Grimoire Master Ch. 176

Chapter 16
Section 6: Four-Winged Dragon

[Ashel]: “Impossible……Sanz Wanz!?”

Ashel-sama’s face morphed into something unintelligible. 

Sanz Wanz. I doubt there is a single person in the entire country who doesn’t know that name. 

It is a name that permeates fear across the Van Delucia continent and has gained infamy across other continents as well. 

The Evil Dragon Oshunel. 

One of the ancient king’s generals, a dragon with four wings on its back. 

It was said to have a cunning yet brutal personality with a breath attack far beyond anything any normal dragon could muster. Entire cities were supposedly reduced to ash in seconds in the face of its might. 

Scores of soldiers were killed by Sanz Wanz a thousand years ago during the Illyarian War.

However at the end of the war, its heart was pierced by the sword of the hero Ranroot and the dragon fell. 

When I was on my date with Rose-san, we visited the place where it fell. Sanz Wanz is the busiest boulevard in the capital and bears the dragon’s name because of its historical significance. 

[Iris]: “Sanz Wanz should have been killed a thousand years ago… why…….”

The dragon calling itself Sanz Wans squinted its eyes at me after overhearing my squeaking. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “True, I was beaten by that Ranroot, follower of the evil goddess Illya all those years ago. However, that was just my body. My soul continued to live on, and by the effects of the Grief Sphere, I was put to rest.”

Sanz Wanz’s eyes moved from me to the gnome sisters. 

Rose-san had already begun performing her healing miracle on Linzflare-san. Mippo and Moppo were sitting a short distance away, holding each other as they worriedly watched on. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “A thousand years have passed since then. Although I do not know the cause, my seal was broken, and I returned to this world once again. That was just my soul though. With my body still gone, I had little choice other than sit here and slowly waste away into nothing. But then, those gnomes awoke as well. Fate was truly on my side. So I gave them a simple order. To sacrifice all their mana and build me a new body…….”

A wide grin spread across Sanz Wanz’s maw. Rows of razor sharp teeth peeked out from beneath its lips, and a flickering red tongue slid out from between the gaps. 

[Toslin]: “Rose!! How’s Linzflare!?”

Despite the overwhelming difference in their sizes, Toslin held her ground in front of Sanz Wanz. 

Assuming this is the real Sanz Wanz and its power is undiminished, its strength will be far beyond that of the dragon we faced before. 

Level 40 at least. It could possibly be higher than level 50. 

[Rose]: “…..It’s all right….. I can feel a heartbeat. This one……”

I had prepared myself for the worst when I saw Linzflare-san’s body. And when I heard Sanz Wanz’s story, my doubts had almost swallowed me whole. 

But we can still help her. That fact alone fills me with relief.


≪What’s that mean?≫

Mippo and Moppo didn’t understand what that meant though and pulled on Rose-san’s pants. In return, they got back a warm smile. 

[Rose]: “It means she will be okay. I will save your sister.”

[Sanz Wanz]:Grrr……Kukuku, so, she still lives? Yet I ordered her to use up everything she had…….good soldiers are meant to follow orders.”

[Carol]: “First the dragon in Relton, then the carbuncle, and now this thing. Why is it that everything we fight always has to have such a horrible personality. Oh, I suppose that’s what makes them our enemies in the first place.”

Carol glanced down at Linzflare-san’s body and took a step forward. 

She then pulled out her daggers and locked her gaze at Sanz Wanz. 

[Carol]: “Irritating. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this irritated.”

Those last words came from further inside the room, leaps and bounds away from where Carol stood. 

Carol had vanished for a single beat, and in the next, she reappeared at the side of Sanz Wanz’s face in a flash of silver light. 


[Sanz Wanz]: “…….!? Guahーーーーーー!?”

Carol brought down her knives, slicing through one of Sanz Wanz’s eyes in one clean motion. 

[Carol]: “Woohoo. I wasn’t able to pull it off against the dragon in Relton, but you’re wide open. Hey, are you really a dragon? Were you serious about being Sanz Wanz? Aren’t you way too weak?”

[Toslin]: “Nice job Carol!! Now here comes the follow-up!!”

Toslin used the opening Carol created to rush in, swerving through Sanz Wanz’s legs as it writhed in agony. 

*Gakin!!* There was a loud clang as her sword hit scale, but a deep gash was gouged out of Sanz Wanz’s leg by the end of her assault. 

[Saluena]: “It isn’t that bright, but things will become troublesome if it gets into the air. Aim for the wings first.”

[Litzreich]: “Right behind you!!”‘

Saluena and Litzreich wrapped around the left and right respectively, focusing their attacks on the four wings on Sanz Wanz’s back. 

*Gakin!!* *CrkBlck!!* The sound of steel tearing through flesh and fists crushing bone echoed in the hall. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Geh!? Gahーーーー!?”

The fight had only just begun and Sanz Wanz was already down one set of wings, an eye, and one of its legs. 

A loud scream reverberated from deep within its throat and shook the walls around us. 

[Carol]: “And now for the other side……”

Carol disappeared from sight once again, obviously aiming for the other remaining eye. 

[Toslin]: “――!? Stop, get down Carol!!”

[Sanz Wanz]: “Kukuku……what an energetic werewolf.”

A faint light leaked out of Sanz Wanz’s mouth immediately after Toslin threw out her warning. 

The one eye which should have already been sliced and crushed snapped back to its original state as if it had never been injured in the first place and both eyes focused in on Carol when she reappeared in front of its face.

[Carol]: “Eh, seriously?”

Sanz Wanz opened its mouth faster than Carol’s daggers could cut through its eye. 

The true identity of the light leaking out of the back of its throat was glowing hot magma. Moreover, it was a terrifying blue glow, far beyond any kind of red, yellow, or white heat. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Guooーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!”

[Carol]: “Shit……that’ll kill…….”

Carol twisted her body in mid-air, shoving one of her daggers into Sanz Wanz’s chin to pull herself out of the way of the attack,

[Carol]: “…….you guys down belowーーーーーー!!”

[Iris]: “{Powerful shield that cannot be broken}”

but Rose-san and the gnome sisters were still in the line of fire for the magma breath. 

Unicorn’s defensive barriers can only be deployed within a range of twenty meters. I stacked all twenty sheets on top of each other and had them materialize in front of Rose-san and the others. And then, I prayed. 

[Iris]: “Please hold!!”

The strength of the blue magma breath was beyond imagination, erasing ten of my defensive barriers in an instant. Although I was able to dampen some of the attack’s momentum, my remaining ten barriers were soon melted away as well. 

[Carol]: “Jerk!! Who gave you permission to spread this filthy crap all over the place!?”


[Sanz Wanz]: “Guahーーーーーーーー!?”

Carol jumped up while avoiding the breath attack and once again shoved her knife into Sanz Wanz’s eye. 

The dragon howled in agony, changing its line of sight and the direction of its breath attack. 

[Iris]: “Thank goodness, thanks Carol!!”

[Carol]: “You’reーーーーーーWelcomeーーーーーーーーーー!!”

Sanz Wanz jerked his head around, and Carol was tossed through the air back towards us. 

But, I don’t have the leeway to just be happy right now. Rose-san and the gnome sisters have been saved, but now the blue magma is heading towards me. 

It is only a small amount, but I know if I get hit by that, I am going to need more than an icepack to soothe those burns. 

I also already deployed my defensive barriers to protect Rose-san, and there isn’t enough time for me to redeploy them. 

[Saluena]: “Iris!!”

[Rose]: “Iris-san!!”

Rose-san and…….is that Saluena? In the distance, I could hear a chorus of voices calling my name. 

“Stay where you are and crouch down.”

But the next voice I heard was very, very close. 

And it continued on. 

“Be at ease. I will protect you.”

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