Grimoire Master Ch. 191

Chapter 16
Section 21: Capitol Defense – A Wish for Someday

[Iris]: “From my left hand library, a sword that cuts twice, a shield that never crumbles. By the powerful contract carved into the absolute sanctuary of all life, the Goddess Illya overwrites reason as commanded by Iris Calvafon!”

My dark violet ring transformed into a grimoire in a flash of purple light. 

Each time I see this light with this change, I remember back to that time. 

That desperate situation when a dragon war ready to swallow the village of Relton. 

I called, and she saved me. 

[Iris]: “Absolute law established in the name of the Almighty. Annihilation of the coming holy night. Once more the indomitable bell rings and an anthem of agony roars!!”

With each turn of the grimoire’s pages, I can see the magic power in my body decrease more. 

Unicorn and Phoenix; Linzflare-san and the Goddess Knights. 

Even if I were to summon all four of them at once, the amount of magic power required is still far below what I need to bring the dark violet knight. 

[Iris]: “Primordial sword captured by heavenly chains. Deeply wounded Dark Violet Knight!”

[Sanz Wanz]: “D-Dark, violet? Dark violet, k-knight? Impossible, that, thing….. The dark violet knight was… Oshunel….sama….”

Genuine astonishment was in Sanz Wanz’s eyes when its gaze fell on me. And then its eyes changed color and formed into a glare so powerful it was like it hoped that that alone would be enough to kill me. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Kill… Even if it kills me!”

*Gurorororo*……I saw a pale light form in the back of Sanz Wanz’s throat. 

Almost half of Sanz Wanz’s body had already been lost because of the multiple spells from the Shirayuri Knights. There was a single spot on its body that wasn’t crumbling away. 

Blue magma leaked out of its cracked throat. The inordinate temperature was melting through the rock, hastening its own destruction. 

[Lapris]: “Iris! Hurry it up with Anego!!”

Lapris shouted in my ear. But rather than respond to her, I instead turned another page in my grimoire and finished my chant.

[Iris]: “My life, my name as a step, come forward……..Hadion!”

Once my chant was over, the grimoire shone with a powerful light after sucking up most of my magic power. 

Between Rose-san and me, a magic circle formed on the ground. It was the connection point between here and the realm between worlds, the dark prison Endura. 

A pillar of solid purple light reached high, high up into the air. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Gu, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

Sanz Wanz fired its breath attack. A reckless attack with abandon that had no idea of self-preservation behind it. 

[???]: “On Steer”

[Rose]: “——!? On steer!! Step forward!!”

[Knights]: “”OH!!!””

I could hear someone’s voice, and Rose-san reacted to it. 

She repeated the words as a command, and every knight took a step forward.

A huge ball of magma that looked like it could melt an entire castle wall with a touch swallowed the shields of more than a dozen knights who had moved to protect me, including Rose-san. 

[???]: “Vault Oath”

[Rose]: “Vault Oath!! Push it back!!”

[Knights]: “”OH!!!””

However the dozens of shields blessed by the Goddess were capable of accepting even the dreadful strength of the breath attack and bounced it back. 

The giant ball of magma burst and splattered against Sanz Wanz’s body. 

A roar of anguish escaped the old dragon’s throat. The four wings it was historically famous for are gone, exposing the cracked and melting body underneath. 

[???]: “Good work”

The owner of the quiet praise stepped forward and stood side by side with Rose-san. 

A knight in jet black heavy armor with a thick shield in one hand and a longsword in the other. 

[Iris]: “The dark violet knight. Saluena……Hadion.”

Looking straight at Sanz Wanz, Saluena flipped her cloak over her shoulder and dropped her visor. 

[Saluena]: “The first knight to dedicate her sword to our princess. I am the one to cut down all enemies who dare come forward.”

The letters rising up in my grimoire had all been spun. 

[Iris]: “If so…..then I’ll ask you to say it again!!”

So I turned towards Saluena, and I threw out my own words at her back.

[Iris]: “What is the name of what you wield?”

It was a warrior verse. This was one part. And then the continuation. 

[Saluena]: “…..That is a sword. A figure of steel of which I control!!”

Saluena replied to my verse with one of her own. 

A reply to the command I gave her……no, my princess order.

Saluena ran towards Sanz Wanz. 

[Rose]: “Forward!!”

On Rose-san’s command, fifty knights stuck out their shields and moved to strike Sanz Wanz alongside Saluena. 

[Knights]: “”Persist, there is nothing we cannot cut through!!””

And each of them picked up with their own warrior verse. 

[Knights]: “”Elegant and sharp!! We bury our enemies!!””

Saluena kicked off the ground and made a huge leap into the air. 

[Iris]: “So then swing!! Until you’ve used up everything you have, be heroic!!”

Drawn in by the verse, I sang the closing section as if to push the backs of those who fought for me.

Rose-san, Lanselva-sama, Luotung-sama, and Ruruka-sama as well, each of them moved with weapon in hand, striking with all their might against against Sanz Wanz’s arms, legs, and body. 

[Saluena]: “Bring them down with pride!! Fatal sword!!”

Saluena swung her sword down as if tracing the end of Sanz Wanz’s face. 

A second afterwards, the ringing of a glass bell could be heard echoing throughout the city. 

Rose-san’s mace crashed through the broken arm while Lanselva-sama and the others’ swords and axes pierced its cracked torso. 

*Tap*…..Saluena nimbly landed on her feet. 

Her armor and shield disappeared as if they had finished their role. Only the sword remained for some reason. I’m not sure if that means something or not. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Ga…..body, my, body, is…… Nothing, not, yet……nothing, done…..”

*CrackCrackCrackCrackCrack*…….there was a vertical slice through the center of Sanz Wanz’s body. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “O-Oshunel…..sama….. Next…… You, are……always, lord…..”

And its huge body began to shift apart like the collapse of a mountain wall. 

The body crafted from the earth was now being sucked back into the ground from where it came. Everything will be over once it disappears……but I can’t let it go. 

[Iris]: “No. There is no next time for you.”

I raised my right hand towards Sanz Wanz, who cause the earth to quake one final time with its deconstructing body. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Ah, ah……wait……”

[Iris]: “Sanz Wanz. You told us, once you lost your body, you would fall asleep again. And someday you would wake up once again, resurrected to fulfil Oshunel’s ‘long-cherished wish’. The destruction of the world…..”

[Lapris]: “There’s no way in hell we’re letting you get away!!”

Lapris proactively through out a challenge on behalf. Like always, she’s acting bullish when the other person is weak. Honestly this girl. 

But, she isn’t wrong. 

[Iris]: “I now…….release the bonds on this world.”

I won’t allow it. Something like this is something I cannot overlook. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Wait, wait!! Anything, but that…..”

[Iris]: “On behalf of the Goddess Illya, Iris Calvafon wields the chains to shackle you in place!!”

My arm, is a library. 

And I am the spellcaster who manages this library. 

It is by my will that the existences described in these grimoires may make their way into the world. 

And in that same way, it is by my will that one can be stored as well. 

[Sanz Wanz]: “Stoooop!! M-My, existence…..rewritten…..A-AHHHH!!”

The wings and body that formed Sanz Wanz’s being were no longer there. 

Floating in front of me was the same translucent ghost I had seen in the sky enclave screaming in agony. 

And at the center of that hazy spirit was some fragment of a jewel, blinking with a remarkably strong light. 

That was a fragment of Sanz Wanz’s being shattered in the battle with Ranroot a thousand years ago. And the dispersing spirit surrounding that fragment transformed into pages as the words that would decorate those pages rose in my mind. 

[Iris]: “Four winged dragon who once strode through the sky to produce mourners by the millions. Do you see the white cloth? No, there is no white cloth.”¹

The brilliance of life that once made up Sanz Wanz was torn apart piece by piece, transforming into a pile of paper in the palm of my hand. 

[Iris]: “That is jet. A mass of malice polished in a whirlpool of disaster.”²

Words are engraved on each page fluttering through the air like leaves in the wind which make up the story. 

It began in black. It began in black, and it now ends in black. 

Nowhere was there any room for light, nor was any of it desired. 

[Iris]: “Then I will polish it with my own strength. From a black bead to pure white. The blithe strength of misfortune in a white cloth!!”

Pieces of paper continued to pile up until eventually forming a completed book. 

A grimoire composed by an innocent soul with absolute malice.

The title of that grimoire continued to emit a terrible light without any sign of fading…..

[Iris]: “Sanz Wanz(Unwanted Wings).”³

When I traced the name engraved on the cover with my finger, the grimoire changed into a ring and bounced around in the palm of my hand as if objecting to its own existence. 

Twice, thrice, the silver ring spun around. The dark sunset played off the metal, creating a dull red light. 

[Iris]: “By the name of the grimoire master Iris Calvafon…..”

But the ring soon settled in the center of my left hand. It still put in some small effort to roll away, but I seized it…..

[Iris]: “Someday, I hope.”

While spinning my very last words, I slipped the ring onto the ring finger of my right hand. 

It is too early to call it night yet too late to be the afternoon. 

The falling rain calms the flames still rising from the abandoned houses. 

[Knight]: “What is the name of those we sing?”

A thousand years ago to now. 

There is no longer a Sanz Wanz to scatter calamity across the world. 

Standing here are the Goddess Knights. 

Exceptional and brave warriors who have been allowed to bear the name of the Goddess Illya who has ruled this world for a thousand years. 

[Knight]: “It is the Goddess Knights. Those who have received the blessing of the swaying silence, the Goddess Illya.”

A warrior’s verse once sang and has been passed down ever since. 

We sing this poem, also inherited from a thousand years ago, loudly into the air. The joy of victory comes on slow, but it washes over everyone gathered together. 

[Knights]: “”In reverence we hold your esteemed heart in our chests””

Someone’s hand fell on top of my head. 

Turning back, Rose-san was there, smiling at me while singing with the other knights. 

[Knights]: “”With decorum and love as our proposition, we offer our loyalty to our comrades and Goddess.””

Saluena, Lanselva-sama, and the other knights all gathered around as well, joining in on the song. 

And when Saluena raised her sword into the air, each of them responded accordingly and raised their own weapons as well. 

[Knights]: “”So sing. Raise the name of Illya up high!””

Everyone, including me, is soaked to the bone from the rain and covered in mud. Yet our expressions shine brighter than the sun. 

[Knights]: “”Walk with the name of our lord!! Riviera Von Iliana!!”

The points of the swords were raised to the heavens, and the poem came to an end.

But these knights……

My, our knights……

It’s our beginning.

1. I tried looking to see if there was a symbolic meaning here and couldn’t find anything special. White is meant to represent purity and be the color of the gods, so this whole chant is more a condemnation and pointing out that Sanz Wanz did not worship a god but rather a devil. 

2. I for one did not know that ‘jet black’ was referring to an actual rock called jet. Here is a picture of it.


3. It is spelled as ‘Unwanted Wings’ but read as ‘Sanz Wanz’. WordPress changed their systems, so I don’t know how to write that out anymore. 

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