Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 46

Episode 46: Changing Clothes for PE

I peered over at my classmates while they chatted with each other in one corner of the gym out of the corner of my eye. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find any of my beautiful friends among them. A growing dread was creeping its way into my heart with each step I took closer to the locker room door. Perhaps they’re not…..

“You’re late Yuu— What were you doing?”

“Eh……you could have gone ahead before me.”

“It is only natural to wait for your companions. It would not be good…….to leave one out of the group.”


“Indeed~. Together……right?”

“Oh, sure. Thanks”

I really appreciate the moving sentiment…….but since I already told you to go on ahead, I really wish you’d head out and let me change my clothes alone…….! You already finished changing your own clothes before I got here…….and does the, “We’ll wait for you,” apply for people changing clothes?

The entire reason why I waited to enter was because I hate being crowded……

And Saki? Why are your eyes shining like that? Ulterior motives…….? What kind of thoughts are you letting roam around in your little head? 

It was currently right before physical education. I feel kind of embarrassed changing my clothes with everyone else around, so I killed a little time while waiting for everyone else to finish up……but my wonderful friends have killed that plan. 

“Oh, unless, you were messing around in the bathroom before a round of strenuous exercise…….Puhuhuhu…….I guess you are at that age where you….Ouchy! It really hurts!”

“Enough with the off-color humor!”

What is with this air-headed sexual harassment girl……no, I knew Honoka was this type of person from the very beginning…..although the level of sexual harassment is a few grades higher than the last time. 

And yet, I can only ever respond to her like I’m the straight-man in a comedy duo. I give an exaggerated response, but I never punish her for anything she’s said beyond the occasional karate chop to the head. I’m very weak against girls. 

Meanwhile Ranko, who had been quietly standing to the side and frowning at our exchange, opened her mouth. 

“Yuriha, doing that kind of thing at school…..I don’t want to say anything about other people’s hobbies, but it is off-putting.”

“I didn’t! Did you seriously believe her!?”

A critical hit against my reputation! It’s okay because there aren’t any other of our classmates around here, but……!

“What’s up Yuu—? You’re giving me a weird look—”

“No, I was just thinking I need to keep an eye on you Honoka before you say something else…….”

“Keep an eye on me? Like you’ll be watching me? You’re going to watch me while I change my clothes? Oh my~”

“Enough already…….”

This has already taken up a lot of our time, so I decided to let that last one slide. I can’t afford to be late for class. 

Which means, I can’t keep standing leisurely around like this. I moved to the far back of the changing room and tried changing my clothes as fast as I could, but Yuzuriha pulled on the end of my shirt before I could leave. She rose up on her tiptoes to whisper into my ear. Cute. 

“Yuriha’s menstruation…constipation……? Are you all right?”

“No no, nothing of the sort. I never visited the bathroom to begin with. Thanks for worrying though.”

Yes yes. If someone runs off for seemingly no reason for as long as I was gone, that is the kind of worry that would come to mind. Honoka’s sexual harassment is what’s out of the ordinary here. 

“Eh……you mean Yuu, you were doing it somewhere other than in the bathroom……..? Oh my~, so perverted”

“Will you drop it already!?”

Jesus, I’m just going to change my clothes in silence.

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