Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 66

Episode 66: Finito

Just like that, we were approaching the break time of our cooking class…..

“We’re finally to the point when the water is boiling…… It took so long…..”

“Ignorance of the world can only go so far…..”

“I’m so tired…..”

Me, Ranko, and Saki were the relatively lethargic members of our group.

In contrast, the other two were…..

“Booyah! Our ignorance is the strongest in the world! Our curry is bubbling, and our rice is poofing. We’re cooking a dish chock full of individuality! Ye-ah!”

“A pot that withstood the fires of Hell, swallowing the dissolved blessings of the Earth including the secret medicine smuggled from a foreign nation, will soon inhabit our bodies and strengthen our spirits…..fuehehe…..”

Both Honoka and Yuzuriha were feeling mysteriously energetic.

“Awesome—! So you mean we’re making it tasty? We did it! Let’s go, maximum heat!”


Even though we put in so much effort to get to the point where our water was boiling over low heat, Honoka was about to touch the stove knob, so I slapped her hand away.

She then laughed bitterly, “Uhehe”

“I wasn’t really going to turn up the heat— I was joking a little too much—”

“I hope you mean that…..”

“Sorry, sorry”

She obediently apologized. But, it’s scary because at the time, there was no indication she was anything less than serious.

Setting my concerns aside, Honoka fanned some of the steam coming out of the pot with her hand to get a smell…..isn’t that how you’re supposed to smell chemicals in a science class?

“Smells great”

“Don’t burn yourself.”

“I know. So, you don’t have to take out anymore lye okay?”

“Yeah, okay”

Every time I removed some of the lye from the water, “That’s wasteful—!” kept getting yelled at me, so I’m letting the lye float on top of the water……. I’m doing everything I can not to let it bother me……

“Wherever there is evil,¹ Yuriha-chan destroy……completely…..”

“What? Am I a hero or something?”

And should I be a little worried with the way you worded that? Incidentally, Yuzurin told me she wanted to drink the lye I took out, so rather than throw it away, I collected it all into a bowl like soup for her to gulp down….. I can’t say anything about the taste, but it is apparently nutritious and good for the body.

“Is it done yet—? I’m hungry—”

“We only have a few more minutes left. You’re not a child, so no whining.”

“The roux is already sticky, so isn’t it good enough?”

“It’s important that we let it simmer over low heat. In a little bit…..”

I lightly stirred in the ladle before taking a quick taste test. I’m a simmer girl, so this mellow taste is kind of unsatisfying…..

“Well, I wonder if this would work.”

“No, I think it’ll be a little longer”

Saki spoke up. I tilted my head.

“I’m sure it’s enough”

“Now now~”

The ponytail Saki-chan tied her hair into for cooking class shook a little when she took the spoon from me and took a sip. Ah, an indirect kiss. I’m not the only one conscious of that fact right? Saki glanced towards me at her side while I stared fascinated at her lips. A lump formed in my throat, and my heart went a pitter patter.

“I don’t taste anything particularly wrong with the stew, so isn’t it okay?”

“Well, it is almost lunch break…’s done!”

“Woo! Finito~! Finito~! You too Yuzurin!”


Honoka was excited over my declaration, so she roped Yuzuriha into doing some strange dance where they take turns throwing their arms into the air……are they trying to summon some rain or something?

“Yeah, yeah. Settle down. Carefully serve it.”


Honoka gave a salute. But, I can’t leave serving the food to her. Saki scooped the freshly cooked rice onto the plate while I topped it off with the roux. Ranko took the finished plates and moved them to the table.

“I’ll take them. Honoka and Yuzuriha carrying the plates worries me.”

She made a reasonable proposal while picking up the first plate. But to just come out and say it out loud. Looking at Honoka……

“Ununu…… No objection!”

“I also approve…..”

It’s good that they’re obedient, but….

“Then I shall take charge or arrangement…..”

Yuzuriha stood next to Ranko. Honoka soon followed after.

“Let’s do it—. Our combination work will make it all look beautiful!”

“Disorganization is not needed…..”

*Clink* *Clink* And so the two got to work arranging the silverware around each chair. I’m not that worried since they’re just rearranging the plates and silverware over the table and not carrying them through the air.

Incidentally, when I looked around, I noticed the other groups had already finished eating while we had just reached the point where we could start. That’s how it is. And lunch break is right around the corner. The two people playing around began eating…… I’m not sure I want any curry anymore.

1. The work ‘aku’ means lye and evil. A fun pun for any fellow Samurai Jack fans.

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