Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 41

Episode 41: Braided Pigtails

I’ll admit to being curious about Sensei’s past with the previous club, but I decided to set that aside for now and made my way over to the classroom. It has hit that sweet spot in the morning when most of the other students are arriving at school as well. The hallways are overflowing with girls chatting together.

Because they are all young ladies, it was like looking over a field of flowers……so pretty…….

At the far end of the hallway, I found my classmates Akane and Aoi openly hitting on some of the girls……they’re amazing……

I might be aiming for that cool, handsome girl image, but there is no fully emulating those straight features and devil’s tongues. I’m the kind of person who has to start from a close friendship and work my way up.

I walked into the classroom and greeted the other early birds in my class like usual.

“How do you do?”

“Ah, Yuriha. How do you do? Having a good morning?”

“Hmm~, I’m not much of a morning person, but seeing your beautiful face has brushed away my gloom.”

“W-What kind of jest are you making…….”

“Come now, what makes you so sure I was joking? Fufufu”

I answered with a smile before gliding over to my seat. On my way over, I made sure to say hello to my more timid classmates as well. I always start off with clear, direct greetings when I start speaking to someone new. If my classmate doesn’t seem to have any problem with it, I will try to get close to her with a joke or some humorous banter. Then if I get a favorable response, I will try and slowly become closer to them little by little. This is how I am making myself friends with everyone else in the class.

I am making a concerted effort to make sure I get along with people outside of my friend group. That is the more popular students tend to be better liked by girls…… the working theory I thought up from watching other people’s friend groups back in middle school.

Honestly, I think it is a ridiculous line of thinking because I love liking everyone. And so long as you like yourself, can’t you be confident that other people will like you as well? …….But if it means living my yuri life in this school for young ladies, then I will use whatever psychological phenomenon I can think of no matter how ridiculous it is.

Saki walked into class shortly after I sat down at my desk. Not good, did she see me? Her eyes are slightly narrowed……is she suspecting me? Now that I’m in a position where she might have a crush on me, I don’t want to make it look like I’m too interested in other girls…….

“How do you do Saki? Did you braid your hair yourself and put them into pigtails? It is insanely cute—”

“Oh, you think~?”

So I took the initiative. Saki gave me a spin to show off her new pigtails……..Aah~! Cute—!”

Her fluffy, princess hairstyle was great, but this arrangement is cute too……it’s a look that would never look good on me and would be bothersome to even try, but admiring a hairstyle I love on other people is really nice too…….

Which is why I immediately moved to praise her hair! Plus 5 points! ……..for no reason! The change is so easy to appreciate that I almost wish I had praised it some more……There it is! I am terrible at complimenting people! It is my biggest weakness! Like this, Saki is going to think I see this hairstyle as no different from yesterday’s……..

Mm. But, Saki should have gone to a hairdresser to have her hair done up just before school started for her high school debut. Yet she is already messing up her hair…….? Or is this me making assumptions again……….

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