…….or not……

“It looks like everything has been decided. Then allow me to return the results from the tests you took earlier. Those with red marks will be made to take a retest after school on Friday.”

Our homeroom teacher gave a serious notice like it was nothing.

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  1. wow if you’re a girl and you have a ‘girls friends’ whose name has ‘Yuri’ in it then….be careful haha


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