Grimoire Master Ch. 177

Chapter 16
Section 7: Remnants from a Millenia Ago

The next moment, a back slipped inside my gaze. 

Their shoulders weren’t as broad as Saluena’s, and they didn’t exude that same level of strength as Rose-san’s did. 

[Ashel]: “If you truly are Sanz Wanz……I should be your first target.”

At a glance, it looked thin, almost delicate. 

[Ashel]:High and sturdy wall of rock, castle keep that wards me from harm.”

Ashel-sama drew out her sword and swung upwards, tracing a line through the open air. 

*Whoosh*…….a soft sound passed through my ear as the steel cut through the air. 

And then immediately afterwards…….*ZUO*!! The stone floor at our feet shot out of the ground and formed a solid wall in front of us. It acted as a barrier, and the blue magma breath split to the left and right around us. 

The powerful stone wall stood its ground, not breaking apart until after Sanz Wanz’s breath had subsided and an extra second had passed.

[Ashel]: “……..My name is Ashel. Ashel Lu Aude…….Oshunel. Descendant of Ranroot, the mighty king who drove you back and sealed you away all those years ago”

[Sanz Wanz]: “――!? Ranroot……? Ran, root…….. Hoh?”

Both of Sanz Wanz’s eyes refocused, a steady glare focusing squarely on Ashel-sama’s figure. 

[Carol]: “This bastard…….how does it keep regrowing its eyes after I keep smashing them!?”

Carol deftly landed on her feet after being blown away from earlier. 

[Carol]: “Iris, you’re not hurt are you?”

[Iris]: “I-I’m fine…… Ashel-sama is capable of using magic too……. I never knew.”

[Ashel]: “Well, I intended to hide it, so I would be worried if you did know. In truth, I am better at using magic than wielding a sword.”

The leftover blue magma blocked by the wall is flowing at our backs, moving away from us. 

[Ashel]: “Anyhow, Carotayle-san, let us shift positions. I will take the front and seal away its breath.”

Ashel-sama didn’t wait to hear Carol’s reply and immediately charged towards Sanz Wanz. 

[Ashel]: “Come, if you resent the blood of the hero……then just try and defeat me!”

Descendent to the hero Ranroot and child to the current king King Olivar, people praise Ashel-sama as a “hero” herself. 

So why does she carry the title of Brave instead?

Supposedly it has something to do with her temperament. 

[Ashel]: “Uoooooooooooooh!”

A fierce roar far beyond anything I could imagine coming from that usual melancholy smile rose up from the pit of her stomach. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Ranroot….. I haven’t forgotten…… You penetrated through my scales……left me for dead…….you puny human!!”

Sanz Wanz lifted up one of its thick arms and brought down its razor sharp claws crashing down towards Ashel-sama. 

However instead of trying to avoid the attack, Ashel-sama leapt forward into Sanz Wanz’s chest. 

[Carol]: “Woah, this prince is pretty insane.”

In the heat of battle, Ashel-sama likes to take the initiative, hoping that fighting up front in the thick of danger will keep the enemy’s attention squarely on her rather than anyone else. 

People noticed this and began calling her a Brave instead of a Hero as a result. 

Although, it sounds like fighting like that has resulted in a couple of serious injuries over the years. 

That’s probably why Toslin insisted on keeping Ashel-sama out of the front lines as much as possible. 

[Ashel]: “Haaaaaaah!!”

Ashel-sama slid under Sanz Wanz’s belly and leapt right for its throat. 

Her rapier tapered to a point like a sharp needle and shot through the air like a released arrow. 

But, when we fought Linzflare-san before, it wasn’t able to break through her shell. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “――Ku!?”

However when the blade scraped against the scales lining the dragon’s throat, sparks flew off and scattered around the blade. 

If Sanz Wanz had tilted its head away a second later, the tip of the rapier would have ripped through and sliced open its throat.

[Sanz Wanz]: “Certainly……you and that person are so very similar!! Fufu, Fuwahaha, Fuwahahahahahahaha!!”

A low rumble reverberated from the back of Sanz Wanz’s throat, foreshadowing the incoming breath attack as its bloody gaze focused on Ashel-sama alone. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “If that’s what you really want, I am happy to oblige!! I shall kill you first!”

[Ashel]: “Can you though? You were not able to lift a tooth or talon against my ancestor.”

Ashel-sama kicked off Sanz Wanz’s neck and wrapped around him just like that. 

Sanz Wanz’s head followed closely after, its neck twisting and coiling around itself so it could see behind it. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Grrgaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

And then the same breath attack as before came exploding out of its mouth. 

[Iris]: “Ashel-sama!?”

For a second it appeared as if Ashel-sama had been swallowed by the breath attack, but a second later I found her soaring through the air sideways after a successful dodge. Sanz Wanz pressed the attack however, moving its head to the side in an effort to catch up with her. 

[Ashel]: “Everyone, now!”

As a descendant of Ranroot, Ashel-sama had focused all of Sanz Wanz’s hatred, and attention, on herself. 

In that moment, the dragon had created an enormous blind spot for itself, and we were given our greatest chance to attack. 

[Litzreich]: “As absurd as ever……. Though her gamble has created a chance…… I will be taking!!”

[Carol]: “If it’s just going to keep regrowing its eyes every time I smash them………then this time I’ll aim for its neck!”

[Sanz Wanz]: “――!? Shrewd!!”

With its mouth still needing time to recover after its breath attack, Sanz Wanz struck out with its whip-like tail towards Toslin and the others as if it were trying to swat away a group of insects. 

[Saluena]: “In that case, I shall take the tail.”

However without its noticing, Saluena had already moved to its rear. Holding up her sword, she swung down towards the tail’s base. 

*Kck……..CrCrack!!* My ear caught the sound of cracking stone as Saluena’s sword broke through the dragon’s scales. But, her blade did not stop there. Continuing forward, the sword cut all the way through, completely severing the tail. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Gyaaaaaaaaa!?”

[Litzreich]: “Hihihi, an ordinary sword is all it takes to cut through!!”

The tail writhed around the stone floor like a snake with its head cut off.

Litzreich glanced over and laughed. Then using the dragon’s body as a foothold, she ran up its back and slammed her clenched fists into Sanz Wanz’s neck. 

*Bakkin!!* The hard scales cracked and splintered from the impact, scattering debris around the dragon’s feet. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Gah! …….you lowly worms…….”

[Litzreich]: “Tosrillon!! Do it now! Now is the time to use the power of that sword I gave you!!”

[Toslin]: “Uoooooooooh!!”

Following the same path Litzreich had taken, Toslin firmly planted her feet on the scales lining the dragon’s back and readied her blade.

Toslin hardened her stance and swung her sword with all her might towards the area of Sanz Wanz’s neck that had cracked under Litzreich’s strike a second before.

[Toslin]: “That would be…….a colossal waaaaaaaste!!”

[Litzreich]: “What the hell!? And after I put in all that work to build in a magic circuit for you!!”

*Gakin*……the blade dug into the dragon’s neck. An ominous sound echoed outwards, and I couldn’t help but remember the time it snapped in two. 

[Toslin]: “5 million cronells for a single swing trump card, I can’t use something like thatーーーー!!”

However this time, it felt like the sound was coming from Sanz Wanz’s neck rather than Toslin’s sword.

[Toslin]: “UWOAHhhhhhhhhhhh!! For the sake of my wallet!! Let this end here and now!!”

Toslin’s sword continued forward with as she raised an unusual battle cry. 

Sanz Wanz’s neck was forcefully separated from its torso, spinning around in the air as it arced over Toslin, Litzreich, and the others. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “…….Gah!? It……impossible? For me…….by these small fish…….?”

Realizing its mistake, Sanz Wanz’s eyes rolled around from inside its sockets and focused on Toslin and the others. 

[Toslin]: “Huff, if I’m a small fish……that puts you lower than a dung fish.”

*Gon*…….and just like that, Sanz Wanz’s head crashed to the ground. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Ah, is……..those……insects…….”

[Litzreich]: “Hoh, you mentioned the gnome built your body, but to think you fitted yourself entirely into this golem? Did you enjoy playing with your doll? In that case…… is time for you to die again.”

[Sanz Wanz]: “W-Wait…… S-Stop…….”

Litzreich ignored the dragon’s pleas as she apathetically brought down her fists. 

*CraCrakoom!!* There was a loud crunch as the head was crushed and pieces of rubble scattered across the floor. 

[Carol]: “Despite acting all high and mighty when it first showed up, it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

[Litzreich]: “In terms of strength, I would put it at the kind of average, ordinary dragon you could find on the side of the road.”

*BaBum*……with its head gone, the rest of Sanz Wanz’s body leaned forward and eventually collapsed in a heap on itself. 

Between the crushed head, severed tail, and broken wings, everyone was convinced that we had effortlessly taken victory. 

I was no different. 

[Rose]: “L-Linzflare-san!? Stop, do not move! Your body is still…….”

But when I heard Rose-san’s worried scream, I knew the fight was still going strong. 

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