Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 11


Episode 11: Skin Lotion

The following day after overcoming a number of turbulent yuri encounters with several beautiful girls. 


On my way to the classroom, somebody came up from behind and hit my left shoulder. 

“Oh, mor……ning…….?”

Even though it’s only been a single day, I could tell who it was just from her voice and the energy she put in her words. I’m positive that no matter what kind of unique group she finds herself in, she would stand out as an exceptionally bright character――――.

But when I turned to my left, nobody was there.


“Over here~”

This time I heard the voice coming from my right, so I turned that way,


“Ahaha~! Got ya~!”

and felt something sink into my cheek. It was the old trick of having someone turn their heads into an outstretched finger, and I fell right for it. …… she an elementary school student!? So cute!

“…….that hurt, Honoka.”

“Oh ho!? You have yet to see my face, yet my identity has already been revealed!? Is this ninjutsu!?”

“No, I could tell by your voice……”

Her high energy is outstanding even this early in the morning. But that’s one of the things that makes her cute. So cute!


“Good morning~”

“G-Good morning……”

Honoka belted out her greeting as soon as she walked into the classroom, and Saki and Yuzuriha cheerfully greeted her back――has Yuzurin naturally begun opening her heart already………? I was a bit worried about that, but it looks like it’s still smooth sailing towards my yuri harem!

“Good morning. What are you two doing?”

Yuzuriha was sitting in Saki’s seat, so I got curious.

“Ah, Yuri~ Well, don’t you think it’s a waste that Yuzu doesn’t use any product even though she’s so pretty? That’s why I wanted to teach her how to take care of her skin~”

“Hoh, really?”

I looked over at Yuzuriha. 

“Yes…… The dark demon’s spiritual assault…….is preventing the acne on my forehead from healing……”

“I see”

I feel like I heard something unsettling just now.

“It’s easy to get acne when your skin is dry. But Yuzu doesn’t do anything to take care of your skin…….do you?”

Shaking her head, Saki pulled out a can from her bag and sprayed something into her hands. She looks like she’s having fun and is excited to get started. That’s really cute right? 

“Hoh! Is that skin lotion? Bringing something like that to school, just how high is your girl power?”

Honoka’s excitement rose over Saki’s dedication to good skin care.

“Because I hate feeling like my skin is dry. That is why I never leave home without it.”

“Eh, you always have it with you? Your girl power really really is high. I could stand to learn from you too.”

“Yuu gets it! Your girl power is tremendously high~!”

“N-Nonsense~ This much is normal……eheheh”

After consecutive praises from us, Saki clasped her hands together in front of her chest and tilted her head. Sly! But it’s good!

“Here~ Yuzu. Look this way~”

Returning to the matter at hand, Saki brought up her hands to Yuzuriha’s face as if she were comforting a child. Yuzuriha sat there motionless in Saki’s seat, quietly watching as Saki began. 

“Excuse me for a bit~”

Pinning up Yuzuriha’s bangs, Saki began kneading the skin lotion into Yuzuriha’s face. Watching from the side, Honoka popped in a question. 

“Heh~ So you don’t spray it directly onto her face?”

“W-Well I think this is the correct way to use it. And I am reluctant to spray something directly into another girl’s face……”

“I-It’s okay…….Saki. I, trust you……”

“I understand”

Yuzuriha closed her eyes, giving the worried Saki permission to spray the lotion directly on her face! Hold on Yuzurin, maybe you’re trusting Saki a little too much? Is it because she’s a beautiful woman? Is it because she’s a super beautiful princess of a woman?

Saki sprayed on the lotion while Yuzurin’s eyes were still closed. It feels strange since they aren’t using ordinary liquid skin lotion or soaking it in cotton. 

To begin with it’s a delicate matter leaving your skin to another person, and while I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to see any lotion application yuri yuri, this was nice in its own way……..

“Any blemishes?”

“I-It’s all right……”

Yuzuriha even seems to trust Saki with her more personal matters as well. This kind of close relationship established after a single day of breaking down personal barriers…… Isn’t this extremely rare amongst girls who are usually much more guarded? I can’t stop grinning.

“All right, okay~!”

Soon after Saki was finished, Yuzuriha’s stiff expression began to slacken. She looked honestly relieved after the spray had been used over her entire face.

“T-Thank you”

“Your welcome~”

Yuzuriha smiled while looking down at the ground. Even if it is hard to understand what she is feeling because of her bashful stammering, I think that clumsy yet innocent smile of hers does more than enough to express her feelings.

“Mm. Somehow, Yuzu looks even more cute.”

and why did I have to add on that pointless addition? Even after all that time I spent practicing complimenting girls at home, I’m starting to seriously worry I might just be terrible at it…….


Yuzurin’s voice was even quieter than it was before, and her white cheeks turned a vibrant red. Her cuteness is downright mesmerizing. 

However I failed to notice that standing next to her, Saki was looking a bit sullen.

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