Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 6

And that’ll wrap up the Christmas release. I’ve been working on this for about a week now inbetween my other releases so I could just make a mass dump today. I hope you all enjoy what’s been written so far and look forward to the continuation. Happy holidays everyone!

Episode 6: Eccentric Beautiful Woman

Eh, who is this child……

I checked with Saki, but she seemed as confused as I was with suddenly being called out to by this mysterious girl. Underneath the bright afternoon sun her light brown hair was the same color as honey, and combined with how short it was, she gave off a lively impression.

She smelled of fresh citrus, but she leapt and soared over the image of a girl who would wear perfume with her exuberant aura. She looks like a bright and active girl who moved past being innocent and into the realm of just being a ditz.

She wasn’t too small, but she had a slender body with almost no waist. Her face was small as well, but it was cute enough that she could easily be a reader model. If I were to compare her to an animal, a chihuahua would be the only thing I could think about.

Considering this is our first time meeting each other, she would come off as insane…….not that I would think that! I will readily welcome an eccentric beautiful girl! We’ll frolic and play on our way to school together……..and become friends and comrades!

is what I was thinking, however she had jumped in so unexpectedly it was like we were playing linguistic dodgeball――and when I finally got around to thinking about how best to return the ball, 

“Ooh, no speak Japanese?”¹

“Sorry, we heard you.”

First rap, now she’s acting like a foreigner? A really strange beautiful girl. I love this kind of eccentric girl.

“Ah, self-introductions come first! My! Name!

The girl made a big show of pulling out a marker pen from her pocket. ……..and then she suddenly started scribbling something on both her hands…….

“If I remember right, you were the health committee representative Hino right?”

“You’re right, but! Don’t disassemble a joke in progress! Give me one minute!”

Hino’s over the top energy was leaving us in the dust. After finally saying, “Done,” she turned her palms towards us.


“Non, non! Me is Hino Honoka! Burning Fire Honoka! Why would you reverse………Ah!”

She realized. Because she had written each character into the palms of her hands, the letters became reversed after she turned her hands towards us. She started fixing the characters on her hand to correct her mistake, but it looks like my guess that she is a ditzy girl isn’t too far off the mark. Yeah, she’s cute.

Eventually giving up on correcting it herself, she instead crossed her arms to have the letters in the correct order……Hmm? She looks like the dictionary definition of a super ditzy girl like that, and it is so cute.

“Pardon me! I am Honoka!”

She struck a two finger v-pose over her right eye alongside her introduction and shot of a wink with a level of momentum that I could easily imagine a star shooting out of her eye. There are a few screws loose there……but let’s not mind that for now…..

Even a wholesale store cuts up fish sometimes. Thus it only makes sense that I, a profound lover of beautiful girls, can forgive the little things! And for her to come to me herself……isn’t this just like a bug flying right to the fire!?

“Honoka then? It’s a good name. I’m Fujisaki Yuriha, and it is nice to meet you. This here is Hanazono Saki.”

Calming myself down, I offer a normal greeting. If I say what I’m really thinking aloud they’ll think I’m a weirdo……and weirdos aren’t allowed within ten meters of beautiful girls.

Having remained silent until now, Saki emerged from my shadow sometime during my greeting without me realizing. She placed both her hands on my right shoulder and peeked her cute head out from behind mine. Oh, she smells nice too.

“I-It’s nice to meet you~ Hono-chan”

An immediate nickname. But by the way Princess, are you fine with your face being so close to mine?

“Got it, Yuu and Sakki right? Nice to meet ya!”

And not minding it at all, Honoka shoots back with her own nicknames for us. Her social skills are high at least.

“Yuu and Sakki are both prim and incredibly pretty though? Are you both nobles?”

“No no, there’s no way that’s the case. Rather, we’re both students just transferring in this year.”

Although for her to call me pretty…….I’m really glad I spent all that time studying up on my appearance before enrolling here.

“L-Like a princess you say~?”


That’s not quite what she said though? 

Although Honoka belted out a loud, “Hoh!” like she only just noticed.

“Yeah, like that! Saki is a princess!”

“Uhehehe~ I’m a princess~”

Par for the course, Princess Saki became completely wrapped up in herself. She brought her hands up to her cheeks and began wriggling right there on the spot while giggling to herself. I would like her to stop that though because it is uselessly cute. I might end up with astigmatism from how much I’m staring――oh no, this is bad. I’m going to get drunk…….off Saki’s cuteness!

“You’re both kind of interesting. You’re as energetic as me. Or maybe even a little more?”

Honoka grabbed both our hands and began to shake.

“Our friendship will be eternal!”

“Eh, that’s too rash!”

“Too rash~?”



In response to both of my comebacks Honoka opened her mouth wide and drew out the ends of the words while playing the fool. What’s with this girl…….she’s too cute…..

“We get along well anyway, so there it isn’t a big deal! It’s an eight or nine cases out of ten thing?”

“……are you trying to use the saying, ‘it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other’?”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant! Nothing’s going to change even if you double it!”

“I think you are gravely misunderstanding what that saying is supposed to mean.”

I’m shocked over the massive language mistakes being made, but I’m also happy because it’s cute.

However I can’t spend all my time immersed in moe, so I forcibly cut through the fun energy and brought us back to what we were talking about before.

“So did you want to study with us for the time being?”

When I asked though, Honoka’s eyes shot open.

“Ehh!? What what~!? You use ‘boku’ when referring to yourself!? This is my first time seeing something so terrifyingly amazing! Are you actually a crossdressing boy!?”

What an intense response……she was enrolled in this school’s associated junior high right? Were there no girls who ever used ‘boku’ or ‘ore’ here? Have such women been driven out and otherwise exterminated? Could I be part of an endangered species? I have rarity value. Viva la individuality!

“I am not a boy, but people do often make that mistake.”

It would be one thing if I were actually dressed as a man, but I’m dressed in women’s clothing and enrolled in a women’s only school…….I am not a man!

“Well there’s no way I could know with you hiding your boobs.”

Honoka cracked an extra large smile while her hands playfully brought up her hands……

“Ah, you idiot! What are you doing!?”

“Hmm, they don’t feel like fake breasts. I hereby dub you a certified girl!”

“Knock……it off!”

Honoka had shoved her hands underneath my blazer and began feeling up my chest. I quickly grabbed her wrists and shook her off.

“Eek~! She’s got both my hands! She’s a groper!”

“Who!? Hey, which one of us is the groper here!?”

A false accusation against my legitimate self-defense! Terrible! A trumped up charge from a groper!

“Fine, then as payback, maybe I should rub yours until I’m satisfied…….?”

After she managed to break her arms out of my grip, her grin widened even more, and she took a step forward. 

“I don’t mind? Bring it on!”

Honoka stuck out her chest without hesitation. However no matter what I did, I couldn’t feel any kind of swelling or particle of dust from over her blazer…….


“D-……Don’t apologize! Now I look pathetic!”

“But……I forced you to puff out your chest, and it still……sorry”

“Ku……even though I’m the one who got to rub boobs, I still feel like I’ve lost……”

Honoka’s hands and knees fell to the floor depressed. Meanwhile our princess had begun staring at her fingertips enviously.

“W-What’s wrong? Saki…….”

“Did you want to rub Yuri’s boobs too~?”

“Of course not!”

Uwaa, her sexual harassment is contagious like a germ……troubling.

Anyhow. I took a deep breath and straightened out my clothes. 

“What’s going through your mind sexually harassing someone during your first time meeting……”

“But you didn’t hate it right?”

“It’s not like I normally like it.”

“I was just thinking, ‘This girl looks cool~'”

“Now you want to butter me up?”

“Let’s you and I head out of here!”

“So you’re a pick-up artist?”

“Gehehe, big sis, what color are you panties――”

“And now you’re back to being a molester!”

Haa~. I couldn’t hold back a tired sigh anymore――and then as if she had timed it, Honoka let out her own satisfied sigh at the same time.

“Aha~, I feel great.”

“I’m feeling blue over here…….”

Well having a bright, boisterous girl sounds about right, and I have no qualms playing the straight man. It’s within the realm I can handle too although if it were an ordinary girl, her attitude would almost assuredly put them off.

Just as I was thinking so……

“Really, we get along real well Yuu!”

……an angel descended before me. Even if I’m not a man you might end up causing my heart to stop if you show off such a broad, full-faced smile like that. An arrow shot straight through my heart. Who is out here shooting arrows around?

But even if she is an absurd ditz, her cuteness gets a gold star for a perfect score. Aah, a wonderful, high-energy beautiful girl.

1. Here and later on she keeps trying (and failing) to mix in English words into what she’s saying. 

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