Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 47

Episode 47: Physical Fitness Test

I finished nervously slipping into my jersey while constantly checking to make sure I wasn’t being watched by a group of beautiful girls. I managed to rush back into the gym before the chime of the bell, and PE started shortly thereafter. 

Today we were continuing where we left off last class with a physical fitness test. Last time was all about sprinting and long-distance running in the schoolyard, so today would focus mostly on indoor activities. 

“Ahh~ I wanted to pair up with Ran-chan~”

“Me too…..I also wanted to work with Ranko”

“I wanted to touch Rantan’s boobs too!”

“Ranko’s speedy movements…….these eyes perfectly captured…….”

“What was with the sexual harassment mixed in there……?”

Ranko has already been largely forgiven for the initial friction inside our group of beautiful girls and has become very popular as a result. If you ask why, it has to be because of how cool she looked showing off her athletic ability in gym last class. It’s good to not have any jealousy between fellow classmates. And just watching her beauty increases my motivation and numbers accordingly. 

“Out of the question. Yuzuriha, Honoka, and Saki are much too small…….”

“Hmm~!? Who is small—!? You’ve got a lot of nerve bringing that up!”

“I-I’m not that small to begin with!”

“…….not big enough…….”

“No one here is talking about breasts? Aren’t you all being a little too self-conscious?”

“Now, now……”

As Ranko said, size here is all a matter of a person’s physique. Then again, Ranko is so glamorous that they’re visible even underneath her jersey, so it could be that she is the most conscious of them out of us all. Hah, I wish I was born that beautifully. Yep, you can count me among the overly self-conscious as well. 

“It is a little lonely though considering Yuriha is no good as well. What was it, a ten centimeter difference?”

“Well, it can’t be helped. There wouldn’t be any issues with the measurements themselves, but the differences in our bodies will make the warm-up exercises difficult…….and we were told to keep the same partner we had last time.”

I’m so sorry. Ranko is one of the tallest girls in our class, so she ended up being paired off with the gym teacher for warm ups last class. It is the nightmare scenario for students whenever it is necessary to pair up during PE. But when you need to record your measurements, working in pairs is the most efficient method, so it can’t be helped. 



“Spectacularly amazing! You’re amazing Yuri~!”


I don’t sweat much, and I’m confident in the my sit-up speed. However, it does make me wonder if I’m only moving fast and not actually doing my sit-ups properly. Because I am not feeling any kind of burn in my stomach at all. It doesn’t feel like I’m really working my waist like this. In fact, if I were worried that I had been eating too much, I think going out for a walk would give me a much better work out. 

“All right. Sit up, we’re done—”

While I was in the middle of questioning the effect of these high speed sit-ups, the teacher’s voice came out signaling time was up and we needed to record our numbers. Saki had gone before me which meant we were finished with our sit-ups and push ups. There was a momentary break as everyone caught their breaths. 

“34……you did 34 Yuri! Isn’t that a perfect score? Amazing~!”

“Hehe, thanks. I did my best so I could see your face as much as possible, and I managed to get good results because of it.”

“…….geez. Yuri, you…..”

Somehow, the way Saki pokes me with her finger seems incredibly girlish and feels comforting…….honestly, this girl. She has bore her way into my heart. I would like to take the opportunity to put myself ahead of Ranko in her eyes with a little bit of flirting. 

But, while I was mostly being honest, there was a tiny white lie mixed in there as well. With my upper body constantly moving back and forth, I would end up getting drunk if I continued staring directly into Saki’s sweet, adorable face. In more ways than one. In actuality, I would get drunk if I were to seriously look at Saki’s face. Yet looking at nothing but her face for the rest of my life sounds like the best!

“Ku, 29……I lost to Yuriha”

While I was being drawn in by the adorable princess Saki, a regret-filled voice from close by snapped me out of my trance. It was from the gym fanatic Ranko. 

“29 is still a fantastic score! Rantan is amazing! I only got 12, so you’re over twice as good as me!”

“I did ten…….so almost three times……amazing Ranko…….”

“That says a lot more about you two than it does me……”

In order to comfort Ranko, the other two laid bare their own deficiencies. It looks like sit-ups and push-ups aren’t Honoka and Yuzuriha’s specialty. As a matter of fact, looking at the charts the PE teacher gave us, they only scored a single point. It’s a huge disparity from the ten points Ranko and I scored. Yet neither of them seem embarrassed by this fact. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though……..

“I got a perfect score, but……a loss is a loss. I won’t lose next time.”

“Ah, yep. I think I’ll lose the next one.”

“What’s that? Are you taking pity on me and saying you’ll let me win? I won’t allow it.”

“No, I’m just not very good at the next exercise……”

She consistently calls herself mature, yet she hates losing to such a severe degree. Ranko might be the cool beauty type, but whenever I find these childish gaps of hers, I can only ever think about how cute she is. 

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