Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 3


Episode 3: Class President

“Everyone, get into your seats.”

After receiving an inside look at the real Saki, the door at the front of the classroom slid open, and a beautiful teacher walked over to the podium. So schools for young ladies even have beautiful teachers……I guess I just have to accept it. This is heaven. I’m in heaven. A truck must’ve hit me while I was on my way to school, and now here I am in heaven.

While I was pondering on what to do in my own personal afterlife, 

“Ufufu, found you.”

Saki muttered something under her breath while staring fixedly towards the front.

“Eh, what was that?”

“Nothing? Nothing at all~. I was just saying the teacher’s here?”

When I asked her what she said, Saki brushed my question aside with her bright and shining princess smile. What is this…….she’s so mesmerizing……..

“I will be the one in charge of your class. Shibuya Kaede. It’s nice to meet you all. Starting off, I need to tell you that the entrance ceremony for the university section held a couple days ago was incredibly difficult for me. So while I feel bad for doing this your first day of school, I have to hand out a proficiency test you will have to take.”

Her self-introduction was decent, but with the sudden announcement of a test as soon as class begins, I prepared myself for a flurry of objections from my classmates…….but contrary to what I expected, everyone gracefully accepted their test papers without complaint. Is the difference between commoners like me and well-bred elites really this great?

As the class straightened out our seats in anticipation for the test, Saki leaned over from her spot and whispered into my ear.

“Let’s do our best Yuri.”

“Right, let’s aim for a high score.”

Saki held out both her hands to mimic a fighting pose. How is this possible? How could my sweet princess be this cute…….? I need to do my best for her sake……..not that my scores would affect her in any way.



“Geez~, I’m so tired~”


I lifted my head off my desk and quietly groaned into the air.

My brain had been running in overdrive, so my entire body felt drained as a result. We were now entering fourth period with periods one through three each involving us taking a test concerning three of the major subjects. The schedule was a bit weird with the opening ceremony being held after the first three periods, but now that all of that is out of the way, we are rolling into the afternoon and our homeroom class meeting.

“Are there any questions on what I have explained so far? If not, then it is finally time to decide on our class president and vice-president.”

After giving a rough explanation for our schedules during the day, our teacher proceeded to committee talk.

Her voice was firm as she explained the job of each role. She sounded so cool, and it helped greatly with waking myself up.

By the way, apparently this period is going to be abbreviated as LHR. Short for long homeroom…….so cool. Until now I didn’t understand if this was supposed to be a simple morning assembly or a comprehensive meeting, but now that we’ve named it…….wait no, calling it LHR doesn’t clear up anything for me does it?

“Hey hey~”

Someone in the seat next to me poked my shoulder, and I responded with a soft, “Hm?” to show her I was listening. Even the way she tries grabbing my attention is cute…….this world is unfair! If the world is really going to bestow this unfair level of cuteness onto one person, the least it can do is have that one person shower me with their cuteness! In other words, hurry up and join my yuri harem!

“I was thinking about running for class president~ Would you mind becoming my vice-president Yuri?”

Of course I would! But I didn’t say that out loud, instead opting for a more coy, “Hmm” strategy. If I am together with her, even that troublesome committee work would end up feeling like a precious memory of my youth.

Yes, this is a golden opportunity for me to get close to her. An ultra good value offer. And how lucky am I to have her inviting me!? No regrets!

“Is it no good……..?”

I was spending so much time doing guts poses inside my head that I ended up making Saki feel anxious because of how long I was taking to answer. That look she’s giving me should be against the rules though………

“All right……you’ve sold me……! Of course I’ll do it!”


“I would love to spend time together with a cute girl like Saki, so I would be more than happy to.”

“C-Cute…….what are you saying~!?”

She playfully slapped my shoulders to hide her embarrassment. It hurt, but it wasn’t an unpleasant pain…… Could I possibly be an M?

With this I can confirm though that Saki is really weak to being called cute. But thinking about it more deeply, we only met each other today, so maybe I’m playing this a bit too straightforwardly? ……..No, maybe this is just right after all. Saki is a bit of a happy-go-lucky person. I’m willing to play your game, my princess. 

After what I said, Saki had started giggling to herself with her hands pressed against her cheeks. She kept repeating something almost akin to a chant, “Yun yun yun yun” under her breath as her soft, fluffy hair flowed through the air because of her playfully shaking her head back and forth. I’m not sure what exactly is the purpose of using her coquettish voice to chant something like that, but I can feel it purifying my heart. Perhaps instead of a princess, she’s actually a celestial maiden. 

The sound of someone tapping on a desk filled the room as I chuckled at my own joke.

“You two back there, you’re being too noisy! You should be silently listening! Or are you volunteering? Nobody else has raised their hands, so you’re looking to be our class representatives?”

Oops……of course we’d get scolded with as much noise as we’re making in the back of the room…….although I expected something like this to happen, so it isn’t a problem.

“Yes! I volunteer to be the vice-president!”

“Ah……and I volunteer to be the president!”

“Oh……okay. Then I will ask you two to organize the class from now on.”

Our teacher was a little flustered after receiving a response she wasn’t expecting, but she quickly returned to her pressed look and invited us up to the front. “You can start now” is what she said. Saki and I shared a look, but we quickly rose up from our seats.

“President……we did it.”

“Don’t worry. As your vice-president, I will protect you.”

The high-spirited me. It’d be a mistake to just think of me as support. I can already see her admiration rising up from my words. Ah, she really is simple-minded. A wonderful princess with wonderful energy.

And so with Saki and I becoming the president and vice-president, it was time to form our parliament.

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