Grimoire Master Ch. 80


Chapter 9
Section 8: Temporary Happiness Inside a Nap

Mounting Unicorn once again, I buried my face in her mane as she rushed forward.

“{Powerful shield that cannot be broken}!!”

And then casting my chant as I rode, I summoned forth ten additional magic circles for me to use.

(Just a little more…..and we’ll be able to reach!!)

The effective range of my magic circles is twenty meters. The magic circles I left to protect Rose-san should be dissipating soon, but Golmund is there. He’ll protect his master no matter what comes his way.

“Tear it to pieces!!”

The minute we came in range, I threw out my left hand and shot off several magic circles. Each of them traveled forward, diverting and cutting corners to take their own unique, irregular flight path to prevent the carbuncle from escaping their mission to shred its body in half.


However, none of them were able to cut into the carbuncle’s tough body. The opposite actually, as each magic circle shattered as if they were made of glass the moment they made contact.

“No matter who you are, you will be unable to wound me. Now that I have regained my full power from the Primordial World, there is nothing fragile beings such as yourselves can do against me.”

“Saluena, get on!! Let’s grab some distance!!”

Saluena grabbed my outstretched hand and jumped onto Unicorn’s back.

“I’m sorry. He’s even stronger than I thought he would be.”

Safely situated behind me, Saluena shook her head to try and disperse the drowsy effect from the carbuncle.

“Y-Yeah…..I forgot about that. His strength three hundred years ago was restrained by the fragment of the Grief Sphere, but now…….there’s nothing holding the carbuncle back…..”

Already I can feel something trying to worm its way into my head. It’s like a deep haze of sleeping gas is being poured directly into my brain.

I grab the pouch wrapped around my neck. The small feather Lapris had given me was peacefully giving off a small glow inside. However, the feather was slowly turning black as its light gradually faded away.

“Don’t hold back, give in. To salvation, to your end. Accept your demise and find true peace.”

The stone on the Carbuncle’s forehead burned even brighter causing thoughts and images to rush through my mind in waves.

“Because all the suffering in the world cannot follow you in death.”

The white leaves of the solretta trees blanketing the ceiling were dyed a vibrant red like the sunset.

“You must be reborn once again. Die and complete your life’s journey.”

“Haa, haa…….something, like that…….then, right now we’re…….imperfect!? You’re saying there are only mistakes and pains at the end of this road we decided to take!?”

After gaining some distance, I turned back around while seated on Unicorn’s back to glare at the carbuncle. I readjusted my remaining magic circles to try and block out the wave of thoughts being forced into my head which were not my own, but it didn’t feel like it was making much of a difference.

“Precisely red-haired girl. This world…..this annoying world that would tie you down with abominable chains, there is no salvation to be had here. You and your associates are nothing but playthings for a tired and lonely goddess.”

Gu, Guuuh…….I keep getting hit by warm, comforting waves. And each time I can feel them sapping my strength while weighing down my eyelids.

“Do not listen Master. Listening to the mad words of a spirit will only serve to drive your own mind to insanity.”

Even though she’s right behind me, Saluena’s voice sounds like it’s coming a world away.

“Y-Yeah……I understand.”

……..I understand, but that’s not stopping my body from feeling like it’s being turned to stone.

I take another look inside my pouch.

The white feather had almost turned completely black, and it’s radiance had vanished completely.

“……ah, the feather is…..”

The moment I saw it, my consciousness fell as if I was being absorbed into the bag.

I knew what was happening, but that doesn’t mean I could do anything to stop it.







“…..hey, Oneechan. Oneechan.”

“Hm? Oh…….Sarah? Sorry, what is it?”

“Don’t ‘what is it’ me. You’re not allowed to nap when taking care of the store.”

“Oh……sorry. The stove was so warm, it just happened.”

“Jeez, don’t give me that, ‘it just happened’ either. Aren’t you heading out tomorrow again anyway? Can’t you sleep as much as you want on the way?”

“No no, there’s no way I can do something like that…….”

Although it is certainly true that I’ll be leaving tomorrow to investigate a cave found in the neighboring country with everyone.

But, there’s this nagging tic in the back of my head that’s telling me I’m forgetting something important.

My joints ache after my little nap on the counter. But as I stretched out my arms and twisted my back, the shop’s front door swung open.

“Yoohoo~. We’ve come for some food.”

“Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t say it like that.”

Carol popped her face into the store, and just as quickly as she came in, a fist landed on top of her head.

“What the heck!!”

Just as Carol started to protest, Toslin forced her further inside by kicking her in the butt before following her inside.

Oh yeah. Today we were having supper here. I was looking forward to it because Mom is cooking……

“Sorry to intrude”

Suddenly a clear voice cut through the boisterous store.

“Ah, Rose-san!! Hello. Please please, come on in.”

Rose-san came in after the other two, wearing a white coat instead of her normal robe.

She apparently bought it two days ago when she went on a sisterly date together with Saluena.

“Wow, it looks great. Very lovely.”

“Y-You think so? I’ve been thinking it might be a bit too flashy for me……”

“You keep undervaluing yourself. As I have told you before, you look beautiful. It’s fine for you to be a little prouder of that fact.”

Saluena walked in from the back of the shop wearing an apron.

“Y-Yes……thank you……”

“Ah~ so sweet. I can feel myself melt from over here. Oi Carol, let’s move further inside.”

“Are we going to eat some snacks? Got it!”

“Stupid, we’re going to go help.”

“Then I’ll go too. Carol-san, please tell me more about your adventures.”

“Oh? Has Sarah finally come to realize the awesomeness that is me? Fine fine, then i will continue where I left off with the last story.”

Lately Sarah has come to completely admire Carol, probably because I’ve been singing to her praises about Carol every day for a while now.

Carol was also so happy to have someone like a sister that her ears were happily perked up straight into the air the entire time she was walking towards the back of the store.

“Um, Iris-san”

Just when I thought she was enthralled in a world just for her and Saluena, Rose-san suddenly called my name.

“Eh, ah, yes?”

“Um, to tell you the truth……when I went out with Sally-oneesama the other day, I bought a present for Iris-san…..”

Rose-san offered me a small box with a beautiful ribbon tied around it.

“Eh, for……me?”

“She spent a whole hour in the store, groaning to herself as she picked it out. Please take it.”

“O-Oneesama……I told you not to say anything about that……”

“Ah, my bad. But that’s just one part of your charm. I cannot help but talk about it.”


Rose-san gave Saluena a small, grudge-filled look before turning back to me.

“U-Um……well, once again……”

Rose-san once again tried handing me the small box, her face slowly turning a bright shade of red.

“This is, oh, um, Iris-san………no, Iris. I’d like you……to have this.”

Rose-san, changed how she said my name.

“And then, if possible…….with me……..”

Rose-san said my name…….without any honorifics…….

No honorifics, no honorifics? Huh? But, before this too……something similar……


……hm, sorry Rose-san, I can’t hear you……

With you, what? Me……Me and you…..become what……

Rose-san, Rose-san…….



That voice ripped me away from my nap.

And when I forced open my eyes, it was Rose-san’s back that jumped into view.

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