Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 42


Episode 42: Saki and Colored Contacts

While I was wondering what made Saki want to change her hairstyle out of nowhere, she suddenly let out a sharp “Ah!” as one of her eyes began rapidly fluttering closed.

“Ow~! My contacts~!”

“A-Are you okay!? Do you have any eye drops!?”

“Inside the pouch~”

Saki held her purse out for me. Hmhm, this is my chance to show her my cool side!

I quickly dug through her purse, musing how the lump of make-up inside perfectly symbolized the difference in femininity between us as looked around for her eye drops. Yeah, I’m going to have to be extra careful to not accidentally give her any nail polish remover. Better double check these labels.

“Take a breath and turn your head up this way. Okay, can you hold the eye that’s bothering you open?”

Lifting up Saki’s chin with one hand…….I brought my face right in front of hers to get a closer look.


One of her eyes was watering up, and her cheeks had become flushed a bright red. Super cute. Or not. Her eye is already looking a little congested. It doesn’t look seem she has any makeup on her face, so it should be fine for me to touch……

“I’ve put in the eye drops, so you are good to close your eye now.”


Saki let slip a cute voice as she shut her irritated eye.

“It was probably scraping……”

“Ah, that feels so much better.”

“That’s good. Although, are those new colored contacts? They’re cute, but if they don’t fit right, you should probably take them out……”

“Y-Yeah~……You’re right……I suppose I should do just that.”

It sounds like we were able safely solve everything……good work, congratulations all around…….

“Yuriha, you looked used to that. Do you like to wear colored contacts too?”

I’ve been asked a dangerous question. But it was an honest one, so I’ll give her an honest answer.

“Well, there was a time where I was trying to get used to them, but I could never get over my nervousness putting them in…… Ah, what I told you just now is a secret. Because it’s not cool!”

“Huh~? What should I do~?”

“Stop it Saki~ But, isn’t it hard for you to have to put them in every morning? It always took me several minutes.”

“…….Isn’t that because of how small your eyes are?”

“T-They’re not small! Everyone else’s are just so big!”

I mean, I’ve already started to realize the truth myself…….but by offering a piece of myself, I was able to achieve my true goal of making her laugh. No, I’m not just saying that after the fact to make myself feel better. And my eyes aren’t small.

Saki moved to remove her colored contacts while I sat back in my seat. 

If I managed to score even a few points with her over this, then I’ll call it a win.

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