Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 45

Episode 45: A Calm Girl

After home economics is math, and that came to a close quick enough. During our break, Honoka and Yuzuriha came back to our corner of the classroom like always as if it were something we had all agreed upon beforehand. On their way back however, Ranko was giving Honoka a clearly mocking look. I didn’t really mind it too much because she looked absolutely beautiful and cute doing it, but it is obvious she is going to start something…….

“Honoka, you were chewed out pretty thoroughly back there. You look ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous? Are you sure you don’t mean calm and gentle?”

“An amazingly calm numbskull maybe…….”

This ditzy girl is giving an absolutely shameless answer. It’s like her head is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Her head is in the clouds where the weather is always calm and peaceful.

“Just listen—. This plastic board is incredibly calming. Don’t you hear it? Maybe if everyone does it then?”

Honoka was carrying a plastic board in her hands that we use as an underlay to write notes on. And just like she says, using both of her palms together with the board, she is able to make an incredibly calming sound. She’s also able to look incredibly cute while doing it, but…….

“I understand how you feel, but it’s distracting in class, so maybe you shouldn’t?”


“Was that supposed to be the noise you hear from sex appeal scenes on tv?”


Why is she so good at that……..has she been practicing?

Putting aside the moan for now. The reason why we’re talking about this issue to begin with is because Honoka kept making these calming noises with the plastic board in the middle of class, and the teacher got mad and yelled at her. Ranko thought it was so hilarious that she ended up snorting halfway through the tirade.

“You weren’t listening to the class at all. You messed up answering such a simple formula.”

“Cause I’m curling up inside. Curling right up at these! Speaking of, your hair’s so curly Yuu, but lessons don’t curl you up!”

“No, my hair is naturally this curly, but that doesn’t have anything to do with this?”

I’d rather you describe my hair as soft and fluffy anyway. If you say my hair is curly with how short it is, you’re going to make it sound like my hair is frizzy……..

“Don’t think it’s that easy to change the subject Honoka. You were still spacing out in class.”

“Ugh……I thought I’d tricked you…….”

Ranko and I slapped away Honoka’s best attempt at deceit. But while Ranko and I were shaking our heads, Saki and Yuzuriha had tilted their heads to the side.

“Curl……and then hair……..?”

“I get it~ Curl, like curling up into a ball right?”¹

“Curl as in a crash! ……..Oh yeah! Like curling your arm and crashing some cymbals, timpani, or tambourine! …..CraCrash! …….BaBum! Chaka Chaka!”

“What…….? This time…….”

“Huh!? It was obviously the sound cymbals, timpani, and tambourines make!”

“How am I supposed to know…….”

If I had to say, I guess those instruments sound something like what she just said……but it doesn’t change the fact that this girl might be a little too free-spirited.

Well, I like how unique she is. It’s honestly kind of surprising that I never get tired of this.

While I was dealing with Honoka, Ranko cleared her throat and raised up one of her fingers in preparation for giving an explanation to Saki and Yuzuriha. Cute.

“The word ‘curls’ certainly refers to someone with a natural perm, but it can also represent a form of panic attack. Honoka is using it to represent the latter…….. Huh…….? Was there any kind of attack though………?”

“You bet there was! An attack of inspiration as I did a live board concert at my desk! Hehen!”

“Focus on class!”

“Kyaa!? The whip of love from Yuu~!? ……..Ouchy!”

Honoka was proudly holding her head up high over her neglectful behavior, so I gave her a quick karate chop to the top of it. If she is going to so whole heartedly slack off, I should give an equal amount of effort into disciplining her. It’s because of the little entertainer who lives inside me that I’m all for being part of the show though.

“Wah— Yuu hit me on the head— I put all that hard work into learning the official way to make curry, and now it’s lost forever—”

“Mix it, you mix it! And you never learned how to make real curry in the first place…….”

Even though she couldn’t answer the simplest of questions before……she was stumped by a very simple formula. The teacher didn’t seem to think much of it, but it is making me more than a little anxious.

“Honoka, real quick. 13 + X = 17. What does X equal?”

“Eh~ Where are you pulling 13 and 17 out from~? How am I supposed to know~?”

“That’s a problem you’d find in early middle school……”

“We’re a long way off from factorization……”

Honoka gave up on Ranko’s problem almost immediately. You’re just confused because they’re prime numbers right? There’s no reason for me to be worried, right?

“4! I know that one! Maybe I have a future in mathematics……”

“…….good. Well done”

Yuzuriha on the other hand confidently solved the problem after thinking about it for a second. Seeing her like that, I had to give her a pat on the head……not that I get it though. Is solving such a simple problem really something to be so proud about…….?

1. I am jumping hoops to make this pun work, but I will not be beaten!

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