Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 52

Episode 52: Strange Imbalance

“For seeing my homework through……I am thankful. …….May we meet again……although the time between then and now will be like an eternity……..uhehehe”

We were just about to split from the dormitory duo. Yuzuriha gave us a farewell in her own unique style. I wonder if she comes up with these kind of things on the fly?

“What!? We’re never going to see them again!?”


It seemed like Yuzuriha was trying to look cool, but her shoulders dropped when Honoka came in and messed it all up. Cute. 

“I think Yuzuriha was just trying to be poetic.”

“Uwaa! I screwed up! In that case…….until we meet again!”

“Talking like some kind of hero……”

“Acting like we’re in a shounen manga…..”

Yuzuriha is Yuzuriha, but Honoka has her own strange behavior. 

“I’m normal! So long, farewell, until we meet again!”

“We’ll see each other again tomorrow……”

“Well~, it’s a bit strange but……see ya”

“Bye bye~”


We each took our turns saying goodbye. After watching Yuzuriha and Honoka hold each other’s hands and venture towards the dorm, the rest of us started our way down the hill. 

Despite what she said, doesn’t Ranko look like she’s from a shounen manga too? And act like it too for that matter? Cute?

“I will need to properly apologize to Yuzuriha. When we first spoke, I thought she was a clumsy girl incapable of apologizing, so I acted very harshly towards her. I regret that.”

Ranko’s sudden confession took me aback. She’s been with us a couple days now, so I guess she already fully understands how Yuzuriha is always trying her best. Still, I didn’t expect her to voice her regret over that small quarrel at this point. 

“I know what you mean. Yuzu is certainly clumsy, but she’s trying her best to speak up more. That’s why we should support her…..”

I don’t have a particularly close relationship with Yuzuriha yet, but I can still appreciate her efforts. With that in mind, I would like it if Ranko could help too…..I tried giving her a wink to let her know, but she was looking away when I did. Life is hard…….

Saki never jumped into our conversation. A silence fell between the three of us, and with the way she was keeping quiet, I was slowly accumulating damage……..Oh God this hurts! Oh geez no!

I know what you’re thinking, and you are absolutely correct. The truth is, the time after the dormitory duo leave, when it’s just me, Ranko, and Saki, always puts me super on edge. The period between us three leaving school to me arriving home by myself is the longest, most drawn-out period of time in the day. 

And that’s because……

“Ran-chan~. Why do you dislike us folding our arms together so much~?”

“……Because it’s hot?”

The silence was ripped to shreds when Saki suddenly went on the hunt for Ranko. I have blundered. 

“It is rather cold right now though~?

“If you’re cold Saki, you could always cross arms with me?”

“Hmm, what should I do~?”

And it always turns out like this. 

Early summer is still a ways off, and evening is about to settle in. The view of the town from on top of the hill showed streets touched by shadows and lamps on every corner shining brightly. It’s chilly without a blazer. 

Should I say it’s as usual? Just as I think Saki is being quiet, she attacks Ranko as soon as it’s just the three of us. The more she acts like a maiden in love, the more the flames of jealousy smolder in my heart…….it’s a gloomy feeling. 

Meanwhile Ranko only grows more displeased over this as time goes by. I can be certain of this because I’ve been staring at the cool beauty Ranko’s face for the past couple of days now. Her mouth remains still like a stone carving, but you can tell how she feels by the slight twitches in her brow. 

Ranko was walking between me and Saki, and in order to avoid Saki, she keeps getting closer and closer to me. It’s getting to the point that she’s about to push me into the street. When I was a kid, I had this delusion that falling into the road was no different than falling into a river. That’s why even now I intuitively feel uneasy close to them, as if stepping out would result in a big GAME OVER. Although no matter my feelings, a pedestrian walking into the street is going to cause trouble. 

“Then in that case, I will cross my arms around Saki’s”

I circled around Ranko’s back to get to Saki’s side, and in response, Ranko let out a small, surprised yelp. 

“Hmm? Is there something wrong Ranko?”

“N-No….. It’s nothing. People who feel cold should stick together.” 

“……Right, of course”

It feels like I’m screwing up again. I tried playing the goofball like Honoka to break the tension, but I think I ended up making things worse. I still want to do something to get the three of us to get along, but the goofball role probably doesn’t suit me. 

I tried clinging on Saki’s arm while responding to Ranko. However, suddenly. Saki avoided me. When I tried again……she avoided me again…… How is she expertly avoiding me without even looking at me!? Or rather, at least look at me! Why am I being avoided!?

“Uuu…….Saki hates me…….”

When I let out a small groan, Saki pretended to think about something for a second with her beautiful index finger hanging off her lips. Once again without looking at me. 

“It does feel like it is getting a bit warmer out, so I don’t need it anymore~”


S-She just doesn’t need it……it feels like I’ve been stabbed in the heart with a knife. 

I wonder why……

I thought all five of us, including Yuzuriha and Honoka, had become friends with each other, but when it is just the three of us, it gets stifling and frustrating. 

Maybe it really is that? Honoka is our mood maker and Yuzuriha is our mascot, and without them, we have a weird imbalance with just the three of us. You hear about this kind of thing all the time. As soon as the leader disappears, the remaining members feel awkward around each other and a bad air settles in…….hold on, I’m supposed to be the leader!? 

Anyway, it’s clear that I lack power…..I need to do more research. I will spend the rest of the night listening to my podcasts and searching the internet so I can talk properly even when I am feeling depressed. 

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