Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 7


Episode 7: First Fight


Saki cleared her throat while I was wrapped up with the fascinating smiling angel. Not good, I left her alone…….

“You wanted our help……studying yes?”

Saki tilted her head to the side and sweetly brought us back on target. Scary…….even though you’re smiling princess, you’re scaring me……

“T-That’s right. Can you?”

“Ah, but~. There will be supplementary lessons in a couple days, so won’t Hono-chan be fine with those?”

“Ohh Noo! Troubling anguish oh no! Supplementary lessons alone won’t cut it!”

Oh NO!? Poor sweet Honoka! How could you suddenly reject her like this Saki!?

“If you are worried that supplementary lessons won’t be enough, I guess that means you aren’t too confident in the basics…….what was your score?”

“Zero points!”

“”Eh?”” My voice harmonized with Saki’s. 

“Which test did you get zero points on?”

“All of them!”


Saki was just as amazed as I was and didn’t utter a single sound in response. Hmm, super rare image get! ……was unfortunately not the case as I had to cement this look of hers into my memory instead.

“But you received perfect scores, yet you’re already talking about working even harder? Any kind of check mark would be a fool to try and mark your papers like this! Amazing! Could you both be heroes!?”

“No, what kind of useless heroes would that make us? We would immediately give up without being able to resolve a children’s quarrel if that was our only power…… Honoka, were you really unable to solve any of these problems?”

“Not exactly. I looked over the test for about five minutes, and when I decided it was impossible, I took a nap.”

“So you gave up almost immediately…….”

Mentally speaking, she’s pretty strong in another sense…… However, I cannot afford to let this cute, ditzy girl go. Because she is a beautiful girl!

“I can teach you for the time being, so let’s start from the very beginning.”



Unfortunately Saki seemed to have a problem with my decision.

“Is something wrong?”

“I was just thinking I should head home. I am sure your help would be more than enough for Hono-chan.”

“Ah, hold on a minute!”

Saki was about to reach for her bag, so I hurriedly cut her off. What is this? All my harem members have to be good friends with each other. Like hell am I giving up on my harem plan this early in the game!

“What is it Yuri?”

Saki must be a tsundere. Judging by her flickering sideways glances, I’m sure she wanted me to stop her like this. Now how do I improve her mood…….what do I say……

“I need you”

What the hell was that~!? You idiot~! Why would I think that was my best move when we’re in the middle of an argument!?


Why is it working!? This girl definitely just wanted to do some couple play! Okay, let’s just calm down! Right! Breath in, breath out! Use the deep breathing exercises you know!

“Ah–, look here–”

Honoka with the lifeline. Now, how is she going to convince Saki…….?”

“Yuu alone is good enough to teach me”

And she’s just adding fuel to the fire!

Saki raised her eyebrows and met her gaze with Honoka’s upturned eyes.

“Wha~t was that~? Hono-chan. You’re saying you’ll take Yuri from me~?”

And then moved directly in front of Honoka.


“You said you were returning home. We’ll be peacefully studying together, so how about meekly disappearing?”

“Both of you calm down!”

Their glares were locked between each other.  Oops, the first fight this early……? Where did I mess up……
The hustle and bustle of the classroom sounded a world away. Sparks and crackles flew between them. Ah, will my yuri harem dream really end before it could even begin……?

While I was busy trying to figure out where I went wrong, the sound of a deep breath cut through the tension.



Honoka abruptly began laughing with Saki softly giggling alongside her.


Hmmm? What happened? What spurred this development?

“Ah geez~, putting on a charade as soon as we meet. I knew we would get along.”

“Pretend fight~”

Both of them gave me the same harmonized smirk. Huh? Huhuh?

“What’s wrong Yuu? Your mouth is hanging open?”

“You two……weren’t you just not getting along?”

“It’s all your fault though~. Saying such a crappy line”

“O-Oh. So it was wrong……”

I suddenly felt exhausted after hearing Honoka’s answer. Well, I also thought randomly saying that kind of line out of nowhere was ridiculous. So I guess it’s fine so long as they really were just acting……

“It was fun when I realized what was going on.”

“Really, play-fights are good every now and then.”


Saki and Honoka grasped each other’s hands and playfully jumped in place while agreeing with each other. However if you suddenly start up like that, my heart is liable to stop from the cuteness, so if you could show me some pity…….


“But Saki is right. It would be a bit embarrassing to need two people to teach one person, so I’ll go grab a helper.”

We soon got a new proposal from Honoka. I’m not sure it makes much sense for the student to be grabbing a helper……well who cares about the details so long as it’s a beautiful girl?

Honoka sprinted to the front of the classroom, and just as I was registering that she was talking to a girl whose seat was at the front of the classroom, she was forcing the girl up to her feet and dragging her back here. That girl was……

“This girl failed too, so please take good care of us–”

The girl squirmed in place, and I immediately recognized those dewy eyes hidden by bangs as belonging to our class’s secretary, Otori.

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36 thoughts on “Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 7

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! As I expected, they’re really cute. I get the feeling that Yuri isn’t hiding her plans as well as she thinks, but that’s part of the fun! She’s shaping up to be a great harem lead! (Also, Otori is already my fav character somehow lmao)

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  2. I think it may end up with polymorphy relationship because if I understand correctly, Yuri isn’t the only one want to have a Harem realm for her own. Saki seems to have a plan ax well. 😱


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