Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 43


Episode 43: Cooking Class Group

Saki’s eyes had settled, probably because she had removed her contacts, and she was giving her full attention to the lesson at the front of the class. 

I on the other hand was moments away from drowsing off under the sun’s gentle light. Such was the nature of the day’s first class in the morning. I hate how hot it’s been lately, and the sun feels so nice and relaxing today. 

It’s still early April, but I’m worried that if I keep getting hit by direct sunlight like this that I will end up with some weird sunburn on only half my body before the year ends. Then again, the school brochure did say all the windows helped block UV rays, so maybe I’m worrying for nothing. Wait, what am I thinking about?

If it seems like I am finding it a little hard to concentrate on the lecture, it is because I found it difficult to sleep last night because of the hazy feeling I got from Saki being all over Ranko. The only reason I haven’t been overtaken by the sleepiness caused by the swirling black gravitational pull of this ancient script is the counterbalancing nutritional expectation of the day’s home economics class…….my mind is doing loops again……


Ow……? Not really though, but…….what was that? Something hit me.

When I looked up, I caught Ranko’s arm just as she was pulling it back. 

She must’ve thrown something at my forehead.

I turned towards the floor, searching for the projectile between the legs of my chair and found it almost immediately. It was a small lump of paper folded in eighths……

…….oh, is it supposed to be a letter?

My past as a perpetual loner has made me a bit slow on the inner workings of the mechanics behind communication between girls. Honestly, the fact that I’ve been doing as well as I have so far is nothing short of a miracle to me.

Shoot, this isn’t the time to be patting myself on the back. Gotta see what she wrote.

“Be in the same group as me for cooking class today.”

Cooking class…….oh, is it around that time already? Even though my eyes are open, everything is a haze. I mean, just because I’m not sleeping doesn’t mean my mind has to be here…….

I took another look at the note. Yep, she really did write, “Be in the same group as me.” I wonder why that girl feels like she always needs to use that authoritative tone. But thinking about it another way, she took the trouble to directly spike this note into my face. So she is okay being together with me――. This is what it looks like when high-handedness mixes with meekness. While she is still getting used to the other girls, I’m guessing she sees me as the compassionate friend. That makes me happy. For now at least, I’ve hit the starting line. 

In that case, I should……

I tapped Ranko’s right shoulder, and before she could turn around, instead of handing her a note――――



I scribbled my reply with my finger on her back. The moment I began tracing the letters, Ranko caught her breath and a shiver ran up her spine.  Even though she never turned around, I can tell by how bright red her ears are how embarrassed she was. Ara~! It’s a good thing she didn’t turn around because I might’ve spouted a nosebleed fountain from cuteness overload. The famous Merlion would’ve had nothing on me! Assuming I didn’t immediately die of blood loss of course!

Back to the point though, Ranko is just too adorable! Mm~, let’s just get married already!

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