Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 5


Episode 5: Test Return

“All class committee members will have a meeting after school, so check the distributed print outs. Everyone else, dismissed.”

Our homeroom teacher gave us the bare amount of information and left before any of her students had a chance to even leave their seats.

I never thought our tests would be returned the same day…….A small shock ran through my system over the score I had in hand.

Supplementary lessons would be held after school the day after tomorrow for those with red marks…….and then a retest would be given at the end of next week――with that being said this has absolutely nothing to do with someone like me who entered the school on a recommendation after getting a perfect score on the entrance exam. It would be a massive pain to have to study for a test multiple times. Plus I’m weak to that stifling air you get during testing periods. It’s always so quiet during those times, and I am terrified my stomach will growl or something and cause a huge scene……

“How are your scores~?”

Saki came up to me wanting to compare scores on the tests we had just gotten back now that our teacher had disappeared and the tense air inside the classroom had begun to slacken. Mmm~, beautiful women are coming up to me without my having to do anything……it gives me hope for my yuri harem when I see how well things are going.

“Hmm……you want to see?”

However no matter how well the route is going, I must always be on guard so as to not say anything that might upset her. And I’d be a bit surprised if this didn’t upset her in at least some way.

“Let me see, let me see~!”

“If you want to that much”

I guess it can’t be helped… I hand over my test results.

“Amazing~! 50 points is a perfect score! And you got it on two of them~!”

“Yes, but I made a careless mistake on the English test and lost five points.”

“But that was all right? You really are smart after all~!”

After all? Do I give off an intellectual vibe or something?

“Anyways, it’s not fair for me to be the only one showing off their scores. Can I see yours too?”

“Uuu~…….It’s embarrassing”

Saki looked down towards her feet while shuffling in place and awkwardly stole glances at me from the corner of her eye. What is this cute creature? She’s so cute.

“What? Even though I showed it to Saki after deciding not to tell anyone about it?”

Keeping my grin down to a smirk, I decided to fan the flames a bit.

“I-I got it~!”

Saki pushed out both her hands while holding each of her tests in a way that I could see all three of her scores. So cute.

Hm? In Japanese, mathematics, and English order, her scores were…….

“48, 45…….and 50!? Saki, you got a perfect score in English!?”

“But, I lost to Yuri.”

“By only 2 points though!? A little more and I would’ve been the one who’d lost!”

“But I’m still lower…….and here I was thinking I could tutor you if your head was bad……”

Saki’s eyes regretfully narrowed, and a low, “Mu~” rolled from her throat as she began to pout. Her eyelashes are so long…….they’re this long without any makeup? I’ve found another beauty point in her favor.

Anyway, it sounds like this child likes to teach. Let’s appeal to that feeling.

“Then I’m confident in math, so how about I help you with that while you teach me English in return?”

“Oh, Ooh~! That would work. Good idea! Let’s do it~!”

You say it’s a good idea…..but weren’t you the one who thought of it to begin with? A playful princess.

It was at that time, 

“Hey hey you two upstanding people there? Paul Smith made the same careless mistake! Smart people teaching each other! How about throwing an idiot into the mix!”


that an enigmatic yet beautiful woman came rapping up to us.

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