Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 62

Episode 62: Instant Tea Party

“I should’ve heated up the tea longerー. My bad~”

“Cold…..tea….. Not bad.”

“It’s okay. The cake is chilled too, so isn’t cold tea better anyway?”

“I just bought it from the school store like that—”

Yuzuriha and I gave a little follow up after hearing Honoka’s remorse. Honoka put both hands on her hips and leaned back in her chair like she needed a break. 

Ranko offered a small grunt while looking at the empty plate left in front of her after she wolfed down her cake in a single breath. 

“Paper plates, forks, spoons…..did you get sugar for the tea too? The preparations are perfect then.”

“An instant tea party~ Thank you Hono-chan~!”

Sakihime nodded admiringly as well before voicing her gratitude. 

“Hoho— Please, praise me more.”

“Good grief. Give her an inch, and she takes a mile.”

Honoka really did outdo herself throwing this tea party together so quickly, so she deserves to strike her puffed out washboard chest in pride here…..although she’s the type of person to act like this all the time anyway. 

By the way, Honoka says she bought this stuff from the school store, but that place is a school store in name only. It’s really a convenience store that has already almost reached the level of a small supermarket. It sounds like the dormitory students are especially pleased with the product lineup. I guess I should say, as expected of a school for young ladies……?

But then Honoka glanced over at all our places with a slightly calm look on her face.

“But the store only had cheap sets for sale— I would’ve gotten a real tea set if I had the time— That way everyone can use it!”

“That, would certainly have been going all out for Saki’s party….”

I’m kind of amazed at how enthusiastic she is about all of this. But that kind of casual exuberance in her personality is also part of her charm. 

“I’m okay with it~? I like brewing tea and preparing sweets~, so I would like it if we could have a tea party every day.”

 “Really truly!? Let’s do it!”

“Saki, are you sure about that?”

“I have some extra plates at home I can bring here~”

“Yosh! We’re going to have an elegant tea time like right now every single day!”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call this tea party ‘elegant’……”

This tea talk is making me a bit anxious…..this is a school for young ladies right? Well, rather than strictly upper class, I’m sure there are a lot of students here who would consider themselves middle class kids who grew up in a good environment. 

“We can’t just spend all our time ‘elegantly’ though? We’re still a photography club, so we are going to have to go out once in a while.”

“Hm—, well—. That sounds like it’d be fun sometimes too—”

“Shooting photos…..sounds fun…..”

“Of course. We can shoot some photos and then take the time to experiment and get used to things as we go.”

I pulled the camera off the shelf and switched it on.

“Look here everyone. You press here, and….”

After showing everyone the operation screen, I turn the lens toward them and hold the camera up. 

“Huh? Are we taking one now?”

Honoka bounced up and down in her seat. She bent her body low and turned it to face the lens, and

“Sa · ki~ one more time! Pretend to blow out the candle again!”


she started badgering Saki. Honoka continued to pebble her with “Quickly, Quickly”ies while she was befuddled, so Saki hurriedly faced the cake. 

*Fuu~* and then she took a long breath out like she was blowing out her candle. I rushed to snap the picture in time.  When I looked at the screen, a very cute princess with puckered lips like a peach fruit was looking back at me. I’ll have to transfer the data to my cell phone later….

“I-I would like to take one too……”

“Do you know how to work the camera?”


Yuzuriha gave me a simple nod, so I slip the shoulder strap over her head and passed over the camera. 

“Oh? A second one? Hoo-yeah!”


Saki rode on Honoka’s high and joined in on the chorus.

“C’mon! You too Rantan!”


Even Ranko was getting in on Honoka’s unreasonable request. I was thinking she was in a bad mood before we ate, but she’s never been a very talkative child. Maybe she wasn’t any different from normal. 

There was a *snap* as Yuzuriha took the photo. Her hand messed with the screen after that because she wasn’t sure how to work it, so I had to show everyone how to look up the photos you have taken. 

“It’s a good shot.”

“Me me, I’m next—!”

“Yeah yeah”

The camera was passed over to Honoka next. It’s just a simple single-lens reflex camera, but it is still fun to watch. So as soon as we start shooting, they gather around like excitable children. 

“Saki-chan’s birthday commemoration—!”

“Wouldn’t your phone work well enough here?”

“But it’s a special photo because we’re using this special guy—!”

“This is an amazing camera…..!”

“You said it Yuzurin! It’s an awesome camera right!?”

“Awesome camera……”

Their shining eyes remind me of what amusing girls they are. Would you call them the little sister type or the child-like type? They’re fun girls either way. 

Well, while I was watching the two of them chat up the camera, Honoka suddenly spun around on her heel…..?

“My chance!”


The flash of Honoka’s surprise photograph caused Saki to flinch.

“What are you doing~?”

Honoka circled around the table while checking the image she just snapped. Saki quickly chased after, trying to get her hands on her. 

“Wow, a close-up of Saki’s bad skin—”

“Eeh! Really!?”

A deep blue color creeped into Saki’s expression as she forgot to keep chasing Honoka and started feeling up her face with her hands. I would think getting the camera to delete the photo would be her first priority. 

“……I lied—”

“Grr! Hono-chan~!”

It was a fun and boisterous club activity even as the sun continued to fall further westward. When making a yuri harem, it’s important to have everyone get along. 

And as for the picture of our teacher I secretly found on the camera before, I already secretly transferred it to my computer. I’ll talk to her about it sometime in the future, but does it have something to do with the club being abolished? Let’s keep that matter away from the girls for now.

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