Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 51

Episode 51: Grope

Everyone was enjoying the taste of their gummies while studying in the clubroom. I had an interesting combination between muscat grape gummies and peach tea to tide me over. Using the tea to melt the gummy while it is in my mouth creates a festival of sweetness that plays across my tongue. 

“Do you like sweets Honoka? It feels like you are always carrying around some kind of candy.”

“Mm~ There’s that too, but I brought these ones with me today because I wanted to enjoy them with everyone—”

“Did you? Thanks for that”

So she wants to take good care of this place while we’re here too. Hearing that warms my heart and makes me love her all the more. 

However in the meanwhile, Honoka was proudly sticking out her nonexistent chest. It seems like as usual, she was purposely aiming for something. 

“Hehehe—! Sharing my gummies has shown how broad-minded I am~. Now everyone can see how big my heart is~”

She then stopped and glanced around like she was waiting for a comeback…….

“Even though there’s nothing there…….”

“Hmmm!? Whose chest are we talking about here!?”

“We’ve already had this exchange…….”

That is one joke she is ready to lean into any time. And no, who else’s chest is as hard as an iron plate?

“Can we wait a second? The big boobs here are……Rantan, Yuu, and Yuzurin?”

“Wait……what about me~?”

“Yuzurin just barely counts, so it’s completely out of the question for you Saki!”


Saki physically recoiled from having an easy to see truth pointed out to her. Maybe she didn’t like feeling left out…….or perhaps she really hadn’t realized how small her breasts are.

“Don’t worry about it just because you’re like that. Flat chested girls are cute! Aren’t I right? The way flat-chested girls get embarrassed and incre~dibly ticklish when you rub their breasts is totally adorable don’t you think?”

“No, I wouldn’t know. And right now, you are the breastless girl we’re talking about Honoka.”

“Are you asking us to rub your breasts?”

“No, I don’t especially feel like being groped—?”

“Then what was with that explanation…….”

Those kinds of remarks wouldn’t normally come from someone unless they have experience rubbing people’s breasts right? Honoka? Are you already a lesbian?

Meanwhile, Saki has fallen face down on the table, lifeless, ever since Honoka said she was, “Like that.” It looks like the shock was larger than I had expected. 

I thought maybe groping her chest would help her feel better, but I stopped that line of thought then and there. I’m not that type of character, and thinking about it, I cannot imagine it going well in any which way. Honoka’s sexual harassment must be derived from some kind of infectious bacteria that she can pass along. 

“Anyway! Compared to ones for big breasts, don’t bras made for girls with smaller breasts have a lot cuter designs? So in other words, being flat is cute! By far!”

“That’s what you say, but your underwear is bear-print or something right?”

“Y-You’re wrong! Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Of course. For you it would have to be one of those bras that don’t have the hook that you need to put on over your head.”

“S-So what—!? Is there something wrong with bras like that—!? And you shouldn’t be spying on me when I’m changing you pervy Rantan!”

“That isn’t very convincing coming from the girl who already readily admitted to watching Yuriha as she changed…….”

Ranko’s barbs were doing a good job of getting Honoka riled up. I generally avoid taking a strong tone, so her straightforward and cutting words provide a good return. 

“Heh! Fine then Rantan. When you’re out there exercising, don’t your boobs go wild and make it hard to move!? So having a flat chest is energy efficient too!”

“It’s not good being a sore loser?”

“Huh? That’s not it? I’m just going over the merits of having a flat chest? And how groping flat chested girls is the best?”

“Your non-bust is a non-best mistake.”


Even Honoka couldn’t quite handle Ranko’s skillful pun…….she fell down like she was knocked out across the table, mirroring Saki who has been softly crying about, “My tiny breasts anyhow,” this whole time. Rather, hasn’t she been gradually taking more and more damage as time’s gone on? This sorrowful pouting is something completely new from her. Cute.

And for the record, if you are completely flat chested, the variety of bras available dramatically goes down as well…….so her point on girl’s with tiny breasts being cuter than girls with big breasts because of cuter bras doesn’t track too well. Of course, I don’t think that’s the point here. 

“Speaking of which……when you stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself wearing your favorite bra, you always think you look cute right? At least, I think I look cute…….”

“No, that’s not really…….”

“I know what you mean~! Cute, amazingly cute~!”

Honoka’s thoughts came out like the groan of a dying animal, but her words caused Saki to jump up in her chair. It was to the point where I had to wonder what kind of resurrection spell she cast. This girl always shines brightest when she is talking about how cute she is……but that is just one of the things that make her so cute, so it’s fine!

“When a good design suits you……it resonates with your soul and feels like it was meant to be……”

“Indeed. Every morning I look in the mirror and think about how beautiful I look today.”

I shook my head, but Ranko and Yuzuriha enthusiastically agreed with Honoka’s words just like Saki. Now that I think about it, this room is filled with narcissists and girls with chuunibyou.

But, I’m generally unfashionable, so this might just be my feeling as an ordinary girl. I have a lot of excess meat that makes it hard for me to like my body. I wish it was taller, thinner, and more stylish. 

“I am flat-chested……. Even then, I wanted to have some ordinary boob talk……but I took a lot more damage than I thought I would……. I’m so glad to hear everyone’s opinions though…….!”

Honoka slowly raised her head, and with a nihilistic smile on her face, she gave us a thumbs up before collapsing back down across the table. So this whole conversation until now has been some kind of self-inflicted torture? Perhaps she was purposefully trying to make herself the butt of a joke to try and liven up the room. That is idiotic, but her spirit is something worthy of respect. She also gave off strong lesbian energy like this, something I openly welcome. 

With the tension in the air laxing, Honoka did eventually sit back up in her chair. She glanced over towards me and broke out in a big grin……and then for some reason began reaching out across the table……..?

“Well!? I’m proud of my groping ability! Heheh!”

“――!? Idiot! Don’t suddenly grab them like that!”

For now, we’ll keep calling Honoka a high energy sexual harassment girl and leave it at that. 

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