Grimoire Master Ch. 159


Chapter 15
Section 9: Voiceless Voice

Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. 

Like a dance beat, the sound of metallic heels passing over the stone floor echoed around us. Compared to last time though, the sound was a bit more disorderly. 

Judging from the reverberation of the sound, I’m guessing we’re in a fairly large room. I looked around us, but our light wasn’t capable of reaching the walls. In that case the room is likely to be more than a 100 meters long from end to end. 

Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. 

[Toslin]: “Oi Carol. This sound……is it terribly familiar to you too?”

[Carol]: “Mm, there are two gnome golems . They’re slowly walking this way, but they don’t have those lights in their chests this time.

Last time the battle started after a bright light suddenly pierced the darkness and made it so we couldn’t see anything from the front. 

Back then, I managed to fight light with light by summoning Unicorn, but I guess that won’t be necessary this time around?

[Saluena]: “Then, will we have enough light?”

Our current sources of light are Phoeniko, Plushie Unicorn, and Lapris. In total we could probably light up about 50 meters around us–more than enough to deal with two gnome golems.

[Rose]: “Let us leave it to Iris-san, Sally-oneesama.”

[Iris]: “Yeah, I have this.”

Toslin and Rose-san took the front with Toslin drawing her sword and Rose-san raising her shield.

[Lapris]: “…….no, wait for a bit”

But that was when Lapris stopped us from getting a preemptive strike. 

[Toslin]: “Eh, what’s with you Lapris? Wait? Wait for what?”

[Carol]: “Yeah~, there’s something weird going on. Like Lapris says, we should wait and see.”

Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. Kakon. 

………on! Gashon!!

[Iris]: “––!?”

Eh, what…….was that sound?

I could hear something else mixed in with the footsteps, but I couldn’t see anything yet. 

However Carol wasn’t hampered by that particular problem.

[Carol]: “The golems……are both broken and tattered.”

[Lapris]: “These things had a ton of mana the last time we were here, but this time I can barely see anything.”

[Toslin]: “Then, they’re dying?”

[Carol]: “Looks like it”

[Rose]: “How did they get like that?”

[Carol]: “Can’t tell”

Rose-san and Toslin tilted their heads, but in response to their questions, all Carol could do was tilt her head as well. 

Kakon. Kak…….Gasha…….

Kakon…….Kasha, Kon, Kreeeeeeeeeee………”

[Iris]: “Ah……”

The noise kept getting closer and closer to us until finally the gnome golems stepped into the light.

However as soon as they did, one of the golem’s legs snapped in half, and the entire thing came crashing forward.


[Litzreich]: “…….what is going on? Did they accidentally trigger one of the dungeons traps?”

[Ashel]: “That is a possibility, but……..both of them?”

Litzreich and Ashel kept a close eye on the situation while being prepared to move at any time.

The other gnome golem turned to its fallen sister. It reached out a hand as if to help it up, but that golem’s leg broke in half as well. 

Crack………CRACRASH!! BumBumBumBum……..

Once the body hit the ground, its arm snapped off as well and rolled a short distance away.

[Iris]: “Ah, the gnome is coming out!”

As I wondered what would happen, the lens over the golem’s stomach swung out and a little gnome crawled out.

Last time we were here the gnomes were able to escape right away, so I wasn’t able to get a good look at them. This time though they were in center view.

Her body was about the same size as Lapris’s. It was a young-looking girl who was wearing an old-fashioned dress and had shoulder length black hair.

The first thought in my head when I saw her was that I wanted to give her a hug.

The little gnome rushed over to the other golem and began hitting her hand against the lens in its torso. The entire time, she kept looking back, concerned about something further in the dungeon.

[Carol]: “So, uh……..what should we do?”

[Toslin]: “Whatever the situation…….they’re our enemies, and we have to beat them……..”

Toslin scratched her cheek while answering Carol. However whatever she says, you could tell from her voice that she was hesitating.

[Lapris]: “Yosh, then get to it!”

Needless to say it was Lapris who was arrogantly giving out orders despite the current situation.

[Toslin]: “……hey, what do you think Saluena?”

Toslin swiped Lapris off of Goldmund’s head before asking Saluena’s opinion. 

[Lapris]: “Wha-, hey…….you, put me down, let go! You want to fight, you trying to start a fight!?”

[Saluena]: “Right. Normally we would defeat any spirits as soon as we come across them……..”

[Rose]: “But Oneesama. The situation certainly seems different compared to last time.”

[Saluena]: “You are right. And the fact that the golems have been destroyed worries me. Therefore, I would like to recommend a wait and see approach as well.”

Waiting……in other words, sit back and watch. I’m very reluctant to attack a girl who isn’t threatening me, so I can agree with that.

[Carol]: “That’s not going to work. We don’t have the time to wait and see.”

Carol’s ears were twitching.

[Carol]: “There’s something else coming from further in. Something incredibly heavy. Golems probably? There’s……one, two, three, four……..a lot of them.”

[Lapris]: “Oi. Can’t you do a proper count?”

Still struggling in Toslin’s grip, Lapris sounded a bit scared.

[Carol]: “No, I tried. But halfway through it got to the point where it felt pointless to keep counting. That’s how many of them there are.”

[Lapris]: “…….seriously?”

The one gnome kept beating her fist against the other fallen golem’s lens. However, when the sound of the approaching golems reached her ears, she froze in place and stared at the back of the dungeon.

[Litzreich]: “Perhaps…….they’re being attacked?”

[Ashel]: “It seems so.”

Litzreich formed a hypothesis, and Ashel nodded her head.

[Iris]: “Ah, the gnome is coming over here!!”

Eventually the gnome pursed her lips and began running towards us. She desperately pumped her short legs to try and get close to us.

Tep, Tep, Tep, Tep, Tep, Tep……..

[Saluena]: “Stay alert, Rosa”

[Rose]: “Yes!!”

We didn’t drop our guards.

However after getting within a certain distance, a message carved into a stone slab like a lithograph larger than the gnome’s body appeared above her head. Standing on her tiptoes, the gnome began frantically waving her hands towards us. 


[Iris]: “――!?”

I immediately turned to Saluena after reading her message.

[Iris]: “Let’s help!!”

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