Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 12


Episode 12: How About Lunch?

Our fun morning continued on with Honoka taking advantage of everyone being preoccupied with the skin lotion to surprise me by throwing her arms around my neck and demanding a piggyback ride. 

We’ve been able to quickly build up our friendships, and we have established links with each other through the studying help and by walking around the school together. If I had to list any problems it would be the languid feeling I get whenever I think about how we’ll be in the full swing of our classes starting tomorrow.

But school is well worth it if it means I get to meet beautiful girls every day!

Currently we were welcoming in the lunch break. My eternal thanks to our homeroom teacher, (who I have yet to figure out whether she is straight-laced or laidback), for letting us out of our fourth period class early. Let’s enjoy my lunch with a group of beautiful girls!

“How about lunch?”

Honoka walked back to us from the front of the classroom while pulling Yuzuriha along. I could probably learn something from her overbearing attitude that makes it seem natural that we would all eat together. Although, maybe this is how normal girls usually are? I’ve been by myself for a while, so my understanding of how women interact with each other is a little weak……..

With zero experience hanging out with friends, I’m still aiming for a yuri harem……..yeah, I know how foolish that sounds.

“I brought a bento, so should we eat in the cafeteria?”

“I also have a bento, so I guess I’m matching with Saki. What are you two eating?”

Liking Saki’s cafeteria plan, I alternated my gaze between Yuzuriha and Honoka.


“Bento~! No need to visit the school store for me~”

I see, then we’re splendidly unified.

“Then let’s head down to the cafeteria and eat together.”


There, we had the rare event of Yuzuriha speaking up.

“Oh ho! Yuzurin has something to say!”

“How rare for Yuzu~”

“Not that it’s a problem of course. So, what is it?”

In just a day Yuzurin’s bashful image may have become a bit too defined……I think about following up with her later as I ask her opinion.

“I…..was thinking……we could eat in the classroom…….”

“Oh? You want to stick to our desks~? Is it that? Ish thut!”

“Your words are slurring together.”


“What are you saying!?”

Honoka raised both her thumbs in accordance with Saki’s tsukkomi. Is this the play fighting…….? How fun……!? 

I glanced around the classroom as they were doing that and wondered what we should do.

“Hmm, I don’t think we’ll be able to move any desks.”


Where did that accent come from Honoka……? Anyways, analyzing the situation for the best possible solution…….would be a hassle, so let’s just push our two desks together. That’d be easiest. 

“Two people to a desk with one person sitting in the front and the other one at the back. We’ll sit here at my and Saki’s desks since we’re in the back corner and shouldn’t get in anyone’s way.”

“Booyah~ Then I’ll go grab some chairs!”

Honoka quickly rushed back to her desk with Yuzuriha closely following behind……it kind of looks like Yuzurin is her pet. The way she’s lightly following behind… this the birth of Yuzurin Rabbit?

However after they both picked up their chairs, Honoka ran back here on her own.

“First place!”

“No, it wasn’t a race.”

I threw in my comeback as Honoka planted her chair down on the ground. At least she’s having fun which is the most important thing.

After we settled down, the three of us watched as Yuzurin struggled carrying back her own chair. 

“Somebody should probably go help her~”

“You’re right.”

Agreeing with Honoka I raised my voice and asked Yuzuriha if she was okay, but she responded that she was all right and even sped up a bit. We weren’t trying to rush you though. 
I’d take it back if I could.

“T-Thanks for…….”

After swaying all the way here, Yuzuriha finally arrived with her chair……

But then――!


The three of us almost jumped out of her skin as a loud bang echoed through the room.


“Are you okay Yuzu!?”


Honoka, me, and Saki all shouted out. The other girls still inside the classroom raised their own worried murmurs. What had happened? I think Yuzuriha’s foot got caught in a desk’s leg. She tripped and fell a single step away from our seats.


Yuzuriha looked like she was about to cry. I quietly pulled away the chair that had gotten tangled in her legs after she dropped it.

“Are you hurt!? Is anything broken!?”

After I pulled the chair away, Saki got down and began checking up on Yuzuriha’s legs. 

“A few scrapes……but otherwise okay. Let’s get you to the infirmary anyway just to be safe.”

Yuzuriha groaned as she gently rubbed her sore legs, but she quickly nodded to Saki’s suggestion.

“I’m part of the health committee, so I’ll take you!”

Honoka bent over and lent Yuzuriha a shoulder to help her to her feet.

But then, 

“Too troublesome for you people to apologize, is it?”

An icy rebuke fell from the girl quietly reading a book and sitting at the desk next to the fallen Yuzuriha.

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